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July7th..ther are only a few Pinks in the Campbell..likely not enough yet to target..but with everyday we will see more and more

2019..This River  System will remain open during closures

Sept...16..the Chinook are beginning to really darken up,Pinks are nasty but there are just starting to be a few Coho coming in

Sept. 6th...lots of Chinook and Pinks in the system..

August 25th..lots of Pink Salmon about..and of course this time of year the Chinook are coming in regularly with each tide...

August7th..Lots of fish throughout the entire system..some chinook also about..

August 10th..It seems that everyone is having a stellar year on the Campbell if you are dialed in...visit the store if you need help dialing in. Lots of big bright Pinks in the fishing area is hot

July 29th...
Numbers are increasing with regular areas holding good numbers of Pink

July 25th...July..we now have fishable numbers of Pinks in the system..

July 16th...the Swim with Salmon tour companies  in Campbell River  have seen a few Pink Salmon already

July 12th...No Pinks yet in the system,water is on the low and warm side but is producing some nice trout..evenan odd Summer Steelhead is being hooked 

July 3rd...Water is low but fishable,,,some very nice Trout are being caught..both Cutties and rainbow...Pinks will arrive in a matter of ready..this rive rwill remain open during the sweeping South Island Clousures

September 27th

There are lots of old chinook and some fresh Coho about...Pink Season was good so upcoming years look fine..Quinsam River has good numbers of Coho catchable...check regs for retention
July 30...

there are lots of Pinks in Campbell River..a  swim last week counted more than 10,000..which is not many for that river...many more have entered and are being targeted...retention only areas apply.

July 8th..

There are rumours of a few Pinks showing up..proof will be in the pudding...however,there are some nice Trout about and the odd Summer retention but do make the effort...Bead Head Muddlers,large Dry Flies like the Stimulator ,Turk's Tarantula and so on.. Quinsam River is low with cutties taking dries and small nymphs

June 22..water has been high ..sea run trout are showing in fair numbers and a few summer steelhead have been spotted..likely within a month we will see Pink Salmon appear

May 5th..finally we are seeing some big cutthroat trout in the slicks and calm water...fry are bouncing about

Feb 1st
Winter water height is upon but clearing up...a few Steelhead have been landed in the Quinsam and upper River 


August 7th..many more fish fishing only area is doing very well

August 3rd
More and more fish are coming in with tides in small waves..although there are pods of fish holding throughout the river the best fishing so far has been the Sandy Pool and just above the Quinsam

July 31...Fishing on the Campbell is picking up with catchable numbers for all to enjoy

July 18th...No Pink salmon  in numbers about yet...Trout fishing is good but the big ones seem to have left the building..Pinks are very close with reports of Charter boats complaining about too many pinks taking their bait
July 8th..
A few Pinks have entered the river with many more expected,,the tides are ok  allowing the pressures to agree with migration

June 25th...Large Dry Flies will work well even with these high water levels on the Campbell..the Puntledge is also fishing well with what we call Monster Cutties up to 3 lbs being hooked..Large Double Bead Stone flies are working exceptionally well as are Muddler Minnows both as dry and bead headed..The Pinks will be arriving into the Campbell in several weeks

June 5th..
water levels across the island are coming into shape..on the high side..and lots of trout gorging on use minnow patterns to reach the goal only you can dream about...and there are some big cutties to be this one from a local stream

May 15th..Water is high and fishing for trout os good be safe

April 28th

Finally   able to say good things after such a crazy winter here on Vacouver Island..Lots of Cutthroat Bouncing around chasing Salmon Fry..water is high but productive.

December 1st...water is very high ..the Quinsam is a better bet as if=s the and confirm closed areas

September 24th..water levels were raised to allow for more fish to come in...we will see many Chum soon in the Puntledge and Lower Campbell River.Coho are available and Chinook in the LARGE size have been hooked in the Campbell...

