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September 30th..By the end of Septenber we are seeing lots of Coho about..although only a few in Nanoose bay  yet

October 16th..Yes ther are catchable numbers of Coho in this area...many fish have been played with along the road side of Nanoose Bay

September 27th...yes we are seeing a few Coho about in the lower river and off the area beaches..although it is still early and river levels have attracted incoming fish..Jacks have been spotted bouncing in Nanoose Bay

July 26th...A few trout about and no Pinks yet

July 8th...
water is becoming very low...look for structure and toss in a Bead Head Muddler ,Bead ed Stonefly or even drop on a small Elk Hair Caddis and your reward may be very quick and sudden...some very nice Rainbow in the upper River above Top Brridge area mixed is are some nice sea run cutthraot retention and no bait

October 12th..more and more coho are showing up..get out there and make sure to have a good size Red Coho Bugger on hand
October 6th..yes we are seeing Coho and Chinook in the Englishman estuary and moving into the river with this low pressure

August 17th...a few pinks off the beach at San Pareil lately..lots in the deeper water at French Creek and some of these are surely destined for the Englishman

July 15th...we have seen somenice trout but no Pink Salmon yet..expect to see these in the area near the beginning of August

Sept 24th... Still a bit early for this area,,,typically this area is a later option but you never know for sure..

September is about time to begin the watching for Coho...nothing yet at French creek

July 28th...not much happening yet
..likely by mid august

June 25th...if you have the time and willingness to be along these beaches recently you will be seeing some big cutties bouncing about..


October 20th..Now is the time to get out here and play..lots of Coho and Chum frolicking along the shore lines wanting atention..

September  28th...just the odd fish showing..there are Coho in the Englishman already but not in weeks end we will see better numbers

September 15th....Still too early for this estuary.however if this nasty weather continues for a few days we will see fish within a week

September 1st..still a few fish coming in and going out...this is typical for this estuary system

August 10th...Some Pink Salmon are roamng about with the tides...should be good numbers by the week-end

July 15th...
We will see some Pink salmon along this shoreline within a week or two..trout fishing is ok

some very nice trout off the beaches this year all the way from San Parriel thru French Creek even up to Qualicum Beach...further south to the Nanoose BAy regin is so underfished  it is frightening. This are has big trout


October 28th..recent winds and dirty water has made fishing impossible but the fish ar estill about..San Periel is producing some big fish

October 16th.....the local fly fishers are as tight lipped as the fish...lots of fish holding off the San Pariel and even in the Rathtrevor park area.. Nanoose Bay is seeing fish with the tides..lets hope these rains coming don't move the fish too quickly...Coho Blue is the best colour in this area

October 3rd..a few fish have been seen in Nanoose Bay and certainly near the San Periel beaches...for those fishing the nanoose bay option inflatables like the new Nile Creek Kick Boat will see excellent fishing about 300 feet off the shorelines..or wait for high tides to move the fish in closer

September 22nd...Lots of Pinks in the estuary waiting for water..soon

September 1st...Lots of Pink action with the right tides,Green has been the best colour this summer 

August 20th...
A few Pink Salmonare holding near the mouth of thte Englishman..and some are in the at the Low Tide and mornings

.August 14th.. A few Pinks milling about near the mouth of the Englishman River...water int eh River is too warm and low

season is about to begin, we will see many Pink Salmon into the river this season,...

October 27th...get out there..many fish and bouncing about..use orange flies

October 15th...we are seeing fish off the mouth of the Englishman but not in big numbers yet as in years past...however,we are seeing more fish off Qualicum Beach's Judges Row area to Columbia Beach...these ar elikely Englishman fish...there have been a few schools of Coho in Nanoose Bay on the Highway side..but there are lots of seals to hastle you...Red is the colour for this area

October 7th...Yes there are fish all along this beach  to Rathtrevor Beach...but the high water in teh Englishman river has moved many fish into the river...Nanoose BAy has seen a few fish show up with these numbers only climbing everyday..there are already Coho in the small streams that come into Nanoose bay. French Creek Marina area is producing some nice hatchery fish that are destined for either French Creek or the Englishman River...these fish haven't been seen in large schools as typical but are certainly out there

August 25th/2013.. We are playing with many small schools of Pink Salmon off the local beaches.High Tides and Low tides have been the best times.Many Pink Salmon have entered the river in good numbers since the recent rains have cooled the water and enticed their all poachers you see  this year there seems to be an abundance not caring about their evil deeds idoits about.

.November 12th...Don't give up yet..some very bright fish are coming in and available

October 24th...French Creek,to Nanoose bay are showing good numbers of Coho and the low tides for best winds and numbers of fish reachable

September 4th...plenty of Pinks about still, a surprisingly strong run of Pink Salmon,we are about to see some good numbers of Coho milling about..likely in several weeks,21st of September or so..nanoose BAy will see fish about thte end of the month or early October..hang on!

August 12th..2012.... we ar enow seeing many more Pink Salmon making their way into the river itself,although the water is low and warm these fiesty fish will make their way up river. the estuary is a good bet at High tides and low slacks...lots of small Cutties are also present to excite your every cast

May 22nd..
Beach fishing has been very good off the mouth of the Englishman,both sides..Some Blue Back are also about..small Polar Bear Minnows in Brown or dark Green colours has been working well. Also bead head Muddlers..

