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Fall of 2019 has proven to be a tough on...Chinook Salmon were plentyful enough early on but Chum and Coho numbers are very low...there are concerns for the Coho and Chum returns

October 5th..Chum fishing is good at the moment..numbers seem to be low and very few Coho about
Sept 16th..
With all the rains the Chinook have moved up into the system..some Coho and CHum are just now entering the fray

September 7th...water is still exrtremely low,,some fish have moved into the lower careful and don't leave fish entrails laying about...this increases danger for the Bears and people..

August 23rd..nothing yet(Big Fish) ..trout fishing is also off this season

April 27th...a poor year for winter Steelhead well as Sea Run Cutties...there are till fish in the system but most Steelhead are now recovering...some seals have been chasing these fish unfortunately

March 20th
Winter Drought conditions has seriously impacted any Steelhead coming into the system...numbers are low even for the Sea Run Cutties...

October 16th...the river is now open for retention of Salmon...lots of chum and coho in the river...more than 8500 coho are counted and lots of stinky old Chinook and doon to follow Chum

September 2th..Coho and Chum have infiltrated all the normal fishing areas with zest and vigor...retention of Salmon stops October 1st thru the 15th..know the regs

September 8th...recent wet weather has brought in some much waited for Chinook ...respect the retention limits and avoid snagging fish

July 8th...Water is holding it's own this Trout fishing is retention of these great Sea Run Trout..also some Juvinile Steelhead Smolts about..use dries,muddlers and stoneflies

May 5th///Steelhead season was not really a good one and Trout almost were non starters...lets hope we see still a few Steelhead and Trout appearing before the doldrums of summer arrive..
Feb 8th
Yes as with so many west coast rivers the water levels have been tough to fish.A few are about with left over Summer Steelhead showing their beautiful colours of retention and no bait.9


Sept 26th...Still no water about and the fish are holding very low in the river...the river has many Chinook and some coho holding in the pools although a few have moved up..the Chum will push the other fish up  ..river closes for Salmon fishing October 1

Sept 10...
Yes there are Chinook in the Nitinat but little water  the snaggers are drenching the lower pools as usual with disgust and no repsect to themselves
A bit more rain and there will be a reprieve for the fish and fly fishers will have a better opportunity to swing for big fish

August 22nd..Ohhhh water is very low and warm...we won't see any salmon until we see some rains..leave teh trout alone..little oxygen in warm water
July 6th...water is getting low and warm..a few nice trout have been landed
no retention and release all Steelhead

July 1st...Water is getting a bit low but fly fishing for Cutties is still good...large Dries and Leech Patterns are showing some very impressive takes

June 2017..water levels are falling and with that access to some really nice is happening...remember there is no retention ..period!

May will bring in some fresh Cutties and if lucky Spring Steelhead

April 28th
Winter Steelhead have been around with the Spring fish possibly being here..the water has been high for we fly fishers ..there is still a bit of time until early May..Sea Run Cutties are a main interest here this time of year

December 3rd..
River level is just a bit high..not any fresh fish to be had yet..although we have had a rumour of a silver Steelhead being caught..for the trout fisher wait for lower water to get good access to Trout
October 4th...although retention is prohibited there is great coho fishing with many chum interferring your swing.

September 24th..there are some closed pools on the lower river stretches..make sure of your area...Chum have begun making their poresence known as have some Coho

Nitinat River opened on September 2nd..we had a good rainfall..lots of big bright Chinook came in and moved up into the middle sections fish in the lower areas except Snaggers corner pool also know as "no fish pool"...Red Rock is full and the hatchery pool is well loaded...lets hope for more rain to see the Coho and Chum come in

June 28th..will close on July 1st until further notice
June 14th..
Nice Trout fishing going on ...please release all wild trout and steelhead...