September 7th...with the reported poor Pink and Chinook run many anglers were disappointed with fishing..for the fly fishers the fly fish only section was excellent with no retention,,and a good thing...perhaps the Coho might surprise us but the doubts are out there...the exceptional annual Puntledge River Chum Fishery may indeed prove to be a saving grace

 August 27th...still many Pinks in the upper section of Campbell river...few chinook have entered yet
Puntledge is fishing well for Trout.....Few  Chinook (Can't Target Chinook)and only a few Pinks about

August 22nd..Lots of fish in the upper reaches and fly fishing only section. An unusual year for sure,not a lot of fish below the Pump house in the typical spots but certainly well worth the effort

August 14th..lots more fish throughout the system  although the majority have moved into the upper reaches of the Campbell River itself

August 3rd..Fishing is much better with some very nice fish being springs yet but very soon

July 22nd..Fishing is still very slow but there are fish throughout the River both Campbell and Quinsam..Puntledge is still showing no fishable numbers

July 18th...more Pinks have entered the entire river with good numbers of Pinks near the logging bridge all the way up to the Fly Fish only section..for we trout fishers the timing is good for big dry flies and minnow patterns with Sea Runs to 3 lb..,Some big Rainbow and even the odd Steelhead being hooked on the retention 

July 8th..we are seeing fair numbers of Pinks in the lower is time to be ready for the chaos
June is good at the moment in both these rivers and these will remain open during the River closures affecting many south Island Rivers..check regs

June 12th..Lots of good size cutties about and some big Rainbow Trout to tantalize with dry flies...a few Summer Steelhead are in the Campbell and ther ear emore than 40 Chinook in the Puntledge  hatchery..this system gets a June run of Chinook

May 24th..
Great Trout fishing in both these rivers..the Campbell is showing signs of recovery for trout numbers and size...Big Dry flies are the bomb and for minnow patterns use a #6 Bead Head Muddler

March 3rd

The Quinsam has fished very well during this winter from December until now for Steelhead and big Cutthroat Trout. The Trout fishing is about to get happy
Water levels on the Puntledge are just coming into shape...big trout

2015  is here...
November 4th...we are seeing some nice coho coming in and still Chum in catchable if not dark conditions...but soon we will have the true fun with Trout fishing

October 21st...Lots of Chum and Coho bouncing around both rivers..the Puntledge is producing some very nice Silver Chum for those wanting to test their strength

September 1st...lots of Pinks about and a few CHINOOK to snap your leaders...we will be seeing some Coho soon so be ready with the flashy minnow patterns and release all trout

August 22nd..
Still many bright Pink Salmon coming into the river..,mixed in are some big Chinook..tight lines and strong leaders

August 12th..Dido..lots of fish...too many to make their way into the quinsam..may be issues about this

August 6th...many schools of Pinks came in is excellent

July 25th...saw some fish coming in today,didn't land any but had a shot

July 21st,,again there are fish (Pink salmon)in the system but only a few...we suspect these are about 3 weeks late..really not enough to target but the trout fishing is good /water temeratures are not too bad and flow is acceptable still

July 15th...there are only a few Pinks still in the Campbell, River is open and water temperatures are good ..some excellent dry fly action for good size trout..apparently there are many Pink Salmon holding off the mouth..they will come very soon..we ar edoing a Spey Workshop on the Campbell  Sunday the 19th so if there drop by

,July 4th...Puntledge and all local rivers closed..Quinsam is open as is the  Campbell make sure before you go out

June 28th...we are haering of a few Pink Salmon in Campbell River amd lots of won't be long and the way it is looking  this system may be one of the Islands only destinations for River fisheries

May 28th..the water levels have been maintained  ,this has resulted in fair fishing for Cutties...we will now see many more cutties in both systems  this time of year..get out to enjoy these local fun rives..large Dry Fly such as the Stimulator and a "California Blonde" ,good size Black Ant patterns and of course Minnow patterns such as a polar bear minnow and a Rolled Muddler

April 17th
we haven't produced any river report since the fall for obvious reasons..the pressure is typically only local and limited. BUt this time of year produces some excellent Cuttie fishing with some fish reaching the 5 lb range,although not typical. Water is very high so getting the fly into the zone is a bit difficult. Try the Quinsam for some nice Trout and if lucky intercept a recovering Steelhead

