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September 12th...lots of Coho mixed in with old Pinks...have to work hard...but with some nasty weather we will see many along the drop off

September 1st...a good year for Pinks..they did arrive on the ear;y side...enough in the river and now we are seeing many coho in the lower stretches

August 8th...Pinks are still coming in but smallerclusters...Coho are also coming in  and out..time for the bigger rods

July 16th..there are small groups of Pinks coming in with morning tides and better evening tides..

with every passing day we are seeing more Pinks arriving in fishable numbers..although the tides are not favorable at the moment it is worth the effort..the fish below was landed on the 8th of July/2020

July 7th
The long awaited Pink Salmon Season is the middle of the month we will see fishable numbers of Pink Salmon off the shore line...a few are in the River 


September 6th
Although the Pink
 Season is over there are a few Coho entering the system...Grizzly bears have been spotted take care

ugust 24th...although Pink Salmon fishing was very poor this year there are lots in the river...water levels have been good..Coho and Chinook have also entered the river..

August 10th...still soft Pink Fishing..but some..Coho are beginning to make an appearance...

August 4th...there are many more fish now coming in...late but appreciated...

July29th...every day see's more fish making their way into the system..catchable numbers for sure but the main run if going to happen is not here yet

July 26th....with the all ladies week-end crew up there we did land 2 nice Pinks...although there are still few fish in the system...lets see what happens this week

July18th...still only a few Pinks seen..evening have been best so far..

July 15th ...we have seen a couple small schools enter the far mostly in the evening...but this will increase daily

July 11th...
No Pinks have arrived yet...very few Dollies so far this year

.Dolly Varden fishing has been spotty this season so far..usually this improves somewhat when the Pink Salmon arrive early..we ar eexpecting the Pink
 Salmon withinweeks

Reports of Pink Salmon close to and along the Eve River estuary are true..apparently the big fish are roving during the evening tides and morning low tides have been prepared ..Purple again this year seems to be an excellent choise

Septtember 27th...well we have seen a very good season in the area..Pink Salmon were off and on but there...Coho arrived very early and moved up with higher wate...still more to come..Chum Salmon are just coming in

August 16th...all but over..coho will be bouncing about once we start getting nasty weather later in the month and into September

July 30th...wwithout winds this area is slowing down..but higher winds are coming this week end so be before there are Coho about  and some very nice Pinks

July 26th...lots of fish have entered the fresh water and many more are cruising back and forth as several years ago we are seeing fish that are not too the colder salt water currents and you will be rewarded...typical flies will work but do not fail to try large Epoxy minnows stripped quickly..there are Coho about and Pinks will smash fast moving flies especially on the incoming tides

July you see there are now Pink Salmon in good numbers in the Eve Estuary
Purple is a good colour

July 8th,,,No Pink Salmon until much later this month..enjoy the weather and test your skills against the Dollies playing in the estuary

Some very nice Dollies are about these days..Pinks will be showing up by Late July so be ready and hope these fish like your flies

Sept 8th...lots of coho bouncing about and a few chu,m mixed in..a good time to get your big clouser minnows out
August 22nd..many Pinks and coho about..lots in the river now and off the beach at loww tides
August 17th...with morning tides coming in perfect , we are seeing lots of fish about...Coho,Chinook and Pinks  already

August was by far the best day of the year with many fish hanging around the mouth..a good time to head to the Eve..purple Bead Head Muddler..landed today amongst many

August 6th..a few fish at low tide this morning but that was it,tides aer good so we will have to wait for nasty weather

...August 2nd...there are small pods of fish entering the lower river and estuary..the bite has been very slow..lots of disappointed fly fishers on hand..but the best fishing has been at the Grassy Knoll when the imcoming fish hold up in their first real exposure to Fresh Water pools..Green is the colour of late 

