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August 21st..Chinook are coming into the Conuma already

Gold River is closed to Winter Steelhead fishing for the first time..and there is no need for this and little wonder when all the province can thing about is the revenues from logging ..and no effort on recovery
September 16th...river has been blown out  allowing the fish to completely moveup...some Coho and lots of Chum now

September 6th..Conuma River is extremely low...there are chinook in the lower river and the kind to the fish  and enjoy this special place..

September 25th...All area rivers are getting a fair run of Coho and Chum...good numbers of Chinook Salmon are now doing their spawning practices . 

September 1st...Chinook have entered the Conuma  and a few other area rivers...very low and warm water will turns these fish very dark quickly..
There is retention on the Conuma..please know the limits

July 20th..there are very few Summer Steelhead in the Gold RIver system again this year..although therre are a few..some have been targeting higher up in the Rive..Heber has a few..Sockeye are also in the system and not retention

June 22nd...only a few Gold River Summer Steelhead 
have shown up so far this the tune of .04 fish per km...sockey are present in fair numbers

Feb7th...Up and Down water levels on the high side have made fly fishing difficult but gear fishers are pounding the water with a few reports of small numbers of fish. Lets keep our fingers crossed for better swinging water and more fish

Sept 28th..Low water and tons of fish equal amazing bear activity..bring your cameras..lots of Coho holding in the pools ..more water in this area than south Island rivers
Sept 10th...for the past 10 days we have been playing hard with incoming chinook...the hatchery has already taken many fish...

August 22nd...we have seen some Salmon in the Gold and the Conuma will show fish very soon

June 30th...water is excellent for the incoming Sockeye and summer steelhead..a few fish have been hooked and now making their way to the upper reaches..

October 4th....Water levels are good..plenty of Chum in the Lower Gold and Conuma..Coho are also in good numbers..Conuma receiver 40,000 Chinook in this years run..chum will be in low numbers and if lucky we will see good numbers of Coho.

Sept.9th..low water and few fish..that is a good discription so far..lots of chinook near the Pumphouse...few steelhead or trout..we will see many Coho later in October.
Conuma has been a hot spot with many dark chinook making theor way into the river..rains were very well received

July far this area rivers will remain open after july 1st

June 14th..Summer Steelhead and Sockeye are making their annual journey into the Gold on their way up River...low water at the moment but cool weather and rian is keeping enough water for healthy fish
May 25th..
Not a lot of Trout in this system..but we will be seeing Summer Steelhead in several weeks..The Heber will produce fish by mid June//all mucy be released..for the pure Trout fisher you have to fish the Elk or Ralph fish only

We are finally reporting agin after a very wet and nasty water level winter. Ther eare some fish in the system but the numbers are low..was is still a bit high..although March is and can be the best month for we fly fisher..there are also regulation changes for teh river beginning in March so please know the reg's.
Personally I have found that Orange Intruder type flies my best colour option for that system,followed by Pink and Then Black/Blue. 

September 9th..River is now open and ther is enough water to get Salmon moving and the few Steelhead  in the system to move about...Orange Leeches  with lots of flash is a good bet 

July 10..River is closed until futher water

October 15th..
Lots of Water..Chum in the Lower River and Coho making their way throughout the system..lots more rain coming so be prepared for high water...this river likes lots of flash in the flies...likely because of the colour of the water itself

September 26th..water water coming and so are the fish..Coho about to make their for the next rains..and fish near the lyons park pools

September 22nd..
We need water badly..but there are some Steelhead about especially in the upper reaches...Chinook and Coho will soon file in with raising water levels

September 1st...
Yes, Gold River has also been afected by the drought this past summer...there are few Summer Steelhead baout,but there are a few..trout fishing has been non existant...Sockeye did find ther way in all the way to the Muchelat  a few Springs are in the lower River...lets hope for some early September rains

April 2014..
During the last 2 weeks of March fishing was excellent on the Gold ...we saw a nice bump in water levels and that is one of the requirements for this river to produce fish.  Know the closed areas effective April 1st..only the Lower area is open from just above the Lions camp ground to the Salt. There are some very big Spwaners them softly...Pink Pink Pink and a bit of Orange

October 7th...water was very high last week with few fish being catchable unless you are using lead and big hooks..but water is getting much better and if all tales hold true we will be seeing a very strong Coho return..Conuma returns are also very strong with Chinook,Chum and Coho

March1st...we are seeing the water come up a bit today with all teh rains,hopefully we are going to see more fish coming in. Some fish are in the system and some getting dark but numbers just are not there again ...although it is possibly still early

September 20th 2012...Water levels are very low..lots of Sockeye did make thier way into the system this past summer,a few Steelhead and Chinook..lets wait till the rains and then we will see some big fish numbers..

March 25th...
Most of the River will be closing at the end of the month allowing for a safe spawn season..but there are still fresh fish coming in and the lower Canyon area to the Pump house is a good bet...large Orange intruders are One of tthe go to patterns for this time of year

Feb 5th..
The run of Winter Steelhead this year in the Gold is about average compared to the past 2 years. Some nice fish have been landed on the fly because the waters are clear and moderaetly high. many new Steelheaders are now using  August 25th..
Waters were high early this week but have come down to excellent flows...some big Steelhead are in the River as well as some Chinook in the Lower reaches...Expect a better Chum Run this year

April 15th 2011..
This years run of Steelhead has been moderate to good...some large fish are now making their way onto the spawning redds and need to be left alone. If you must put in efforts still use a smaller fly and target only fresher fish.  Look for areas where there is smaller gravel and sandy tailouts. Trout fishing in teh Gold is never what it should be..unfortunate indeed! The Conuma River still has remnant Steelhead,these are small fish now and in super low numbers...Cuttie Fishing is very good uin the tidal areas. Heber River is still closed and a good idea to make sure tehse precious fish are left alone

Feb 24,2011....
Finally we see some water conditions that really is ideal for fly fishing this great river...get to the river before April 1st to access the best parts with the fly. The Golf Club area has been good lately..Pink and Black intruder patterns on tubes

December 12th
There are some fresh Steelhead about  mixed in with teh old dark and red Coho...once these rains subside and the temperature dips we will see more silve bullets appearing. The Lower River is your best bet below the Heber...