October 30th..Rivers are in flood at the moment..good for the fish

October 22nd.>Water is high..plenty of Chinook holding  getting ready to spawn..Coho are in strong number in the Quinsam..and all fishable

October 15th...I have been getting heck for not posting regularly..well with fishing this good  being on the water is important..although the fishing has slowed a bit for fly fishers the snaggers are having lots of fun around the Sandy Pool...many Coho have come in  but not on a regular have to work hard for thtem but rewards are awesome..few Chum so far

October 2nd..lots of chinook ,coho and a few chum coming in..the runs seem a bit late this year but the fish might be bigger...some good trout fishing higher up

September 24th...many Chinook coming in with some bruisers tagging along as guardians of the species...these are very large fish that hold onto  some very important DNS to continue the species on a road to recovery and propagation...Coho are also mixing in ...cooler water is providing a good path intot he upper reaches of the river..Tom with a big Campbell River Spring using the 13'2" #7 Beulah Platinum Spey..excellent fish and set-up

September 19th..some cooler weather coming in will certainly help any fish in the system, weware seeing lots of old Pinks coming in and a few Coho and Chinook mixed in...rain is get your rods ready and be safe...opening day soon

September 1st..Lots of Pinks about still and a  few Chinook coming in...for tteh Torut fisher a good bet is to go top water and get lots of action with big dry flies..maybe even a small Steelhead or Two..your best bet for crazy big fish action is the Lower River before these fish have to go through the snagging gauntlet

July 30th..Stupid numbers of fish and fishers..many snaggers are having a field day..but this year we may have to inspire the snagger to take lots of fish to reduce the insane numbers entering the spawning areas. Good areas to seek out are the fly fishing only areas and below the bridges near the Hwy 19 bridges

July 23rd...
Lots of fish throughout the system this year...willing biters..Blue flies are working well as well as Minnow Patterns...Puntledge is not doing as well as the Campbell...this might change before long

July are coming in very steadily...enjoy this bounty and respect other fishers of all colours!! With a few Steelhead about make sure to visually identify your fish before dispatch...retention regualtions are posted in the stores and on line/in the BC Synopsis

July 7th..2014...we have seen the first few fish (Pink Salmon)of the year entering the river...water levels are do get out to enjoy this wonderful bounty  and share the resource..before you kill a fish make sure it is a Pink Salmon...there are a few Summer Steelhead about and can be killed by mistake..

July 1st..all or most seem to be waiting for the Pinks to arrive in about 3 the meantime there are lots of nice Cutties milling about with the occassional Steelhead mixed in..these are summer fish and must be returned to the water

June 22nd..
Excellent Trout fishing at the moment...with the odd Steelhead taking a swipe at your Dry fly or Minnow Pattern..Salmon will not appear until well into late July

April 7th...2014...Dry fly time for these good rivers...
Both of these rivers hold some impressive trout willing to come to a big dry fly....and don't forget,the fry are beginning to come out...Minnow Patterns!

Feb 6th/2014...

We are seeing some nice trout being landed and a very fewSteelhead ...water is very cold but heights ok..once the water warms up we will see much more activity

November 7th...with large numbers of Chim coming in we are seeing dwindling numbers of Silver fish has been a great year for big Silver Chum on the Fly

October 16th...Wow..there are lots of very big Chum in the Puntledge this year and the Coho are not far will be interesting to see how many Coho show up to this system..looks low at the moment..there is a retention of 2 chum /day ..get them while they are silver..the Campbell is also full of fish..and the Quinsam has many fish about..there is a Coho rentention on the Quinsam..check regs posted ..I like small red Egg patterns for Coho on the Quinsam

October 10th..Lots of Chum and a  few Coho about..expect the big run any day and hang on..Silver Chum are great fighting fish

October 7th...
Water levels are quite high targeting the Coho is difficult in the Campbell..but the Quinsam is now open for retention..respect all anglers and keep only your limit..Puntledge River Coho numbers are still up in the air so make sure to release all Coho still until limits are determined..haven't seen the large number of Chum yet in the Puntledge..a great fishery

