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September 14th...there have been spotty times when Chinook were storming in...US Smoke has cooled the air and teased the chinook to come in..still time to get you chinook from the beach

September 6th...
With the river still being warm and low most fish have not moved into the system...some have and it is fishable
September 1st..

Since Late August there have been holding Chinook off the edges at low tode...not many yet in the RIver...the water in the river is very warm and low..

October 1st..
Occassionally we see Coho off the beaches south of the Little Q along the beaches of Qualicum Beach and ths year we do...easy access and big fish are able

September 5th..yes the Chinook are here but so far in small groups...this will change with the cooler weather and a bit of rain...Way too many seals in this can retail fish here withing the allowed slot limits

August is big fish time in this great litte estuary

August is time to check for Pink and Chinook..likely by the 17th we will be seeing some springs

May20th...a few sea runs have been landed..tides are good and fish are happy

October...we are seeing Coho tot he North of the Little Qualicum
River mouth and along Judges Row,Hall Road,Eaglecrest,Columbia and French the Englishman River..get out there and have a good time...there are some clipped fish for retention

October 4th...we have been seeing some Coho but not in concentrations...although we would expect this to change after the thanksgving week-end..there have been Coho off French Creek and the mouth of the Englishman also in small numbers

September 27th...there are a few fish about but with such nice weather not seeing man...Coho numbers and Chum Numbers look promising..the chinook run is a good one

September 7th...we are seeing many fish moving in and out with the tides...a good number of fish have entered already with many more to come...low pressure and wet weather are helping to keep water cool ..not bad for a youngster below

August 16th..
A few Pink Salmon have been spotted ,most interest will be at seeing the Chinook Arrive off the beach here very soon...and yes a few are moving about all for the numbers of boats during the evening bites

July 26th...well...a deeo subject..there are a few smaller Chinok holding off the drop off..typical...but as August arrives and continues into mid month opportunities for Salmon ready with big flies for the Chinook and smaller Pink
Salmon flies because this system will ge a fair run of Pinks this year

There are a few Cutties about with incoming prepared though..some of these Trout are near 4 lbs...withing a couple of weeks we will begin seeing Chinook milling about in wait for the staging is an opportunity to cast to Chinook in the salt water

Sept 10th...good tides this week and a few winds have produced schools of fish hanging off the low tide drop off...many fish are moving into the river mouth  with some continuing into the river

August is time to chase the Chinook and Coho off the estuary..lots of fish in the deeper water and cruising past the river mouth during the tides..remember these are big fish..big Pink and whote Bucktail type flies is good

August 17th
There are Chinook already into the Little Q and a few chasing shiners off the beaches at low tide...

By the First of August we will be seeing some Pink Salmon boubcing about and a bit further our will be chinook salmon that will begin their Migration by late August

October 4th..this entire area seems to be the Hot area this season..some very big Coho off the Little q mixed in with incoming chum and staging chinook...French
 Creek is also showing signs of consistency

Sept..29th..Coho are again visiting our shores here and some fish are being caught...with the rains expected this week-end we will see more fish come in and become far Blue flies have worked the best
\Sept.22nd...there are lots of Coho and Chinook still holding off the mouth of the Little q ,many have gone into the River  yet the majority are yet to move up..A few Chum will change this once the serious rains begin
The Englishman is also showing a few Coho and Chinook about..not really a chinook river but does have a good Coho run we will once again see some good fishing opportunities off the French
 Creek south to Parksville shores

Sept.9th..Some Pinks and Chinook coming into the river...a few Coho have been spotted bouncing way out from the mouth of the Little Q..Englishman is very slow..during the rains last week there were good number sof Chinook moving into the river

august 27th...checked today for Chinook and Pink Salmon  but failed to see any..with the weather changing be prepared for some crazy fishing potential in the salt water areas

August 22nd...the estuary of the Little Q is showing a few Pinks and a few Chinook..still a bit ealry and if we listen to the DFO the fish have not come down yet..we will see..Englishman is very spotty with a few Pinks and a few cutties

August 15th...we have seen a few fish about..Chinook are beginning to stage with Pinks mixed in

July 25th..Not much about yet..just the odd Cuttie but within weeks we will be seeing Pinks and Chinook

June 25th...there are small schools of Sea Run cutties aboutlow tide has been good

November 4th..all but over..very few fish ok year in this onto targetting deep water for feeder chinook

October 20th..yes we are seeing some fish near the mouth of the Little Q all the way thru Hall Road,EagleCrest and on to the mouth of the French Creek and Englishman

