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Spey Casting workshop was held August 23rd..Campbell River at the Highway Bridge area
There was a fee of $125/to all Participants with limited numbers available...
Covid Protocols in must register and prepay..we will have the full 
array of the New Beulah Platinum G2 Graphene Spey rods on hand and  all the 
Vision ranges available to use and play with...including lines and reels

Since we can now gather practicing good social distancing and glove wearing.. we will do a series of Videos to help casters advance to where they want to be ...visit out Instagram channel and facebook the meantime we are having our Fathers day spey workshop (June 21st)on the Englishman near the Boy Scout Camp..north on Martindale  off 19A in PArksville and then left on Despard to Yellow Gate and walk to river..from 10am til 3pm..

 Spey workshop and clinic on the Englishman River at the Boy Scout Camp to all starting at 10am  til 3:00  ..please sign in at the store and qurantee your spot..The New Beulah Platinum 2 Speys will be available and on hand to play with..

2019... Our annual November Spey casting Workshop slated for Sunday November 17th on the Englishman River in Parksville.BC was cancelled.River conditions are too dangerous to be near

.... off Despard road at the Boy Scout area.,, We will see Vision Pro Staffer Emiliano and Beulah Pro Staffer Kellen will prepare you all with dazling dislays of efficiency and technique...Mornings from 9:30 til 12:30 will be an interactive demo and clinic..please bring your rods and reels along for balancing and all. We will as usual have too many items along to cast including Beulah,Vision,Snowbee ..on hand will be the New Vision Sisu,rods,Beulah's New Graphene Platinum G2 Speys in both the Trout Speys and larger.
The Amazing new 15'4" XO Graphene Spey, and some new line design not yet released...Afternoons from 1-3:30 will be private lessons at $125/caster...see you there..and please do call to register

New for the fall of 2018 we are hosting a 2 day workshop,Fundamentals of fly casting with Single, Switch and Two Handed fly rods.
Day One at the Parksville Civic Center /Arbutus Room from 9-3
-Understanding line weights compared to rod weights, Traditional , Short, Mid and Long bellied fly lines..
- What is Bamboo, Fibreglas,Graphite,Nano Resin,Graphene
-Fly Line Coatings//PVC,Polyurethane,Polyester..maintenance requirements
-the need for correct tapers and transitions on both lines and leaders/tips..
-the relationships of rods/reels and lines.
-How to correctly Swing a fly in moving water
-Casting effective distance off beaches in the surf
-Some lawn casting during the day

Day 2..Sunday
this day, on the water, is dedicated to helping all those with interest in spey casting demonstrated by Vision Canada  and Beulah Pro Staffers...water level conditions will determine locations but we will say for now Englishman River  at the Boy Scout Camp Site area off Despard Road, the alternative site is the Beach Area off Corfield Road behind the Surfside RV Campground.This is a sheltered beach area .
****Also during day 2(Sunday) we will also be utilizing the local lawns for distance casting using all forms of fly rods..Casting for accuracy,speed and distance..Roll casting and getting to where you want the fly to land efficiently

Pre registrations is a must..Costs for the event is $200 for both days or $150 for either One day Saturday or Sunday 

On Both days we will discover the needs for good knots knowledge,Fly selections and design and ways to cast these
's finally dated..May 13th we will host a spey workshop and demo's in the morning and private lessons in the afternoon space so book early. This workshop will be on the Stamp River in Port Alberni at the Gun Club off MacKenzie road..on hand will be several experienced casters to help along the way answering questions. Beulah,Vision, Mystic, Snowbee,Monic,Vector and MacKenzie,,We will have several special quest this spring along for the rode. Make sure to get your skills tweeked and be ready for our fantastic BC Summer fishing both Fresh and Salt water..please call to register 

Saturday Morning casting workshops begin April 14th thru summer, $60/caster under 17 always free..all gear supplied ..some of the best in the world



Our annual January Spey workshop, Sunday,January 28th,,, this year again will be on the Englishman  River at the Boy Scout Area off Despard Road in Parksville BC ,starts at 9:30 til 12:30...please make sure to call the shop to confirm your attendance..morning is free to all and all are usual we will have many outfits on hand and available to all to use..the afternoon will be set aside for private workshop for up to 6 people...$125 PER CASTER FOR PRIVATE..1-4pm
A special note about this event...we will for the first time in North America have the amazing new 13'8" #8 Vision XO Spey rod on hand for all to play with..youmay have to sign up!