April 20th ...we are now seeing many more fry coming out of the system with reports of large numbers of Coho fry being present. Cutthroat fishing will be good for many weeks along this estuary...make sure your fly ,or at least some of them have Brown or soft orange in them somewhere

December 10th...we are waiting for the Sea run Cutties to make their re-eppearance in late January...or was a good year

Coho are about in very good numbers...making their way south ..keep an eye on Nanoose Bay for good weather days and high tides
Fish the estuary early mornings and you might be rewarded with Pinks,Chinook or even a Coho...a very few fish have entered the river because of the low water...large minnow patterns will entice a strike if placed well

August 24th..There are actually good numbers of Pinks in teh River and off the beaches,try very early mornings and High tides...Springs are also creating havoc  so be prepared...a bit early for Nanoose bay Coho yet

There is still some good Cuttie fishing about and the occasional Pink Salmon roaming the shore lines...expect a good run of Pinks this year

June 15th...
Fantastic tides ,much fry activity,so use minnow patterns to entice these great sea run fish..
Lots of Cutties around the old Boy Scout Camp area..Nanoose Bay
Fry Counts are increasing and so are Cuttie Numbers...Minnow Patetrns such as the Mickey Finn and Brown Polar bear minnow

April 16th 2011
We are seeing some good numbers of Fry leaving the systems ,Cutthroat Trout are showing themselves at the Tide Crests ,watch for Floating debris and active Minnow= preditor fish!

Nov 10th...
The Coho Season off this area in 2010 was exceptional...typically it is a much later run  but for some reason 2010 defied all odds and produced a much needed boost in local fish numbers..

Nanoose Bay ,Rathtrevor Beach,and even San Periel has nice Coho splashing about...try large BlueCoho Buggers and Blue and White Streamers

October 24th...
Englishman Estuary to Nanoose bay is very active with Coho...there seems to be good numbers of fish all along the beach areas and have been very receptive to fly fishers. The Green Coho Bugger and Pearl Mickey Finn are good bets to get attention,,the fish are still about even after the recent rains..

There are even more fish hanging about the Englishman and French Creek areas..even into Parksville Bay....Nanoose Bay will in teh next couple of days get numbers enough to fish for...For those not in the Know ..KATHY"S COAT!
Sept 15th...
There are Coho all about in small groups from French Creek to the Craig Bay should be only a matter of a few days before these fish enter the bay at Nanoose Bay

The fly I like using the most in this area is Cathy's Coat,another is of course the Blue Coho Bugger with a small bead head and angel hair tail

Sept 3rd...
Pinks are still about...and of course the Chinook have entered the Lower Englishman ,water is very low at the Coho about that have been reported..still early

August 25th..not much has changed;;August 20th..
The fishing has slowed a bit but will soon light up with the reduced air temperatures...
Pinks are milling about in good numbers off Rathtrevor Beach and the San Parriel areas.
Coho will appear likely by Mid September in fair numbers this year

August 16th
Pink Salmon are all the way thru Nanaimo to Cherry Point now ...good fishing ...check the estuaries during the high tides and if we get any rain be ready to see fish moving about a lot
August 7th...
Pink Salmon are on their way to the Nanaimo waterfront  and pass through these waters..if you are lucky and intercept them ,,,fun is at hand...There are good numbers of fish in teh Millstone estuary in Nanaimo with fly fishing only regulations in effect and a time allotment,check regulations

July 16th..
Haven't heard about too many Pinks off the beaches here yet but they must be the morning tides from 9-11am

July 7th..
Trout fishing has been fair off the beaches ,make sure you get a bit further out for there are always BlueBacks about at this time of year before the Pink Salmon show up..

June 5th..
There are many Nice Cutties off the ebaches these past few weeks,,,The fellows form Vancouver Island University had some great fishing last week with Pink Epoxy Minnows amongst other minnow patterns

April 20th....
Fry are coming out of the Englishman in good numbers again and the winds off the beaches are not too bad...try some minnow patterns..or drop by the store for some very new and exciting colour concepts for secrets online!!!!

March 25th...March 16th...
Cutties,Cutties,Cutties...this is going to be a very good spring for Cutthroat Trout fishing,the Eagles are already at it and harvesting some big cutties off the beaches...bring your camera and many Minnow Patterns,10' rods are good this time of year,simply because the Cutties are often off the shore in the tide lines

...December 1st...beach season is over...we will see some Cutthroat Trout about beginning in the new year when the Chum and Pink Salmon fry leave the fresh water streams

November 9th...
There are still some nice Coho about but you have to find them...these fish are in small groups and cruise the beach line before entering the River...Once you find them you will typically be well rewarded. Nanoose Bay is often one of the last areas to be fishable

October 19th...
With so much fishing going on it has been hard to keep this site up to date...but yes...there are fish about and in good numbers...the rivers didn'tcome up too much ,the more stale fish did get into the fresh water and the fresh fish are milling about...try San Pariel and into Nanoose Bay...there are good schools of Coho there mixed in with a few Chum

Sept 5th...
Low tide has been very good off the Estuary for Pinks at the Englishman...even a few small Coho are about...this will improve over the next week or so...we need some water in teh river to move the fish

August 28th...
 Of course there are Pink Salmon all along the beaches of San Pariel/Parksville.
 And many in the lower River...
Watch for Coho to harass the needle fish there shortly

July 8th.....

There has been a good number of Cutthroat Trout in these waters all spring ans Summer so far. This is usual,you have to hunt these fish but well rewarded. Nanoose Bay is the Sleeper...No pinks or Blue Backs so far off the mouth of the Englishman