July 31st...Pink fishing has certainly picked up with fish moving into the rive..water temperatures in the river are still good..although this week we are seeing higher temperatures that will likely translate into warmer water temps. Coho are about this year in better numbes so hang on should you hook into one..this Pink Salmon lande July 29th using the Pink Fuzzy fly

July 21st...Some fish have been caught out off the drop off and sport boats are now engaging unhappily with hoards of pinks  could be local fish or mainland fish ,,any day now

July 18th...No Pinks salmon have arrived yet  or at least in visible numbers...there are reports of charter boats seeing pods so it is a matter of being patient and anxious

July 13th...Pinks have not arrived yet...although we have seen some really nice weather and for the trout fishers the Dolly Varden fishing can be good ...release all Dollies

July 8th..there are a few Pink Salmon showing their beutiful heads ,more with every tide..Dolly Fishing has been good of late
June 30th
We are expecting a solid run of Pink Salmon this year and early Chinook..the Dolly Varden Char fishing is good t the moment


October 4th...very spotty conditions but some Cohoabout the Cluxewe all teh way to Sayward
September 30th..Coho are certainly in the systems and off the beaches..Eve was difficult during this season..Chum are about but not in really large numbers

September 24th..yes there are Coho and  afew CHum in the Lower runs to the beach...lots of Pinks milling about to spawn soon

September has not been a good year off ths beach..just spotty...some Coho are about
September 8th///surprisingly there are hoardes of Pinks staying in the lower fact Black with fish///few Coho so far

August 27th...with so many disappointed with their results at the Eve this year often we think about we could have done differently.. and the answer is quite simple..trout fishers may have the answer..early in the season we were told about a massive Shrimp Ball north of Vancouver Island holding fish from coming south..on of the best flies this season was a Crazy Charley..a bonefish pattern /shrimp pattern..natural colours. We fished there yesterday to big schools of fish some fresh..few coho and few biters...but some aggressive fish still to be with the Estuary around the Keough..lots of fish there..few Coho..Rupert Inlet has lots of bouncing Coho willing to take the fly this year

August 22nd..It is time to really see some Coho bouncing about...lots of Pinks in the system for the future ,many fish are holding in the boundary area with some Coho mixed in . Good tides and weather ...the road is under construction so a slight detour is in order

August 15th..There are still many Pinks around..but they are getting coloured up a bit...Coho are in the system  with many more coming in..Dolly fishing has been good near the drop is time for much bigger flies and epoxy minnows

August 3rd..

man it is tough fishing..there are good numbers of fish about but not really willing to participate...really busy up ther because of the slow fishing elsewhere..but Campbell and Nile are turning on as is the Cluxewe so it will get better

July 31st..a very busy week-end here being the BC Days long week-end..traditionally the busiest of all the times on this water system...a special NOTICE..the Eve River Main will be closed for a couple of weeks due to a bridge replacement starting August will have to endure a significant detour..fortunately there are good numbers of fish now showing up in other hot spots so we will see the pressure become more balanced and only the serious fishers chasing Coho here on this estuary

July 28th..Fishing is still ok, lots off fish about but a bit snotty..but there are fish being caught ..was there today and landed 5 nice Pinks using the Pink Fuzzy this with the entire west side of the Island the water is warm and weather toooooo nice..

July 22nd...Excellent tides and a few fish is making this a very tough and exciting time to be on the water...yesterday I landed a Pink near 10 lbs...a big Male

July 15th..many more Pinks in the system and water colour excellent..tides are poor but fishing is ok..a few chinook in the system

July 9th...water came up about a foot and deep tea coloured water from the Adam has made fishing late afternoon it was clearing up and fishing improved

July 3rd...there are Pinks in the system...landed some big fish today on the incoming tide

June seems that most of the south Island Rivers will close on July 1st..and there is little reason to think the north Island Rivers will follow soon after..however,this GEM in the rough is a constant location for tons of laughter and joy..we will be seeing many Pinks here this year as if there weren't enough last year..enjoy your time spent here and share the experiences...we would expect to see Pinks arrive near the 18th of July
2015...will be an stellar year with many Pink Salmon and Coho expected..we will see many anglers pushing the timeline by late June as usual..but the Pinks don't show up that early, we will be seeing these great sport fish by likely the middle of July..