If Cancalled due to rain event we will hold on Feb.4th same location

Our weekly Single hand casting workshops begin again on May 6th ,2017..and ended in November
Saturday Mornings from 9:30 til \12....$60 per student..under 17 free
You will have access to some of the best fly rods and lines in the world of fly casting..
Vision XO and Merisula
Beulah Opal
Snowbee Geo
Mystic M Series and Maverick series
Lines from Snowbee:  Switch ,Twin Colour,Extra distance and more
Vision Vibe 65,85.100 and XO Lines,Brownie,Nite,Kust and so on
MacKenzie DTX G2,switch//Beulah Elixir , Tonic,Aero head,Serum and again more

Learn from the Pros..become efficient and successful !
We are co-hosting  a spey casting workshop with Vision Fly Fishing Canada...
Join us on May 28th,2017 on the Englishman River at the Boy Scout run  off Despard Rd. for an exciting and beneficial Casting demo and workshop.. Mornings are absolutely free from 9:30 til 12:30,afternoon private lessons are available for up to 5 participants cost is $125 per.As usual we will have plenty of rods/reels and lines on hand to fill the bill..and bring yours own along to be checked out and balanced if necessary. Please call to register or email:..

There was a Spey casting workshop and Clinic...October 29th 9:30 til noon Free to all.
12:30 til 3:30 private clinic for up to 5 persons//$125 each..all gear supplied
Englishman River at the Boy Scout Camp area ...waders needed

We will have award winning rods from Beulah,Vision,MacKenzie,Snowbee,Mystic ,
both Spey and Switch,Lines from Vision,Beulah,Snowbee and MacKenzie

Free to ALL...Saturday April 30th/2016
We will host  a free Speycasting workshop in Qualicum Beach across from the
shell station from 9:30 am until to all..lots of rods to play with
from world class rod manufacturers like MacKenzie,Vision,Beulah,Mystic,Snowbee,
Loop, and Winston...lines from Vision,Mackenzie,Vector(SNO),Beulah,Snowbee,
This will be an opportunity to see measure pure line matches

On Sunday Feb.7th we had a special Spey Casting workshop on the Englishman River in Parksville at the Boy Scout Camp off Despard Rd. The morning session was free to all with lots of new rod and lines to play with. The afternoon was dedicated for those wanting to really get what Spey Fishing is all about when using Two Handed Fly Rods properly set-up. Starts at 9:30 am til 12:30..private workshop from 1-3:30 at a cost of $100.

Our very first Spey Play Day in 2016...Join us at the Gun Club off Beavercreek Road on the Stamp River on January 3rd from 9:30 am until 2 pm...get a handle on all those new toys you managed to get for Xmas or have not yet mastered.  The entire day is free to all..lots of rods,reels,lines and items on hand...Please do call or email to confirm your attendence and if you want something specific ..ask!

OK...time to get ready for the amazing season ahead...we were  hosting a Spey workshop and clinic on the Englishman River in Parksville  on Sunday October 25th.. at the Boy Scout Camp area off Despard road...please register as early as possible for these workshops..
starts at 9:30 am until 12:30 pm(Free to all)..there will be Private lessons from 1-3:30; a $100 fee to participate in Private lessons/maximum 5 persons. Please call the store to register or email confirmation. This is a great location and we have an alternative location close by if needed due to high water

On Sunday August 23rd we had  a small workshop on Campbell River for those wanting to understand Spey Casting and how to become proficient. During the morning we demonstrated forming  good techniques for Swinging flies ,Dry Fly methods  as well as  nymphing techniques using 2 handed fly rods..there was a $50 fee for those playing. As always we had well set up Beulah,Mystic,Vision and Snowbee two handers available for use.Where?.. under the Highway 19  Bridge on the North Side across from River Sportsman Outdoor store
Starts at 9am and will finish near 1pm.  