October 10th..Fishing has been very spotty off the beaches near the Little Qualicum and into Qualicum beach...French Creek Marina area is producing many fish if you can get past all the people...many gear chuckers and inflatables about...also some very nice fish

September 28th..a few fish are showing near the Brant Lookout all the way to the mouth of the Englishman...French Creen marina area is showing fish

September 15th..I often overlook the reports for this jewell simply because I don't want to update here. There are a few Coho about and some in the River..although not many..still many chinook to come pushed in by the Chum..nasty weather estuary

July big fish about yet...a few Pinks will wonder in ..Torut fishing is moderately good
River itself is closed to all angling
April is now the time to wonder these great beachs for the mirauding Sea Trout...if you wonder why there are few reports it is because the fishing can be so good...make sure to have brown minnow patterns and Mickey finns...another good bet for this area is a polar bear minnow in green even chartreuse

2014..November 5th...Beach fishing is over in this area...a disappointing year for sure for so many...the early Coho season was good but did not sustain any length and numbers to target

The Beaches south of the Little Qualicum River mouth have been excellent options for tempting fish to bite...although tight lipped more than typical, efforts will pay off. Lots of fish being hooked on spoons so this might indicate to go to a bigger fly with quicker retrieves using flies with more flash and fishing a  bit deeper..again my best fly this season has been a Pink Epoxy Minnow about 2"long followed by a Purple  one, Charteuse or Coho Blue  coho Buggers have also be effective...and yes boats can get you to the fish..I have always done better by casting towards the shore than from shore

October 1st..lots of Coho about but not coming to close..teh mouth of the Little Q is a prime example of this...but the good news is that they will move all along the beaches of both sides of the river mouths..The French Creek area is showing this same scenario..those in inflatables and boats are doing ok..drop by to see the new Nile Creek Watermaster type boat,$1,050.00/3 in stock

September 26th..tides are fair for walking out to the best beach fishing along these estuaries...the Little Q is particularly intriguing with so many Chinook about and some Coho showing signs of wanting to come in...lets hope we see many coho of the Qualicum Beache hot spots

.September22nd...if you are willing to walk out to the estuary of this jewell you will be rewarded with many shots at big agressive Chinook Salmon waiting to come in...some rains have helped but not enough yet to raise the rivers.  try a big minnow pattern with a propeller on the front

September 1st...

If you are willing to wait out the tides and venture onto the Little Q estuary you might just be rewarded with shots at big incoming Chinook...a few fish are about...Chartreuse or Pink Small Bucktails might get the job the tides for safety

August 27th/'14...There are lots of Pink Salmon off the beaches in both estuaries..but the low water levels especially in the Little Q are keeping the fish from going in..the Englishman has many more in the lower River..Chinook are also waiting in the estuaries patient and prey for heavy rains..

August 14th/'14... A few Pink Salmon havae entered the river  likely being pushed in by the cruising Chinook Salmon that have just shown up outside the Gravel fishers use big Chartreuse Minnow patterns for limited success..and hang on

2014 will bring inshore abundance to we fly fishers ..expectations are awesome for these little date thought eh Cutthroat Trout fishing hasn't been good. We are seeing so many seals that survival is not high on Natures want list for Trout. Although inside the rivers themselves we have seen impressive sized and number of  Trout for the past several years...
AS of June 22nd..not much to be seen


October 27th/2013...Fishing off the local hot spots is very good..although seems to be thinning a bit..Rivers are very low so likely many fish are holding off the beach areas...there are some plus 20 lb fish out there

September 30th 2013...Lots of Chinook and Chum off the northern side of the river mouth...recent high waters have moved lots of fish into the river..but the Chm and Coho really haven't yet shown up

June 28th/2013...we are seeing lots of Blue back activity this spring and early summer..lets keep our fingers crossed..the Trout fishing is good off San Periel and towards rathtrevor beach..Mickey Finn patterns are always a good bet in this area.

March 3rd,2013..the herring are at it again and so are the commercial fishing boats.,this is a real time to witness the total chaos of nature with Human interferranceShould we be harvesting Herring just for the Roe? should we not leave that abundance to support our much saught after Salmon typically with translate into better fishing. Note the over fed Sea Lions bunched up in large pods floating about on their sides with Only One flipper raised into the air...there are liteally thousands of these monsterous creatures about ..the second Picture tells a slightly different tale,the pre-commercial inspection of numbers of Herring about to re-produce and turn the waters almost Glacial  with Sperm to mix in with the billions of eggs dropped...this of course triggers humans to get tehor commercial nets out to rape the indicated by the numbers of boats racing about Qualicum Beach's shoreline. In several days none will be seen..all thats left will be the washed ashore eggs and the thousands of sea Gulls that shit on local rooves and hang off the shoreline,all the while being a target for the many Bald eagles watching their prey very patiently..a sight to see!