November 1st..a good year here...coho are all but over and chum

October 10th...wet weather and few fish...Coho are in smaller numbers than expected...but they are here

September 15th..Surprisingly slow although there have been a few fish bouncing to the north of the rive rmouth...we will see some fish soon

August 31...many big and bright Pinks about still..few coho bouncing about  and the odd chinook mixed in...tides are high

August,lots of bright Pink Salmon coming in and a bonus of bright Coho making a nuisance of themselves...but I like that..few anglers

August 12th/...tons of fish water in the river to hold too many fish ..we will likely see Coho mixing in by months end

July 25th...with more and more fish making their way into the estuary areas here we are seeing many caught..of course we are also seeing some Coho about

July 21st...yes there are Pinks in the system...not huge schools yet but certainly enough to target, we landed about 8 today...kept 3  good size fish already  lets hope for rain and cooler weather

...July 18th...Yes Pinks have arrived in small far...and that will change...
from today

July 16th...
really windy today..didn't see a fish even at the boundary..tides are perfect..lots of the old farts are setting up their caves for the time ahead..hope they leave room for others not in their camp!!!The Rec site is totally empty..and the log sort is not working at the moment..little dust!

July 15th..
not many more fish entered the system is time to visit this gem...lots of winds/yes very windy..use a Switch rod

July14th...we have heard of only a couple of fish being the week-end we likely will see more coming in out of the strait

July 8th..a few fish have been seen jumping out in the is only a matter of days

July fish yet...

July fish yet ( Pinks that is)some nice dollies about and lots of otters

June 29th...
Some nice Dollies about witht he occasional Cuttie mixed in.. Pinks should be here within 2 weeks or so..rumors are they are in teh straight and most of those fish will be destined for the Mainland

May 29th..
it is time for trout fishers to get out here and see if they can entoce the Sea run Dollies into playing..small minnow,Shrimp and even dry fly action ..some of these fish will get into the 3 lb range

2014 is expected to be a giant year for fish numbers here on the Island..the Eve should prove to excel all do be ready
A very special note here..remember,this area is also used as an industrial loading area for the logging them/loggers we are a nuisance ,often getting in their way along the roads into the area. So please be savy! Loaded log trucks are dangerous and very BIG!

October 3rd...lots of chinook and chum coming in witht eh coho...rough weather is ideal for moving these numbers of fish into the river

September 26th...reports of many Chinook and Coho milling about since so many of the Pinks have now entered the river...try some big epoxy minnows in Chartreuse or Pink...

Sepetember many pinks still off the mouth..but there are Chinook mixed in and lots of Chum breaking the silence..Coho are holding more to the right of the river...cooling temberatures and rains will move the stale Pinks into their spawn and coh into the River

September 1st....Still many Pinks holding off the shoreline..and a few Coho mixed in and even a few for some nasty weather and get up there

August 28th...reports are that the water still has not improved in teh Eve River itself and we are losing many fish from heat and lack of Oxygen..lets keep our fingers croaased..Coho are about but not in huge numbers yet and there are tons of Pinks still to the SOuth of the mouth along the time for Coho is about 2 hours after the tide change

August 22nd...Very few people about these days..yesterday was excellent for big fresh Fish coming in with the tides behind the more stale fish...of course every once in a while there would be chaos caused by Coho freaking out the old Pinks piddling along..Coho to 10 ;lbs so far...unfortunately we are seeing many dead fish coming back out of the too warm river waters..lets keep our fingers crossed for enough survival and no infections

August 19th...Lots of fish milling about with a few Coho mixed for excitement...tides haven't been good ...a few Chinook and Coho being caught..unfortunately,the river water temperatures  are so high we are losing many fish to lack of Oxygen and likely a bit of parisite infestation..

