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April 10th,2011...
We had a Spey Casting Clinic and Demo on the Englishman River  ..the purpose was to demonstrate and enlighten participants to the benefits and simplicity of simple and concise maneuvers to get that distance you want without breaking the bank or your arms...costs was $90 for those participating in semi-private groups and of course we will start of with a show and discuss demo...please call the store for registration and details...250-757-2095

I am often asked "what do you need a Spey Rod for?"...the answer is really quite simple...."Function!"   Two handers don't have to be 16' long; today's small Switch Rods are 10'6" here's the booty ...Big flies,Big Winds,Big Water,Big trees in the way,Deep Pools,Big Fish,Big Lines and the list can continue......!

The use of a Two Hander is the most efficient and least compromising on my body!

The second most asked Question is," what rods  do you use?"

"Snowbee or Beulah" is typically my answer...sure I have so many others..but the Ones I can really trust are these Two. Not overpriced and answer my call everytime!

   This Picture is that of a very good friend...what you see is Focus, a big rod, Matching reel, large wild fish and confidence in  ability to play that big fish! The world of Spey Casting and fishing isn't about 18' rods and giant people to handle these tools,it's more about balance, rythm, and efficiency.  

Throughout  the following  pages on Spey Casting you will find much useful information in becoming proficient with the


It is on this page where I will put forth much effort with the hopes of assisting fellow Fly Fishers in becoming more comfortable with distance,accuracy,roll casts,Spey Casts and line maneuvers. The greatest achievement will be to have participants understand what it is they are actually trying to accomplish, and how simply efficient it can be!


A Simple Single handed  overhead cast..
To gently introduce you to what I consider the simplest fly casting stroke in the world ,is in fact very dificult!  "It can't be that Simple" I often hear sputtered.  Routinely the next word uttered is ":wow" . Most people think it is too difficult to be that simple. The fact of the matter ;it is that simple! One must consider that the line will respond to where it is directed! So,we try to create an even and constant plane where as the line travels  from what I call "zero" or 8 o:clock(the furthest out star), the rod tip is in the water. Gently accelerate from "Zero"  to 10 o:clock - increase speed/acceleration here(10 O:clock) as if shifting gears  to about 12:30 and stop the progress. Your rod tip should continue bending to a stop at about 2 o:clock. The line will be propelled in an upward direction and unfold nicely,enabling you to maneuver your forward stroke before the line drops below your rod tip due to inertia or lack of and gravity impact. Make sure that your casting strokes are the same speed on each side of 12 o:clock,and follow the straight line...the symbols below show the approximate "times!"
If you drop your rod tip below thes times you will be building very round loops that have no reason to propel,

         ................................................   *.....*............................................

                                   9                                           3             
         <<<<< *


So...Once you have decided to understand this simple casting stroke you are well on your way to understanding what a fly line cast is really all about.  It is this controlled acceleration that is the "Key to Success" in all fly casts either Single Handed or Two Handed(Spey)!