August 16th,2013...
Campbell River is on fire with Pinks and there are Chinook making their way into the system..big silver Chinook...Ryan from the store was out today and landed a very large silver Spring Salmon on his special UV Copper and Olive Spring fly..congrats

August10th, 2013...lots of Pinks in the system...these fiesty fish are currently very bity and on fire..very few Chinook about but soon

May 19th...The water levels are good on teh Campbell and high on teh Puntledge...lots of fry about in both systems....sea run cuttie fishing in the Campbell/Quinsam is good. And yes there are a few Steelhead about

March 2nd...a good time to get your fly rods and go after the few Steelhead about(Quinsam and Puntledge) and of course not be afraid to fish a bit more aggressively for the larger Trout and deep laying Steelhead..Fry are coming out now in small schools..this means predation!

Janaury 2,2013...we will be seeing many more Sea Run Cutties coming into the system...the Quinsam has a few Winter Steelhead mixed in..we see a bit of pressure there but not enough to stay away...I like large Orange Bunny leeches swung about the upper Island pool for Steelhead and Sea Run Cutties..also large Beaded Stone flies have a great result when finding the Trout

November 10th...Chum Chum and more Chum, we are having a year of Chum,although many Coho are mixed in..nows a good time to select the Coho out of the dying Chum numbers

October 25th 2012...
Lots of Chum and Coho in both Rivers...Puntledge is hot if you are into Chum on the fly..

September 5th...Yes we had a great Pink Salmon season on teh Campbell,this is proving to be a very significant economic engine for the area. There have been some nice Chinook also landed by fly fishers ..respect the regs and fiah

July 25th 2012..we are seeing a good number of Pink Salmon off the mouth of Oyster River slightly to thte north West to Salmon Point and to Saratoga Beach to the south/east..few fish have entered the river yet..also look for some excellent Cuttie fishing along the Kelp areas and in the lower river at high toides

July 18th..20q2
There are a few good spots to find Pink Salmon in CR ,we are expecting a strong run this year so make sure of teh regs for retention....the upper Island pool will be good as will be  behind Haig Browns home. If you need any T-14 come by the shop for some pre cut lengths..

June 15th,2012..Lots of Trout around,especially on the Lower Puntledge..and a few small Summer Steelhead..there are a few Chinook also in the system,make sure to release all chinook and Steelhead

MArch 26th..Water levels are still a bit high and temps low..lots of Cutties are in the system but laying quietly waiting for the fry to cause the spring chaos..there are also some spawned Steelhead about espscially in the Quinsam area...and upper reaches of the accessable Campbell

October 1st...
Chum,Coho and Chinook are all into these two systems..water is high in teh Campbell but fishable and the Puntledge is very fishable...have fun and watch for closures

August 25th..Lots of Pinks and a few for retention regulations

May 19th...
Cutthroat Fishing has been off  this year,but we are seeing a few Steelhead making their appearance this early,indicatirs are we will see early Pink Salmon as early as late June

April 16th..2011
It is time to get your fly rods out and seek some of those marvelous Yellow Bellies that hold these systems so dear. The Campbell has been producing nice Cutties all winter and will certainly produce more all through the times when Millions of Salmon Fry are making their way to the Salt Water estuaries. The Quinsam has been OK this year so far but not startling. Warmer conditions should change this in a hurry.

October 24th./2010
..Chum Chum Chum Chum and of course Coho all about...CR has some nice silver Chum in the Lower River as does the Puntledge...runs are smaller this year but are spreading out giving sport fishers a good shot at Sliver fish
Coho are also about and retention is a go in the Puntledge River
Water levels on the Campbell are still high but the fishing in the lower River is very good...there are fresh Chum and Coho in small numbers about...try large Intruders with plenty of flash to get some attention. The Puntledge River is just turning on with Silver Chum coming in with every tide...Purple and Red Intruders work fantastic on these great fighters.