August 12th..We are seeing some of the Pink Salmon begin to mature mixed in with many bright fish..the big males have begun to show up disturbing the schools..just a few Coho about still and a few Chinook also being caught. River water levels are low and warm..lets hope for some more rain

July 30th..
Likely record numbers or almost,some unbelievable popportunities to tangle with some very fiest and delicious Pink Slamon almost at will along the shore line

July 23rd...We haven't seen the fishing this good so early in about 10 years..there is an astounding presence of Pink Salmon about...lets hope for the Coho to bombard these schools by Mid August. The site is busy ,so make room for other campers and trailes,,,if someone is hogging the spaces..speak up!

July 18th..Lots of fish here all week..early for sure but willing biters and lots of them...seveal good size fish about so be ready..Coho should arrive early this year mixed in with the later fish...Loggers are working from 4am on so do drive in very carefully..and lots of people Naka Creek as a quiet alternative..away from the regular old farts!!!

July 10th...this year we are seeing a very early run of Pink \Salmon...enjoy and drive in carefully.

July 7th ...we are seeing a few Pinks coming in with the tides,lots of fish in the straight waiting for happy moments..water conditions are good...

...July Pink Salmon for several weeks at the earliest..but some nice Dolly Varden fishing if you want to take the time and spend the cash on the carefully..logging going on

June 22nd/,there are no Pink Salmon yet...definitely Dolly Varden off the beach area and a few Chinook cruising close to shore

2013..was a good year again..last year we saw more than 750,000 Pinks come into the river ,all passing by the anxiously awaiting fly anglers  along the estuary.
As of June 28th/2013  there were no Pinks in yet,this is normal..we would expect to see them by the middle of July in small groups and grow to big numbers as the month wears on.

September 30th/2013...Not too many fish to be had...a few fish have entered into the local  river but not enough to seriously interest many anglers...Numbers are
either low or the fish are late...this is true of all rivers from The Quatse thru the Salmon at Sayward..the actual west coast (Island ) rivers have much stronger runs so far

September 18th..This is such a special time of year along this estuary...there are good numbers of Coho milling about and Chum pushing them into the river,,if you have the chance do fish this area  ...Flies with Blue have been doing really well followed by larger Polar Bear Minnows with lots of Brown Polar Bear  as a wing

August 30th/2013...much fewer people about with so many fish to be had...we are seeing lots of Coho and still many bright and hungry Pinks coming in...the odd Spring has been taken on the fly ..if you have the chance try not to miss this prime time of year  in this blustery location

August 24th...Many bright Silver Pink Salmon about mixed in with maturing fish..also Coho raising cane as usual...some Chinook being landed. Most of the pressure has left the area and we are getting,it's hot!

August 20th....
Although there have been a few Coho caught and landed the tides are the key factor..plenty of fresh Pinks about and are willing biters  lower down. Not many in the system yet because of warm low water. Again we are seeing very nice size Pink Salmon 

August 15th..the fishing is simply excellent with Coho about and Chinook ..many of the Pinks are getting coloured but these fish are willing biters... Coho are liking many of the Epoxy Minnow patterns  in the 1- 1 1/2 range in Green,Pink,Blue,Chartreuse and Brown...

August 7th...apparently yesterday was a very good was ok early,lots of fish bouncing about off the shelf..and there has been a few Coho caught ..please handle these fish with care...some idiot caught a coho off the beach,pulled it up on shore about 15; and dropped it several times before putting it back in"pristine condition"..there are idiots out there are there not!

Here is a great Picture of Ryan from the shop playing a nice Pink using a Cane rod..really effective and worth watching...he was hot hand of course today

August 5th... Lots of fish in the straight ,some come in during the high tides all the way up...Coho are about but not in big numbers yet..and yes the Dollies are good size again...