November 12th...lots of Chum out there with some silver Coho mixed in...try the absolute mouth of the Little Q and be rewarded! 
Be cautious of the Sea Lions

October 24th...most of the fish are not schooling but coming into the local rivers mixed in with the chum ...I have seen the commercial boats about recently so there may be a commercial opening again this year...Fish holding off French Creek are a bit zipper mouthed but iwill take...try a large Pink Polar Bear Minnow for results...near the Mouth of the Englishman is also good...Low tide today had many fish hovering about

October 3rd..tides are excellent after this  full moon..lots of Big Coho jumping off the mouth of the Little Q and south to Qualicum Beach...Judges Row,Colunbia Beach ,French Creek all the way to the Englishman

Sept 23rd...This is a good time to get your gear out after Coho off the beaches at Qualicum beach..north of the Brant Look-out..some large Coho about..with the recent high suns  they have been off but today the skies are cloudy and that is a good thing

September 19th..Lots of Coho off the Beaches to the North of Parksville in the point area near French Creek..some of the spoon fishers are doing well and those in their boats...many jumpers..I like large Minnow patterns here..some like small Coho Buggers..take your pick..they both work well...retention only for clipped fish; there are also some Coho to the south of the Little Q estuary near Qualicum BEach...check these out at High Tides for best success.

Sept 5th,2012...water conditions in the local streams is too warm keeping the big fish in teh estuaries...and we are about to see incoming Coho mix in ...for Trout Fishers ther are some real big Cutties about

August is the time to get your running shoes on and get to the estuary of the Littlte Q..some Chinook are staging and Pinks are entering the lower river in good numbers..with the river being so low they will hold and only continue to increase in numbers..

July 5th..2012..Sea Run Fishing has been excellent off the estuary front...all teh way to Grandon Creek..Evenings have been best. Minnow Patterns like the Bead Head Muddler in several colours and of course the ever popular Polar Bear Minnow patterns in Light Green adn Mickey Finn colours..

April 2012...Sea Run Cutthroat fishing is good all along these beaches well into June...soft patterns are your best bet...

OCtober 23rd..
Still plenty of fish from French Creek to the Englishman estuary...lots of Coho and Chum

October 1st..
Once again we are seeing good numbers of Coho bouncing  about on all the beaches from the Little Qualicum in Qualicum Beach  thru <Columbia Beach,Eaglecrest,French Creek,Parksville Beach and the estuary of the Englishman River. Nanoose Bay has seen a few fish arrive within the last few days....check out the Chartreuse Coho Bugger with the hackle unwrapped from this ,the second fish of the evening 
There are lots of big fish milling about these days and moving into the system with every tide. Recent cooling weather and a few drops of rain have triggered mother nature's needs to enter the fresh water..

Sept 3rd..
Now is the time to seek those giant Salmon off the mouth of the Little Q...this is a very special fishery that can last several weeks for those willing to walk the river for the the tides for best success...not many fish have entered the River yet 

August 24th...
Construction is basically over now  on the Little Qualicum River Bridge in Qualicum BEach,so many of us are in wait for the large Chinook now milling about the mouth of the River...there are also some Pink Salmon making their way up River which is typical for now. Trout fishing is fair with some very large Cutties being caught

August 10th...
 Construction near the bridge to divert the flow of the Little Q to a less damaging arangement hasn't deterred fly fishers from having good success...Chinook should be entering this great little system by the end of August .
Good trout fishing at the moment in the middle of the system..This is not a Pink Salmon river although tehre are a few fish every year that do spawn in the lower reaches of the little Q. The Englishman is also a bit late ...few fish have been seen in the River(Pinks),the estuary is showing signs of fresh fish at Daylight but not enough to target effectively..expect to see larger numbers bu weeks end

Sea Run Cutthroat Trout fishing has been very good this season all along the estuaries,especially the Little "Q" area...some very nice Trout in the 4-5 lb. range have n\been landed. Very fe wof these are clipped fish so "no Retention"...we will soon be seeing the big Chinook making a nuisance of them selves off the tide lines.on their way into the Estuaries and close enough to safe and watch not to get stuck on the incoming tides.