Sept 24th...
Much water and many fish...Coho still haven't shown up in big numbers,,,some Chum are entering the lower reaches already..

Sept 14th....
many more Chinook have entered the river with a few Coho and Chum mixed in for excitement...if you want to get the Chinook to participate in a bite then you have to go big and colourful...try 1/3 package of Angel Hair tied as a large Minnow to get some attention

There are tons of Pinks still willing to bite in the Campbell,t hese fish are getting coloured up but are great fighters...the Male fish are likely to bite almost anything coming by their face..Large Chinook are also in good numbers near the Sandy pool,Bridge ,power line and up into the lower Island all areas but Sandy pool you really have to get DOWN!

August 25th &August 20th..
Many Pink Salmon throughout the system..some estimates are ridiculous nearing the 2,000,000 fish count. Chinook in good numbers are also present,hang on and try not to Snag on purpose...there is a retention of Chinook in the absolute lower reaches,make sure you check the regs

August 8th...July 16th..
Very strong run of Pink Salmon in the Campbell/Quinsam rivers ...there is an opening for retention this year 1 month early of 4 per day..try a Mickey Finn near the upper Island pools and hang on..don't bother to snag fish,they bite!
The Puntledge has some very good trout fishing at the moment,check for openings

July 9th...
As with some of the other waterways we are seeing a few Pink Salmon coming into the rivers early this season...last year we had a large Shrimp Bloom suspended above Vancouver Island keeping the Pink and Sockeye Salmon in that area until early August,this year is,get your sink tips ready and try a blue Coho Bugger for those Pink Salmon in Campbell River
,Minnow patterns also work well for these early fiesty fish!
SOme great fishing going on and will continue until July for Sea Run Cutthroat Trout...the Quinsam River is home to lots of Cutties at the moment...try just below where the Quinsam empties into the Campbell or the fast water below the upper Island Pool..
Green and White Llama Minnows are a sure bet fished with a sinking line

April 20th...Fry Fry Fry...time to get onto the waters for some good action...The Quinsam is producing nice Cutties as is the Campbell.

April 6th...with the recent rains and higher water the fry coming out will travel more quickly toward the the lower runs for good success

March 25th...
It's that time again...many fry making their way to the estuaries these days...the weather is grand and the water perfect...Little River and ,Quinsam<Oyster and all teh lower rivers will produce

March 4th..
The Upper Island Pool and the Quinsam are fishing very good at the moment...good numbers of Cutties are about and some very nice fish are being had...Yes...Minnow Patterns

Feb 25th...2010
This river has been fishing well all winter for Cutthroat Trout ,the Campbell,the Quinsam has had a few Steelhead and is being pounded daily by gear fishers...The Campbell around the upper Island Pool has been very hot of late

November 7th...
Campbell River has a good number of Bright Coho still coming in...try around the Upper ISland Pools..the fish in the Quinsam are getting a bit stale...not tons of Chum but some..
The Puntledge also had lots of Coho but these fish are getting very red...Chum aer still coming in with a few being below the Bridge ,the tides are significant...always

October 24th...
 Many chum and Coho about...the Puntledge river is now open for Coho retention...4 per day

October 14th...There are good numbers of fresh Chum coming into both Rivers already with the Puntledge showing silver Chum already...the lower River has been least until the higher waters have made fishing difficult...the Campbell is now getting bright fish below the safe and have funSept11th...With a liberal estimate of One Million Pink Salmon coming back into the Quinsam River there is no need to worry about sea lice a,d Ocean Survival with this particular run.What we look forward to is a Coho run of compatable size....Enjoy your time on these rivers and limit your catch. The Puntledge is currently filling up with some very silver Pink Salmon...Gartley point and Spindrift are sure bets in the morning.

Sept 5th...
With over 500,000 Pink Salmon in the Quinsam at this point and more to come we will see some problems with too many fish in a small creek..offer a hand if called upon. There are Coho and Chinook in the Campbell River and in good numbers..around the logging bridge you might even break your rod!