October 24th..
Lots of water and some big Coho...the Chum Run in the Lower River is a bit soft but some big fish are about,it feels like theSummer  Steelhead run was on teh low side,and the fish seemed to be smaller....The Conuma also has Chum and a few Coho,water was high and dirty but is coming down..

Oct 5 th..
Water levels are coming down and that measn the many fish that are in teh system are easier to entice with flies...some very large Coho are there waiting for your bright safe and check regs for retention limits...and of course be gentle with any interecepted Summer Run Steelhead

Sept 14th...
Water levels are slightly higher  but still on the low meter...Steelhead are about in good numbers as are some Chinook and a few Coho...lets see these numbers increase with the rains

The water temperatures are coming down with teh rian we had recently,the Heber came up 3-4 inches and that was enough to move some fuish around... The Gold River is fishing OK for Summer Run Fish below the Confluence of the Heber and Lake Pool

August 20th..August 25th   ...Warm temps
The water levels are still too low to effectively fly fish for Steelhead,these fish are holding in the lower pools waiting to reach out throughout the river with higher and cooler water. Sockeye Salmon and a few Chinook have distributed well throughout the River
waiting for Coho
August 8th..
Water is very low,but there are Steelhead in the Lower Pools below the Heber Confluence and a few near Branch 14...Sockeye are making it very exciting to watch these jumping about...Peppercorn Trail is a good bet to see these fish and if lucky tag into a Steelhead

July 14th..
Fished the Confluence(Heber and Muchulat) pools ,hooked a Steelhead at the Heber and saw several below the takers there on the Dry fly..water levels are excellent with many Sockeye in teh pools and throughout the system

July 8th..
With the recent hot weather we have seen the water levels come up ,with this situation we will also see the Sockeye and Summer Steelhead come into the local rivers in greater for a slight lowering of levels and get those Intruders,Dry Flies and Stone Flies working the tail outs,

April 29th...
Leaving the Steelhead alone to spawn is only going to be a positive thing for the future on that system...however,that release in pressure from anglers on that system has meant pressure on other systems more,the debate"what to do?"I have always wondered why the Trout fishing isn't good on the Gold??!! No Idea why!
The good news is that the Elk will be turning on by the third week in May all through June and into Early July..enjoy this jewell,we have some great Trout fly rod combo's specifically for that system..check out the specials

April5th...Since Gold River is closed above the Big Corner Pool the fishing pressure is coming off so Steelhead can Spawn without being abused by all the gear thrown at them and those that have spawned might survive their return to the Salt Waters.
If you do fish this gem then try the Lake Pool and can be very good when the Dogwoods are in blossom

March 25th...
Fished Gold River recently with no success but did see some fish..the water was a bit high for the Fly ,this River will close from the Big Bend Pool all the way up on April 1st..there are some big fish still laying around the Big Rock Pool below the Fishing Boundary...big black leeches and Colourful Intruders are still the ticket for Gold River Steelhead. Drop by the store for some of the new Tubeology Tube Flies that really get down to the fish!

March 4th....
The numbers of fish entering the system ar still fair...some nice fish have been landed and some on the fly...Try the Golf Club Run.Peppercorn Run,Thasis Bridge Pool,Muchulat confluence and the Lower River around the Lake Pool
Large Black or Black and Pink Popcycle patterns

Finally there are numbers of fish entering the river with good reports of fish willing to take. The river has been up and down with water levels but has sort of stabilized. The middle of the river around to old Peppercorn run has been good as has the waters above the Heber confluence.

November 6th....

Gold River has some very nice Coho but the River has been very High at times...
Now we are now waiting for Steelhead season the will see the first push of Fresh Winter Run Fish in about a month

Sept11th..The Conuma River is full of big chinook and a lot of very nice Coho...the water this past week has been good for this area.
Gold River and it's trib's are now filling up with Chinook and Coho...along with these fish are some very nice Steelhead...take care and watch for bears

August 20th....
Ther was a good run of Sockeye move through the system in July and Early August,there are now some Chinook...mixed in with these fish are some fine Summer Run Steelhead. With the water conditions so low and warm fishing has been poor to date..
The Heber River should be left alone until we get some water and let these fish be un-stressed

July 15...

Gold and Heber Rivers are very low...there are a few Summer Run Steelhead about but with water conditions this warm and low it is best to not bother them until the weather turns a bit and water cools off. I haven't seen too many Sockeye this year and there is a distinct relationship between Sockeye and Summer Run Steelhead!

June 15th...
Gold River is a bit high but as usual,this time of year brings in fresh Summer Run Steelhead....
Not only is this happening but also The Elk River's annual Rainbow Trout invasion is in full swing...Dry Fly Heaven.

It is Early December and the urge to fish the Gold River for early incoming Winter Steelhead is deep inside my being!! During the late Winter of 2007 /2008 I saw more 20 plus lb. Steelhead than ever before . The water conditions proved to be spectacular for the Gear fishers and poor for the Fly Fishers. So this year I will us a Silex Reel and an original Hardy 10/10 rod. We will keep you posted about this area throughout the winter season.

December 24th... it would be nice to get up to Giold River at the moment..there are fresh fish being caught by the locals and those able to get out.
The Lower River has a good number of small fish