Below you see the same area in 2012

Eve Campsite July 25,2013 below

July 28th..
Was fortunate to fish this area with the Mid Island Castaways ;fly fishing club "Learn the water" gorup today..we landed likely 6 nice Pinks and into another dozen...tides ar a bit funny these days nwith not so low low tides  so getting to the drop off(Shelf) is not an option..but there are fair numbers of Pink Salmon coming in  and some good size fish to boot..

Nice Club Fish caught..below on guess what>>>handleBar

July 25th..we have still only seen a few fish moving in witht he itdes..but this morning more fish were hooked and landed than all week..and there are Coho mixed along the drop safe and have fun..there are an unusual number of logging trucks moving along the road in...we counted 9 trucks from 10 am till noon..but there is no restriction along the smart and travel with your lights on..remember this is remote wilderness once all the fisher people leave it alone ..see fish below and Val with nice Pink Salmon today

July 18th...Most of the fish have been holding off the river mouth for the past week..with only a few coming into the river with the high tides..this will likely change with the really low tide on Sunday and Monday...there are also a few Coho in the river in the deeper pools,this should translate into a crazy time once the run really begins like several years ago

July 15th is a pic' of the Pink Salmon I caught yesterday on teh Eve..the run is just beginning,I saw 3 Ministry Swimmers doing a count of fish in the river...3 or 4 other fly fishers and few Pinks showing themselves..but that will change..the fish are a good size this year and we will likely see Coho mixed in early on in August..we are seeing foish at the Cluxewe and Keough River estuaries as well..the Salmon River will soon be seeing theirs

November 12th,2012..I have to say that this year was exceptional on the Eve and north Island Rivers facing the mainland...we saw excellent numbers of fish including an unusual number of Chinook coming into these rivers in late September

September 18th...Coho,Coho,Chinook And lots of Pinks(old)..that is what I am saying..good tides and lots of fish

September 5th..2012..many more Coho have been spotted and a few caught,surprisingly a few Chum have been mixed in...and yes there are still many dark Pinks taking the flies we send their way..

Sept 1st..2012..lots of Pinks still about,,actually lots! a few Coho and Chinook bouncing about...we need some bad weather to move these fish into the system..Nice day and good picture

August 23rd...Still lots of Pinks about but the bite has been we are seeing some nice Coho about our attention has shifted...Big Minnow patterns are working as well as Chartreuse Polar Bear minnows..some fish in the 15 lb range have been landed so far..check out this pattern..Coho will smash this Florescent Pink goat hair minnow pattern

August 12th...2012..for those that have not seen this marvel here is an opportunity to get into much action...Coho are making their presense felt with tough battles and a few landed and of course in between the tides the silver Pinks are willing to test your patience and skill levels. Good drags are a good thing

August 2..2012...this year we will see many fish throughout the North Island rivers of August 1st the count in the Eve River was in excess of 300,000..and counting..we will likely see more than a million fish there again this year...Cluxewe and other hot spots are also producing well

July 28th..2012...lots of fish have entered the River and are well into the system,typically we fish the tidal areas for best success and retention.. When you hit this area correctly you are never disappointed...and of course this is one of the areas that sees Coho early...Try various Minnow Patterns for both the Pinks and Coho off hte Beaches at Low Tide;one of my favorite flies for this area is the Gold Bead Rolled Muddler in Natural,Pink or Blue.
The Cluxewe is also having a good run of Pinks show up if you can get to them..high winds have been difficult to fish thru but if you get upo mearly or go to bed late you will have more success

July 25th 2012...good numbers of Pinks are about and very willing large fish yet though...this early will give us fly tyers a chance to poaly a bit with patterns..Cluxewe is fishing well..but also seeing smaller fish this year...

July 18th 2012..we are seeing many more Pinks arriving everyday,this coming weekend just afer the New Moon will deliver many fish into the northern waters have fun with this world class fishery and make sure to leave it better than when you arrived......