August 31..
 With more and more Chinook and Coho beginning to show up, there is going to be chaos with so many fish...the real problem will be the huge numbers of Pink Salmon in the Quinsam River,as reported already nearly 1/2 million...thats big... More water in the River will help disperse the numbers of fish so they can hold in their traditional lays.

August 28th..
 There is an abundance of Pink Salmon up and into the Fly Fishing only sections of the Campbell River...Please be careful in retaining fish...someone killed a big Steelhead the other day by mistake...

 PINKS PINKS PINKS...August 25... there are more than 200,000 PInk Salmon already past the counting fence on the Quinsam River... Some Coho and Chinook Salmon are aslo present...tight lines and respect all anglers;but not the poachers!

July 21st....
As of Yesterday there were very few Pinks in the Campbvell River...not enough to target yet but with such good tides and conditions they will be arriving soon. There have also been a few reports that the Summer Run Steelhead have also been showing up in small numbers. Lets hope that the anglers that hook into these recognize them for what they are and are kind to them

July 17th...
There are Pink Salmon in the Campbell now,numbers are getting better..There have been reports of a few Summer Run Steelhead in the Campbell and Quinsam...and some very nice Cutthroat Trout..a 4LB. Cuttie was landed there last week.

June 5th.......
Early Summer Freshet is upon us,the Trout fishing is spotty, where open...There should be some very nice Cutties in teh Campbell and Quinsam Rivers. Many Small fish are there and a nuisance at times. Expect Pink Salmon as early as Mid July in the Upper Campbell River's fly fishing only sections. 

December 3rd........Feb 10th
There are a few Nice Cutties and Winter Run Steelhead about in small numbers...the Quinsam has seen a few fish hooked and landed. The local river levels are on the Low side ,thus making Steelhead fishing  not a real issue,at least until the rivers get some water.

Winter season
The fishing generally is now considered to be over for the season on this great River System. However,there are some Summer Run Steelhead in the upper River near the damn and the Island pools. The Quinsam should also have some Steelhead and definitely some very nice Cutthroat Trout.  Try a Blue bead head Rolled might be surprised!
The Puntledge
simply had a spectacular Chum Year beginning in very early October and continuing into early November...By spectacular I mean these fish were very willing and more importantly SILVER!

There are still many bright Chum entering the Lower Puntledge River...go out and have some fun///....Purple has been the best coulour for sure..

October 21...

With so many Chum about these days it is hard to miss. the Puntledge River has been spectacular with SIlver Chum to 15 lbs...saw a few today brought into the bright Coho>>>Purple Marabou Intruders are the ticket.

Sept 30th...
The water was up a bit..released for the fish likely...but saw some very nice Coho in the Lower River already...many of the fish are holding in the deeper middle section...Chum should soon be making their way into the lower careful and do watch the regs...somebody landed a 4 lb Cutthroat on the Quinsam...

Sept 16th..
Fished the Campbell River today in several areas...saw fish at the Fly Fish only section but landed only a mature Pink...and saw several others landed. Fished behind Haig Brown's home and saw fresh Coho coming in and some new Chinook....Great Water conditions...the Sandy Pool is holding Chinook, Pinks and Coho...for the trout fisher don't forget about the great Cutties about.

The Pinks are basically done with a good run this year to entertain many folks..There are a good number of Chinook holding in the system...try around the Confluence of the Quinsam/Campbell...the Sandy Pool below the Logging bridge and at the Power Station pool around the Logs... Coho are also about and will only get better in the coming days..with reports of some very large fish coming in...

August 23rd..
 There have been Pinks in the system since Mid July and still some nice Bright fish coming in with every good tide. ALong with the Pinks are Coho and Chinook... The mouth of the Quinsam is a usual hot Spot for Coho and Pinks...the Upper ISland and lower Island Pools are also great bets for Fly Fsihers. The River has been maintained at low levels for good fishing. There is a retention of 4 Pinks /day ...choose wisely. Fast sinking tips and lines are the ticket...The Blue/Green Coho Bugger is a very hot fly not only for Pinks but also for Coho. Try the Sandy Pool for Chinook and below.