May 24
Most of the Steelhead that are spawning are now gone into the lake on onwards...behind them we are seeing some nice sea Run Cutties making their dent on any fry yes..fry patterns or big dry flies. Watch for any campers keeping these is illegal to keep any wild trout in any stream in BC..PERIOD

We have seen a fair Steelhead run early this year...typically March and April are the good months so follow you sense and enjoy this remote system. There can be excellent Cutthroat Trout fishing throughout the winter 

October 10th..although the river is currently colsed to any salmon fishing we have been told that all fish species numbers are down...few chum and Coho have entered the opens again from the 15th of October

Sept 15th..Fishing has been tough until now when we are seeing a slight rise in water levels and cooling of water temperatures.Stay away from the snaggers and have a good time...if you can drift from the main bridge to Red Rock or if you are energetic drift from Red Rock to and across the Lake..remember..Nitinat Lake is world famous for not only being a Salt Water lake but for it's winds and wind careful

September7th...This gem is now open after being closed for about 3 months due to water conditions and heat...the are regulation changes now in effect..apparently you can retain One Chinook and 2 Coho..Coho will be coing in a bit later
Report all poachers and snaggers

April 2015....
We have seen water levels high for much of the Winter ,since teh beginning of March the water is of normal height . There have been a few Steelhead around but not consistently..and of course always a chance at nice Sea Run Cutthroat Trout to4 lbs.This is a late Steelhead River so anything is possible well into May 

October22nd..Blown Out for now

October 15th..
River is open again...there are still some nice chum about and Coho runs look a bit on the lite side...water levels are receding but not for long...a rain event is about to happen so be careful

October 1st..River is closed until the 16th so the big fish won't get hastled during the spawning rituals...just before closing we are seeing many Coho and a few chum coming in..get out there when it opens for some great Chum and Coho action..and protect the cutthroat trout

September 26th...we have some water and lots of fish moving about...also lots of snaggers doing their dirty deeds with honour and respect amongst themselves....also some Coho coming in the lower river...

September 22nd...We are seeing lots of fish being snagged by the idiots ,these fish have been holdin gin the pools but with the rains we ar enow seing the fish might get by these morons and survive to reproduce within the system...a few Coho are now about and a few chum

September 1st...a few fish have been seen in the lake,with the expected great run this year it won't be all Island Rivers we need a great amount of Rain to assist with the fish coming in..Trout fishing has been good but too much poaching going on...remember  no Trout retention..

July 1st...
Trout Numbers are a bit low so far..but impressive sizes when you get into one...water was up a bit this week ..good to move Trout into the system in wait for the Salmon that will be coming in by September

March 2014....

February 2014...Water is very low..we are seeing a short spurt of Fresh Fish coming in..mostly Trout and a couple of Steelhead...this river is typically a late winter river in April and May

September 2013..the fishing is excellent
For everyones info,....the bridge crossing at the Little Nitinat River is deactivated..access by bicycle and other small devices..drifting is the best option or come in from the Lake..

October 1st/2013...water is much too high at the moment..but wedid see many big Chinook come into the upper reaches and do their  thing..this is good for all...No Salmon fishing until the 16th...we will see a strong Coho and Chum season

September 10th....Our fly fishing club had a Learn the Water day on the Nitinat River,the purpose was to see  and learn where to fish,low water offers this opportunity so today it was...the Chinook were holding only in the Deeper pools like Red Rock,Bridge Pool,Corner Pool and of course the Hatchery Pool..and of course the pool ironically named"No Fish Pool"!..this pool is located along side the  now deactivated Road  about 3/4 of the way from the Hatchery to Sturgeon Slough,also referred to Snaggers Pool; and today it was shamefully full of people snagging big dark one point there were 15 snaggers lined up doing their thing...ther were 8 fly fishers amongst ,some of which have never seen such abuse...however,what was a bright point waas that there were small schools of Sea Run Cutthroat working the run behind all the big fish being snagged. Thes Trout were eating eggs  being left from the Fish Cleaning affairs. We did hook into several  Some of these Cutties were in excess of 3-4 nlbs so next time there be prepared with large dry fly or minnow patterns..we did use egg patterns for our  limited success. During the day we did land several Big Trout in the 20" range.

September 5th...Water is getting lower with no rian in sight,fish have moved more specifically into deeper holding pockets and fast moving fresh fish coming in at the moment and the Lake is holding plenty...the Chinook below took this fly  as iut swung past a drop off slot..awesome fight on the New Vision Tank Reel  and the Vision Nite 12'2" #8 Spey Rod

September 02/2013..The fish have moved into the River in very good numbers..very few are staying low because of the good amount of water in the system...there are fish all the way up past the logging  bridge pool..todays activities below

August 30th..2013...the recent rains have moved a limited number of fish into the system..lets hope for more rain and few poachers snagging fish..DFO is eyeing this fishery very close...