July 5th 2012...There have been some Pinks showing up but as yet ar every unco-operative...the fish we have heard about are near the Cluxewe and not nyet to the Eve..expect about 10 days before we see the first fish into the Eve...

October 23rd...
With more rains on the way we can expect that fish will zoom into the local rivers for theor final run...lots of chum about still

October 1st...with all the recent rains many rivers are blown out  and have many fish spawning already...Quatse was hot as was the Keough...Eve got good numbers of Coho and are still getting a few...The Eve isn't really a Chum River but does get some small versions in the 4-8 lb range...
have fun
The Eve estuary is still producing some very silver Pink Salmon mixed in with a few Coho...the numbers this year are not as high as expected but certainly produced some excellent fishing opportunities for all willing to work a bit harder..some very large Pinks were landed

August 24th...
With the  Eve River being so high many Pink Salmon are making their way directly into the system...however,this is good because the Coho are raising CANE again!! Still many Pinks cruising into the river..>Cluxewe,Keough Port Hardy are all boasting lots of fish although the area rivers are  all very high from recent rains...Some nice Springs being caught off the Cluxewe Beaches with Spoons and large flies

August 11th...Further North still hasn't produced the numbers expected,the Cluxewe,Keough fish are there but not co-operating well...SAlmon River is showing signs of many fish entering the lower parts as is the Eve. A few Coho have shown their much anticipated heads lately but the Pinks are stealing the show on the Eve. Some very large and bright fish have left some fly fishers startled with the fight and brilliance...4 fish per day in the Tidal portions below the boundary signs.

August 8th.. The Cluxewe and Keough rivers are still off and iffy ...some fish are going into the rivers but not staying off the beaches...The Eve is also experiencing much smaller numbers however  some very large fish landed...Coho have been hooked into with few Spring Salmon about...the tides this week are user friendly so have fun and  there is really no need to use heavily sinking flies and lines...

August 5th..
Reports of great fishing in both the Eve and Salmon are coming in..the Cluxewe is also experiencing better fishing of late ,Keough and even Quatse are seeing fish and some dandies..
August 1st...For those interested in finding some very Large Pink Salmon then head to the Eve there were several very large schools making their way into the system and showing great interest in being caught...Tides are excellent..although very sunny today

July 29th...
Not much has changed at the Eve..higher water due to quick rains has impacted water flow a bit but will subside quickly...make sure you all try larger flies this time of year...a Cathy's Coat,Pink Leech,Pink Fuzzy and such..
There are good numbers of Pinks in the Lower Salmon now...have fun

July 28th...
There are a few fish showing up early mornings...tides are good...there are a fair number of fish holding up at the Boundary zone about a mile up...several days ago there were several limits landed and lots lost...even a Coho  Today there were Killer Whales cruising by and plenty of fly fishers plying their efforts with no results...the week-end should produce many more fish...we went to the forestry Camp/confluence pool,a few dozen fish in the pool...Best fly of the day...yes today! was a 4" Pink String Leech

July 24th...
Pinks are happening now on some North Island Beaches ,Quatse,Keough,Cluxewe and likely the Eve by all you anxious fly fishers get ready

July 22nd...It is somewhat surprising to many that the Pinks haven't yet shown up...but historically the last few days of July will begin to produce fish and by the 7thof August we are in full let's see how history plays this year out??!! 

July 19th..
No fish showing their faces as of this afternoon...River is a bit high ;good flow going into the estuary

July 14th...
No fish as of yet..although some fish have made their way intot eh Quatse area,and Cluzewe...but nubers are still too small to really target

July 11....
Fished the Low tide this morning at the fish were spotted except these great Dolly Varden...Pinks soon ,likley by the week-end

July 8th..
 As of today there were no Pink Salmon still entering the Eve River basin,although  Killer Whales have now come down and are in the area,this signals the arrival of good numbers of Pink Salmon

July 5th...No fish in the system yet,lots of Dollies off the estuary...should be within a week or so
No fish reported yet off the Salmon River estuary at Sayward yet.some fish have been picked up by those trolling for Springs in deeper waters. 