We had a Spey casting workshop and Clinic on Campbell River on  Sunday July 19th...14 participants in 32 degree heat..not bad and we didn't see any fish

April the Gun Club on the Stamp River in Port Alberni,we put together a very special Spey casting workshop for all to  typical morning workshop was free to all attending; private lessons in the afternoon from 12:30 til about 3:30   ,cost of $110 per person..the weather was excellent ,all had a blast and learned tons about the art of efficiency of Spey Casting/fishing.

Sunday Feb.15th we will be holding a special Spey casting clinic and work shop on the Englishman  River in usual we will present in the mornings 9:30 til 12:00 free of charge so all can participate ,hopefully you bring your waders. The morning sessions will be fully interactive with enough rods well set-up for all to play with and learn from. The afternoon is allotted for private lessons  ,a fee of $100 applies..lasting from 1-3:30..all set-ups provided but if you have your own please bring them along and match different lines if you wish. Please call to register for afternoon workshop
directions are fairly simple..hwy 19A in Parksville to East end at Orange Bridge/River (main road out of town),turn right on Martindale road (Near Cloverdale Paints), venture west about 1km to Despard Road,left here to Yellow Gate(100meters only)walk to the river beyond the gate ,follow left about 100 meters and you are there...bring your waders and smiles 

Visit us at the 2015 Canadian fly fishing show in Calgary  during the week-end of January 23-25...we will be presenting many great new products and have many rods and reels all lined up to play with...during the show we will be presenting on the Pond on Friday afternoon and Sunday Afternoon\

The first Spey casting workshop and Clinic of 2015..Sunday  January 18th
Located on the Englishman River  near the Boy Scout Camp off Despard Road..was a blast...we were chased from the rising river and went to the alternative site along the Community Beach in a sheltered bay off Corfield road
9:30 til 12:30 ,Free to all fully engaged presentation and interactive demo ..
Afternoon will consist of Private lessons ($100)from 1:00 til 3:30 for only 5
Since it is the winter season we will spend a lot of time on Skagit and Scandi fishing and casting usual we will have too  many toys on hand to play with but all welcome to choose their favorite set-ups


We had a small clinic and workshop on the Stamp River in Port Alberni on Saturday September 27th...5 lucky individuals enjoyed watching and breaking down many of the modern day Spey casts..our focus was on this day more about getting ready for the overhead work needed to beach or surf cast for Coho and a bit of work on the Circle Spey advancing intot he Snap was fun.lots of bears about and a few is a rare event when you can be hastled by 5 black bears looking for din din..but One brave bruin managed to walk around us,find a big Coho laying in the shallows and wonder away with a great meal while being filmed..

Our first of the Year Summer Spey workshop will be held on the Stamp River on Sunday June 1st/2014  beginning at 9:30 am...we will once again provide a great learning platform at no cost  during the morning until about noon..followed by a short lunch break and into Private lessons..these lessons will cost $90 with a maximum of 6 persons...please call to register..

A great year ahead in 2014, and to start off  we held  a Free Spey Casting workshop on the Englishman River Sunday Jan.19th  from 9am until 12 Noon for all..followed by private lessons for any $90 from 1 til 3:30...this was a  great time..Be prepared to use those great new  rods for Steelhead season and beach season
Skagit,Scandanavian and Traditional  Casting Techniques for the avid angler.