March is the time to fish the Nitinat River for Steelhead and big Trout....this river has a few fish and tough fighting fish...use red and oragne patterns...and of course do not be afraid of large minnow patterns here

November 12th...we saw a good number of Chum in numbers like 300,000 in this system with excellent water conditions once the rains arrived. Chinook were in poor numbers as were Coho...but enough to sustain the runs...if you are serious Trout fishers then get going..there are some nice Torut over there

October Closed to Salmon fishing..and no water yet..may re-open on the 16th

September 20th...Retention is forbidden on the Nitinat  at the moment..the water has been and is too low leaving the Salmon at the mercy of the snaggers,with the native nets early on causing some concern the powers that be have made a wise decision...and yes there are Coho in the system and some very large ones..

September  5th...There is little water available for the big fish to make their way up river..but there are some fish holding in the lower "snagging pools"...wait for the first rains and be ready

July 25th 2012...recent poaching for Sea Run Cutthroat Trout has put a damper on week-end fly fishing activities on this great river...these idiots are waiting to kill many chinook once they move into the system in Early all dorks doing this illegal crap

May 23rd/2012...Water is still a bit high but ther are aa few Steelhead about and some impressive Sea Run Cutties waiting for Minnow patterns..the area below the main bridge has been very good

October 20th...
There are many Coho and Chum all the way to Parker Creek,the bottom end has lots of fresh Chum coming in with a few mixed in Coho to disturb the rest...have a good time and respect the fish

August 25th 2011
With these good water levels we will be seeing some big fish very soon...
Here is a big Chinook landed on a North Island River today

April 16th 2011..
April historically has been the time to fish the Nitnat for Steelhead,this year we have seen very few Steelhead,somewhat a disappointment yet not surprising because of all the Silt and small gravel build-up due to over logging...June will show some nice Cutthraot Trout Fishing

The Nitinat was very disappointing this year with the Chinook Salmon being spotty at best...Coho are in small numbers and the Chum salmon didn't really appear in,til the Late Summer of 2010

October 24th..2010
Chum Chum Chum and then many Coho..the Coho are getting very Dark and the Chum are really beat up..but we will continue to see fresh Chum in the lower River through the rest of October

Oct 5th..
The River is closed to Salmon fishing until the 15th...there are good hnumbers of very large Coho about so get your bright Flies and tackle together and be ready for opening day.

Sept 24th..
The water has come up a lot , with the high waters comes many nmore fish that are not as easily snagged...Chinook in this system are very bitey and will suck in egg patterns and small minnow patterns...there also some very large Coho about,flashy flies are the ticket

The numbers are somewhat lower than past years  but the fish are brighter becasue of the early rains...fortunately there have been a good number of Snaggers charged by the Enforcement officers...abuse is not needed within this precious fishery...Small egg patterns and Muddl;er Minnows have worked very well for these bright fish

Sept 6th...
They are in....

A few fish have entered the River and have made their way to Red Rock pool,not enough yet to target...we need more rain to entice these fish to move up into the system...large schools are milling about the mouth of the River in the Lake

Early for the big fish and low water so far...lets hope for significant rains before the 7th of September

August 8th..
A few Trout about in the upper reaches and below Red Rock...Trout fishing has been off this year
Salmon will begin entering the River in Early Spetember,should we get any amount of Rain near the end of August get your big sticks out for some serious action on the fly

Some nice Sea Runs have been caught again this week with small minnow patterns near the HAtchery and below Red the weather warms we should see a good influx of fresh Trout

April 20th..
 If you put in the time you will be rewarded with some very good Cutthroat Trout Action with most fish being in the 16" range, this years Steelhead run was poor at best and I am afraid that we will live to see it gone...unless the gravel build ups  and poaching stops.

April 5th...
The river's water levels have been higher than normal these past few weeks and that makes fishing a bit harder than normal...there are so few Steelhead and Trout in this jewell already that overlooking it is a good thing for the fish.

March 25th..
 With the rains we had last week with the melting snow the Nitinat River has been high for any wading activity...however the drifting can be good...This river is one of the late rivers,if the water comes down it might produce a few fish...

March 4th...
This is the month to really get your fly gear out for some fine Trout Fishing and if lucky a fresh Winter Run Steelhead
This River is considered to be in Danger with it's Steelhead run..and little wonder with all the logging mishaps affecting this once great river

Feb 25th...2010...
Large Gravel deposits have created many obstacles for both fish and fishers..the Steelhead season is upon us with a few fish being caught...but don't hold your breath to catch one...Fish the lower river around the new log jambs for good results...also some nice trout are about...water levels are good...