July 1st...
No fish appearing on the Eve or any other areas north of Sayward yet...but for all you fishing the Eve area,be prepared for a longer walk and no camping at the Log Sort itself...the normal parking area near the River is not  being used as a dump careful..

June 28th...
No Pinks as of yet off the beaches and into the estuaries...lots of Orca about so that will mean lots of Salmon the deeper waters...we will be visiting the North Island this coming week-end and will have a full update early next week.

Water temperatures are still low,expect the water levels to contribute to increase, fry activity
follow the rise in temperatures

April 16th 2011
A few nice Cutties and Dollies have been persuaded to attack Brown Polar Bear Minnow Patterns recently..the air temperatures are still a bit low for any major Salmon Fry developements. Warm water /warm fish! 

October 24th..2010
The Coho are getting dark north of Campbell River...runs are small  all along this coastal area..even the Chum numbers are down..but if you find fish they are willing biters

The fishing is still very good when the weather permits...Rupert Inlet ,Cluxewe,Keough,Quatse,Salmon are all filling with big Coho...not like last year but good numbers and big fish

Sept 27th..
Floods and muddy...not a lot of Coho about..

Sept 14th...
There are still a staggering number of Pink Salmon in the Eve river in surprisingly good shape..mixed in are good numbers of Coho...the largest numbers have not yet materialized..with this cooling trend and with the Sockeye Salmon finally leaving the straight we will see many Coho soon if they are to show up at all..
The Cluxewe Beach area has a good number of Coho jumping all about...these fish are stingy but can be tempted with larger than usual flies with plenty of flash aboard!

Sept 2nd..
Eve Rive is full of Pinks mixed in are big Coho in fair numbers..I am sure there is a major impact from all the gill netters in the narrows in front of the Eve Estuary...Coho fishing has been OK with the incoming tides

August 25th..
Reports from Rupert Inlet and the Cluxewe areas are good for Coho...drop by to get some of the specially tied flies for Coho...these flies are larger than we typically use but are what the fish you know the rest of the story??!!

August 20th...
The fishing around the Eve,Cluxewe,Keough,Salmon Estuaries has been hampered by the Damn Gillnetters and Seiners raping the resource...when are the DFO baboons going to wake up. Some Coho are appearing again mixed in with the Sockeye going by  or through the Straight.The next raping will occur soon with the Chum fishery .

August 16th..
Eve River is still fishing well although the numbers of fresh fish are limited...and there are Coho coming is was very good to go up river and see so many Pink Salmon in the system in good condition...this will be good for the future
The Cluxewe and Keough Rivers are still very low with dangerous water tempertures for any incoming fish...but beach fishing has been good and there are good numbers of Coho about...
Rupert Inlet already has a lot of Coho aboput with good numbers expected again this year..most area streams are too low and warm for fish to enter them...access to Rupert Inlet is going to be a bit more difficult because of the gates put up by the logging companies...
The Quatse River basin is loaded with Pink Salmon as is the Sayward Basin

August 11th..
The fishing is slowing down and the fish are beginning to mature and hump...although there are still silver fish about their numbers are limited,many fish have entered the river and moved up. Some Coho have been seen and a few caught.

August 7th..
Such an amazing fishery smack dab in the Middle of the Broughton Archelico,big numbers of fish are coming into the River  with teh cooler weather and behind them will come the Chinook and far we have not seen too many Chinook wich might be indicitive of what lays ahead for us..There is  still a retention of 4 Pink Salmon/day  in effect..although teh retention of Pink Salmon at the Cluxewe is reduced to 1 per day...COho have been seen and landed in both locations using both Pink Salmon flies and the regular Coho Beach flies.
July 19th..
Fishing is getting much better ,you have to consider that the local rivers have good water flow because of the snow pack this year,although the Salmon and White seem to be the exception. There are Pinks already in the Salmon
Here is a pic of my Wife Val yesterday on the Eve with a very nice Pink Salmon caught on a Pink Fuzzy(fly)

July 16th..
Pinks have been about in very good numbers for the past week,some of the early pinks seem to be large this year so be prepared for some tough battles and broken tippets!

