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August ..Lakes are basically in sleep mode for a few weeks more...warm water puts the fish down...

May 20..
Fishing on Spider ,maple,Horne and other area lakes is good...Chironomid fishing on Spider is on fire at the moment..Bass are not on the beds yet..Reginald,OK,Rowbotham,Great Central.Sproat , Cameron and other [popular lakes are aso doing just fine...make sure to find out what are the best ptterns to use.

June 15th..water and  air temps are keeping the fish in the cooler water columns..Boobies,leeches and damsels are the ticket...Bass activity will very soon become a mainstay for lake fly fishers in these parts
May22...spider and other local lakes are fishing really good..air temperatures have fallen and fish have suspended higher...
Bass action is on

June 22...lakes are fishing well and the bass of SPider lake and other south Island lakes are on fire

May5th...Spider was really good until about the first of May...water temperatures are rising and the trout are going deeper..Bass action is very good and will only get better as summer evolves...Of course small leeches and Chironomids are working..pumpkin head and Boobies are always a sure bet

May is trout and bass time..drop by for the latedt in poppers and boobies..

The lakes have lots of water and lots of happy fish...Spider is producing as are all the low altitude waters..Black Leeches,Olive Leeches,Brown eeches,Boobies and soon hte big Damsels and early Dragons will produce well
Sproat Lake is as typical a hot spot for very big Cutthroat fishes well from February thru May ,
Horne has been showing signs of a good deep and Black

April you can see from our posts we don't really fish too many lakes,however,in 2014 we are putting more emphasis on Lake fish and will post much more regularly..with so much excellent fishing about we rarely go to still waters..this week Kellen,myself and a few club members willing to travel a bit will be spending 2 days on some lakes near Powell River..looking forward to sharing some of the adventures along the is also the time to hit Spider,Maple,Loon,Sproat,Wowo,Brewster,Echo,Kennedy,Toquart,Greta Central, and more

June 23rd,2012..Sproat Lake are biting closer to Noon hour these days..make sure to get out for the action

MArch 25th..
Spider is showing signs of action..water is getting a bit warmer...some of the accessable lakes are also getting better action lately with Pumpkin heads and small leeches being the go to patterns..once we see temps reach 15 expect to see some Damsels and lots of Caddis

August 25th...higher lakes like Doran are producing very well...low lakes like Spider and Horne are are holding low in teh water columns...use large Black Leeches and larger than normal Pumpkin heads  or Boobies

April 3/2011...
Lake fishing is taking of and so are the flies off the shelves...especially Boobies...don't leave home  without them.

Now do you suppose Boobie Flies work!!??

Oct 5th..
Get out those big Leech patterns or Minnow patterns...remember,many of the large Salmon have entered into the lakes and immediately are followed by large resident trout...Powell River Lakes are about to see the many Kokanee spawn ,this produced a very attractive Cutthroat Trout Fishery

August 20th..
We are going to have an entire page dedicated to Lake fishing for updates ..local lakes not considered Alpine are not really fishing well,some good size bass are coming out of Spider .Quesnel and Shawnigan lakes...higher up lakes like Doran,Father and Son,Hiden and others are in spawn,try not to target these spawners . IF you get a chance to fish Lucky Lake  you will be pleasnatly surprised by the size of the fish . Stewart and Gold Lakes are also producing,
Wate levels in the lakes around Powell River are still high..should they let the waters out get your buns over there for the Kokanee Spawn and big Cutthroat laying in wait!!