The water conditions are still low and warm...thus the Chinook really haven't decided to come in enmass...there are plenty of fish but they are dark...some nice Coho coming in..look in the faster water and under teh trees along the banks
River closes on October 1st til the 15th...check reg's

many fish entered the system on Wednesday with the heavy rains....and big angry best fly for the day was actually the Skykomish Sunrise followed by the Polar Shrimp...neither fly was weighted fished off an elixir Line with a 10' fast sinking Polytip sink rate at about 4"/Sec! Also landed a very nice Cutthroat Trout and there is not really a need to kill these spectacular little fish!  Some idiots had the stupid Idea to do just that...check the regs...Coho will also be entering the River now so be aware of regulations...

Sept 6th...
Fished the Lower end of the Nitinat today and saw more gear chuckers than fish...there were several fish in the system but not many...the rains have added some nice water to the River ..we walked to the mouth at the lake and saw some very large schools of Chinook milling about but not entering the freshwater..any day though

August 28th../09
Very low water conditions ....    
with the first rains it would likely be a good idea to find time to fish the Nitinat...however,if we don't get any rain these fish wil enter the system regardless and stack up. Unfortunately the snaggers will find a way to do their nasties when there are so many fish in a fish bowl.
Watch the reg's and be safe

June '09...
Rarely do we talk about the Trout in Nitinat River...but there are some very nice Cutties there as we speak...also a few Summer Run Steelhead  tempt us along the way... I have landed 4 lb.Cutties in Mid June on this River,but not the norm,typical fish are 12-16"

ay up to Red Rock Pool and a few of the pools lower. 

Nov 1st../08
Many COHO that are in the system have gone further up into the River, past Parker Creek ... even the Chinook this year did manage to spawn further up than in many of the previous years. All fish numbers are down this year with about 11,000 Chinook,50,000 Chum and a mere 4,000 Coho.But I think we will see more Coho and Chum coming in until later November.

October 16th...
 There are many new and very silver Chum in the lower River today...a few big Coho in the river from the road bridge all the way down...many of the early Coho moved up into the upper part of the River...Purple Intruders were the ticket today...a Black Bunny tail, Crystal Chenille body, Purple Marabou collar and about 10 strands of Bright Pearl Flashabou...out fished 4 people  within 200 feet 6 to 1

Sept 30th...
Fished the River yesterday...still some nice chinook coming in...but the River closes on the 1st until the 15th ..landed a Coho in the upper teens ..water was very good..apparently the Hatchery Crew took about 1500 Chinook from the Red Rock Pool for Brood...good job...the bears were out in full force as were the Bear poachers( several First Nations  conservation minded -keepers of the wild type folk) killed a Black Bear at the Mouth at the lake and likely sold the Gall Bladder and claws for who knows what. Shame -Shame!

 Sept 22...
Fished again on the Lower River and landed many big fish including big Coho retention until Oct 15th...teh bears are out as well...keep your guns at home...

Sept 17...
more than 1000 Chinook entered the River on the Full Moon and many more to come...the gear guys were there in force to make sure that some didn't get by without a few scares. This year is seeing some very large fish. A special note: theer are also Coho mixed in with these fish. We managed to revive a fish that was left for dead by one of the gear fishers. Please take time to take care of teh fish to be released.

Sept 8th....
Again we drifted from Red Rock to Poison Slough and saw fewer fish. Some snaggers were killing fish at Red Rock Pool and there were about 8 guys throwing lead at a few fish at the Big Corner Pool...a couple were snagged and kept unfortunately. There were a few fish above Glory and I saw 3 fish in Sturgeon...Dennis caught a nice 4 lb. Cutt/Bow above the Corner pool in the fast water and that was about it...Water is still good and will likely be for the season....head for the River when we get rain or you may have to wait until later when the Full moon has it's influence

AS of Sept 4th there were no fish in the regular holding pools ...Sturgeon and Poison Slough...a few fish were at Eagle Rock Pool and near Cut Corner...Landed a small Steelhead on Sept..4th...and a few Springs to 35 lbs. Not enough fish yet to consider a real target...Water is excellent and will likely become on the Low Side if we don't get any rain as is predicted for a few days.