  Also scheduled was our first 2 day clinic on the week-end of March 22 and 23rd..visit Spey Casting workshops for details

2013 events
  We held a Spey fishing Demo and Workshop on the Stamp River in Port Alberni on Sunday December 1st in the Gun Club area.As usual we began  about 9:30 am with a full demo and inteactive session until about 11:30. Then a break for lunch ,too short  everyone wanted to get at it with the  Private lessons til about 3:30. Since we are entering a fantastic Steelhead Season we will focus on both Skagit and Scandanavian styles  utilizing both Switch and Spey rods..what was learned here stays with you always.
Special Early Fall Spey Casting Workshop on Sunday October 27th on the Englishman River...Demo from 9:30 am  to 11:30 or so...Afternoon set aside for  Private for 5, at a cost of $90/person..
Off Despard Road near the Scout Campgrounds in Parksville..all welcome
We will have a special Ladies time
We presented at the Grand River Spey Clave during the week-end of September 13.14.15....we featured of course Beulah,Snowbee and Mystic products
During the week-end /Sunday September 29th, celebrating the Roderick Haig-Brown  Festival in Campbell River we presented Antique Fly Fishing accessories and various parifinalia  such as Dress flies from the 1950's and reels dating back to the early 1900's and of course some needed Cane Rods to accent things a bit

 Friday morning fly casting clinics are here again, All summer long from June 28th through September20th...this year is special! call ahead  to book($60)
Spey Casting Workshop and clinic on Sunday,September 8th/2013...

on Campbell River started at 9:30 am till  11:30 am followed by Private instruction from12:30 till fee for Morning session but $90 fee for afternoon private clinic..location was spectacular with many fish passing by and attention at time being diverted. Excellent group of onlookers
Flash...Saturday July 13th from 1-4pm we held a free Beach Casting clinic for all levels,approximately 30 attended this wonderful days event. This workshop was designed for all those wanting to upgrade their skills preparing for this summer off the beaches and on the Rivers and Lakes ,this workshop was held in conjunction with the Beach Fishing 101 course put on by the  Mid Island Castaways "learn the waters Program" during that morning(fee for that)..this workshop focused on the correct lines/rods/and casting styles for all the above in all ranges of styles from Single handed,Switch and Spey.
On the Sunday,July 14th we will also be holding a free Spey Casting Workshop in Port Alberni for all to attend,it will be held in the Gun Club Area  on the flats jsut below Beaver Creek itself..scheduled for 10am til about 2pm.
Bring your waders and gear if you have it..although as always there will be plenty on hand to play with and compare to
We held a free Spey casting Clinic and Workshop on Sunday,May 19th/'13 from 9:30 Am til about 1PM... on the Englishman River in Parksville near the Boy Scout Camp at the end of Despard Road...the emphasis was on All modern casting techniques ..featuring Switch rods and small Speys
All were welcome and there was lots of gear on hand.

Holiday season Spey day....Saturday December 29th/'12, thanks to everyone attending was good success. we had a chance to work with about 15 casters from 12 years old to 75...and everyone learned a ton. The Englishman River off Despard Road near the Boy Scout Camp in Parksville is an ideal location because we can work both sides of the River in good water conditions... As always we will have every type of Spey casting rod available for all to try from Switch, Scandi,Skagit and Traditional with excellently matching lines...


November and workshop
It is once again time to schedule a Spey casting event  for those wanting to either improve their skills or entering into the world of Spey casting and fishing.If weather permits we will  hold a clinic on the 18th of November/2012.., location on the Englishman River at the end of Despard Road...
1/ Starts at 10am...til 12 or so(Free)..
2/ then a short lunch break followed by hands on instruction($60@)
3/ the focus will be on understanding and perfecting modern Spey casts using Scandanavian and Skagit techniques. 
4/ Feeling and knowing  the difference between a Scandi,Skagit and traditional Spey rod and how to adjust to what you have or are going to get
5/ and the numerous ways to accomplish fly depth..
6/ in the picture below you see a MacKenzie DTX 12' #8 Modern Traditional Spey rod  lined with the Beulah Tonic Skagit shooting head that has a 14' Super Fast Poly Leader attached to the business end..effective in many situations

Yes we had a Spey Casting clinic on the Stamp River at the Gun Club on June  began at 10am to about 2:30..there was no fee for this event and all were welcome... There was plenty of rod/reel/line set-ups for all to use including the Now Available Vision SIKS ,6 pc. awesome Two Handers...Beulah Platinum Speys and of course many Switch rods.