Sept 3rd..
Spider is fishing poorly at the moment..water is low and very warm..once we get a bit of rain and cooler weather we will see the lakes snap back into life and fishing improving...try to get to Doran Lake in Mid September...nice Fish..
I am waiting to get back ove rto Louis LAke for some of the record size Cutties feeding on the Kokanee..and of course finding time to fish our very Own Cameron Lake where you might tag into a very large Brown Trout in the mid-teens feeding on ,yes,Kokanee

July 6th..
Many of the lower area are beginning to warm up a bit and the fish are hunkering down...try black leeches and large Green Damsel Flies. The good news is that higher elevation lakes like Doran , Elizabeth, Henry, Father and Son,Hidden and a few others  are producing big fish and in generous numbers...basically any fly that has a bit of flash will entice strikes

May 9th.....
Since the weather has been warming we are seeing many hatches and better fishing conditions about. Small Mouth Bass fishing will be opening soon at Spider Lake...don't overlook these fiesty Creatures...they are very willing to test your gear

April 29th...
Lots of small trout being caught at Spider and Maple lakes....Sproat Lake is producing well as is Gracie...Don't expect to get into Doran anytime soon...there are washouts near the top

April 20th...
Sproat,Spider,Loon,Maple,Rowbotham,Panther,Rhododendrum,Louis,Gracie and Nahamint are all producing nice fish at the moment...Spider is a bit off because of the pressure but don't be afraid to use large long flies like leeches and minnows. Chironomids will be coming off in large numbers so match the hatch...Come by the store to get your hands on a new selection of Chironomids  hand tied just for this area. The road to Doran is basically out )wash-out) so access might be tough this year.

March 25th
The lakes are being stocked after the turnover occurs...some nice fish can be had in Spider,Loon,Maple..if we are lucky teh road to Doran will be open before the long week-end and if it is head that way...some nice fish are waiting for your fly...also,Sproat Lake is beginning to show signs of a good Spring run of Big Cutties into Taylor River

March 4th..
Spider lake has been a bit slow but with the stocking program this busy body of water will produce some nice fish in the 3-5 lb range...I like anything with Red or Orange hews on it,also for the Chironomid fisher ice cream cone,red bead and red Blood worm patterns are the ticket..we need a bit more sun to get the hatches really going...Stop by the store for a fresh new array of Chironomids tied by a lake specialist from the interior of BC.AND of course we will have some BOOBIES on hand

Feb 25th...
Get onto the waters with icecream cone chironomids....some tied with red copper ribbing...also don't be afraid to venture into the world of Boobies..yes Boobies!

April fooling...sitting here looking out my window and again I see more snow


June 5th    ...
Spider,Horne and Northwest Bay lakes are fishing well...access is a bit off becasue of the Fire Possibilities .
 The North Island Lakes are just now really turning on, like Gold,Stewart, Oshinow,Alice ,Victoria and Nimpkish. Of course the Sawyard woods area is nice to explore.

May 8th... and the fishing in the area lakes has been better that expected...catches of 20" fish are regualr...Chironomids and small leeches are the ticket

However,the local Lakes are producing some very nice fish with some coming in at more than 20"
Spider these past 2 weeks has had a great Chironomid hatch...there seems to be nothing specific  so use any you might have. 12-24" off the bottom is working best. Ocassionally throw on a bead head Olive Green or Black wolly bugger..
Horne Lake gave up some very big Cutthroat Trout last week where the river enters the lake...big Black or colourful Leeches and Intruders will do the job. At the outlet there has been some good action with Chironomids...have fun
Cameron Lake also has a hatch on the go,the bay nearest the Park is a good bet...if you are daring and wind savy,try the far side with big leeches for those big Brown 15' and deeper

Feb  9th...

Sitting here looking out my window what I see isn't normal for my experiences here on Vancouver Island...SNOW...(feb 9th)again...we have had Snow since the Middle of December.."what is this??"..ironically along the way of this winter there has been some very good Lake fishing to be had if the lakes were not frozen over like Spider,Maple,Doran and others.The good side of all the ice is that when it does
come off there will be some very healthy and hungry Trout. Here is a mid winter Cutthroat Trout landed on Feb 7th,as you can see this fish fell prey to a large Intruder Pattern...some info' for thought! Look at the girth of this fish...impressive for sure..
When fishing  lakes don't be afraid of "BIG"...size 10 hare's ears do work when there is a hatch on but think outside the box.