July 7th..
The Dolly Varden Trout fishing has been good in the estuaries witht eh occasional Pink Salmon showing it's seems that we might see an early run this year...will keep this up to date


June 5th,,...
Dollies and Cutties,lots of them all about this year...the Salmon River has been good at the mouth and into the system...look for the early run of Coho coming intot eh White via the lower Salmon River all through June.

Some very nice Cutties caught in the Estuary of the Eve this past week and a few Sea Run Brown Trout...I lost One there several weeks ago in the 5 lb range on a fairly large Polar Bear minnow pattern...the pattern had a sandy coloured back tied with "DNA"..

..April 6th...
Not many fry coming out yet so the Trout fishing is off..we need a few days of warm weather
March 25th....
If ever you want to get into some 20 plus inch Dollies and Cutthroat Trout this is the time of year to venture onto these isolated beaches and estuaries for such trophies...MINNOW PATTERNS!

November 9th...2009
The season is basically over and what a good season it was...we are looking forward to next year when we will once again have a good season.
 October 14th...There are 100,000's of Pinks in the Eve system this is amazing to see so many fish ...Coho also are in good numbers but have gone well up into the river itself...they started coming into the River in Late July
Now that the Salmon River has water the many fish that were laying in the lower River have made their way well into the upper reaches...Coho are getting ripe already..lets hope they do their tning well this year again


Sept 11th....
Coho Coho Coho..and some very big Ones...The Eve has a good number of Chinook and an impressive number of Coho coming in.The Pinks are all throughout the system and more coming in every a year so far...The Coho Bugger in Pink or Blue has produced Coho up to far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Coho Coho Coho...many Coho about and some real beauties...
Pink Salmon are still about in bright silver condition and BIG fish to be had as well...Watch the Bears!
  (Sept 3rd Pink)
August 28th...
 There are good numbers of Pink Salmon entering the Salmon River finally...even with the low water conditions..the water temperature has dropped a bit and the oxygen levels are a bit more friendly...expect many Coho in that system again this year..
Eve,Cluxewe,Rupert are all producing well with many fish already turning...Coho at Rupert are at times bitey,better than last year...Try a large Mickey Finn tied on a Number 4 or 6 with a little flash...

August 12th......
Fished the tides today ...many Coho about as well...landed too many fish(Pinks) but it was fun..kept none. A few of the fish( Pinks) are beginning to colour up...time for some water in the rivers.
Fish are in good numbers all the way from Hardy to Parksville

August 4th...
There are many Pink Salmon off the Sayward docks,Eve ,Keough, Cluxewe and Naka Creek...
 Have fun and report all poachers

Fishing has been good at times have to work hard for these fresh fish...some Pinks are already up into the fresh water areas...remember,these hot days are not the best...try to catch the best fishing after our first rains or serious changes in temperature
July 26...
Fished the Eve today and saw a fair number of fish....took 3 home and was into about a dozen...My best fly for the day was the Yellow Bead head Handle Bar...although I think if you have a weighted Shrimp pattern you will do better.
July 24th...
There are and have been a few Pinks Salmon caught  off he is that time again!

July 20th.....
We fished the Eve yesterday and today with nothing to show for our efforts except for some fine Dolly Varden Torut to 18"...went to Sayward and the same there...however I did see several large Salmon jump as the tide turned and that may be the beginning.

July 18th...
There are fish beginning to show at Sayward and north...a good time indeed...will post pictures on Monday

July 15th...
Still nothing Showing,but a few Fish have been spotted off Hardy and the Sockeye are coming any day

July 8th...

there hasn't been any Pink Salmon seen yet...will post in several days again