Our Ever popular Spey Casting Clinics and workshops have  begun early in 2012, On Saturday March 10th,on the Englishman River at the end of Despard road we held  a short free demo and  casting clinic for participants wanting to learn spey casts.The casting Demo began at 10Am followed by the instruction nearing Noon Hour..and continued until 2:30 PM..nice to see everyone there..

There was a Demo/clinic on January 4th on the Stamp River in Port Alberni, The water was too high but we had One other person crazy enough to brave the weather learning lots and having some fun.

Workshops are designed for all levels . Please register at the store for the next class or email/phone.

We will be front and Centre again at this years 2012 Canadian fly fishing show in Calgary on the week-end of January 27th thru the 29th..make sure you get by for our casting demonstrations and make effort to try new rod/line set-ups.

Please take note: A single handed casting clinic will be held on November 18th,2011 at the store..please pre-register

There was a free day of Spey casting on the beach in Qualicum Beach opposite the Shell Station and next to the Tourist Bureau on Sunday October 30th 2011. These sessions began at 10AM and continued until about 2 pm or when people left.We  had several casters on hand to assist the needs of those coming into the sport . Emphasis was  given to distance and rythm. Many fly rods ,reels and lines were available for those wishing to try different styles and techniques.  On hand was the latest lines from Snowbee,Beulah,Vision,MacKenzie DTX,CND and Snake River Outfitters. Fly Rods on hand were from Snowbee,Beulah,Vision,Mackenzie DTX,Winston,Mystic.

There was a 2 part Spey casting Clinic on Saturday.Sept 10th..2011...on the Englishman River off Despard Rd.
No Fee...for Morning portion from 10 til 1pm
-- private lessons from 1:30 to 4 pm...fee of $75. Please note: that  rods/reels and lines were there for all to use from Snowbee,Beulah and Vision

Our regular Friday Morning casting clinics will still be in effect for those pre-booked..otherwise they are over for the year,,if you wish,you can move your time to Saturday..please pre-book...

On Sunday May 8th(Mothers Day),we will be inviting everyone with interest to come to a Spey Casting Demo and Gathering on the Englishman RIver at the Boy Scout Camp run. There is plenty of room to watch and if you want to participate you are welcome after the Demos. If you do participate please make sure you have waders. There is no charge for this demo ;all are the store if you can. Start time is 12:30 pm lasting til about 4pm..

The Boy Scout run is located at the eastern end of Despard Rd, off  Martindale Road. Lots of room for parking and bring your smiles

Beginning on April 8th,our very popular Fly Casting Clinics are on again...please join us for the fun filled and very informative 2 Hour sessions,typically groups of no more than the store to register...250-757-2095
Fee is $60 per person..under 16 free

We feature some of the worlds nicest fly rods and lines for all to use openly during our weekly clinics beginning on April 8th/'11. Please feel free to ask for that special rod or line. In 2011 we will be casting with Snowbee Prestige and Diamond fly rods in lengths of 9'6" ,#4s and #5's , these rods are exceptional rods to work with and learn from. Our fly lines will include special shooting heads and lines from:



Beach Season was here and is now just around the corner again,....,inspirationally,many new people got ready for this  sensational fishery successfully with a fly rod in hand and a large smile in doing so. It was a real pleasure working with and watching so many wonderful  and interesting people develope basic skills. In 2011 we are planning to introduce a step up in service with a new program with after lesson follow-ups to ensure progress is made . Also we will be leaving every participant with a binder of written data to study and re-inforce all the steps to Fly Casting  and fly fishing.