June 15th...
Most of the Cutties have evacuated the Rivers at the moment and are having a good old time along the estuaries...rumours of a few Blue Back and even Pink Salmon have been making their way to sources...a bit early I might say ,likely fish on their way South...Full moon on Friday...look for Pink Salmon about the 8th of July

June 15th...
Fly Fishing off these areas has been very good for cutties,heavy water flows coming out of the rivers has hampered access a bit...Brown and White Polar Bear Minnows is still a good bet,,,

May 19th...
Fry counts are increasing everyday,water conditions are becoming ideal for Cuttie fishing,we are evenseeing some black ant hatches developing...get your fry patterns ready

April 16th 2011..
There are now some small schools of Salmon fry making their way into the estuaries...Cutthroat Trout fishing is about to get much better. Watch for air temperatures to reach 18 C and then get out there!

SOme schools of fish are about Fench Creek and the points near Parksville Bay...with the recent rains we can expect these fish to disappear soon...but there are still several weeks of possibilities for Bright Coho off the Beaches.

Yes there are still very good numbers of Coho and CHum mixed in from teh Little Q estuary all the way to the Englishman River estuary...Parksville Bay has very good numbers of fish that have been holding and have been very accessable for weeks as has French Creek areas.

 Oct 5TH...
Both sides of the Little Q estuary,Grandon Creek,Hall road,Eaglecrest, French Creek,Columbia Beach, parksville bay...Coho are there in good numbers   using a boat might help,your best chances are in the AM and High ZTides.

Sept 15th...
There ar a few Coho off the mouth of the Little Q and all the way along to the Hall Road the tides ...big minnow patterns

Sept 14th...
Intercepting migrating fish is always fun, especially in this system..before the Chum arrive make sure you walk the lower River to the estuary and cast big and Bright Black Marabou flies to get some attention...  the same applies to the lower Englishman

The big fish are entering the River for the past few major pushes but enough to for Poachers and report safely. In recent years we have seen poachers confront fly fishers with aggression...take pictures and report..above enjoy this bounty...I like to use large Bunny leeches to get them tempted to strike..not too much flash..if you want you can put various colour collars on these flies...other good choices are colourful traditional salmon flies tied on Salmon Hooks ......another good option in fly choice is to use a medium size Salmon hook that has been tied with Flesh Coloured Marabou and Bead Chisn..this seems to be a natural item present to Chinook in fresh water..and of course Egg Patterns are always a good choice...simple patterns that entice a strike,especially from what we call Jack Chinook.

August 25th..still waiting  for the big fish to enter the rivers..August 20th..
There are good numbers of Chinook prowling about the estuaries of these rivers about to enter the frsh water.I looked last evening and saw no big fish yet in the River.soon...come by to get your hands on the hot flies and some much needed heavy weight fly rods

August 16th..
Fishing has been good in the Estuaries and to Rathtrevor Park especially in the Mornings...Chinook are now showing off teh Littel Qualicum so we will soon not only see big fish in the River but we will also see the much appreciated Cutthroat Trout slurping eggs.

August 7th/....
Since the Little Qualicum is not known as a Pink Salmon system it might be surprising to many people to know that there are Pinks about...especially in the lower river below the Bridge, a few trickle in and work their way to the Rock pool and the Trestle Pool..not surprising though there are some big schools of fish moving about in the Rathtrevor and Englishman estuaries. SOme Pink Salmon have moved up into the lower River reaches,  expect to see some Chinook within 2 weeks also in the Lower Pools...If you are targeting Sea Run Cutties try Dry Flies and Minnow Patetrns..double Bead Nymphs in the deeper pools

July 16th
There have been a few Pink Salmon showing up off the estuarie at the Englishman...night has been the best so far,as the weeks progress we will see more fish appearing..make sure you identify the Pink Salmon,there are a good number of Juvinile Coho about again this year and must be returned to the water ..ALIVE!

July 7th...
As usual ther are some nice trout near grandon creek and Beach Creek.. Don't be a bit shy to wonder along the rocky areas.
Walking to the mouth of the Little Q is a bit far but the rewards can be worth the work. Some very nice Cutties hang about this area and has been  a hot spot for the tides though,some of the gravel bars can be deceivingly deep..and yes minnow patterns and a bit of a twist is to use some egg sucking leech patterns
June 15th..
Good times at Rathtrevor area to the Mouth of the Englishman...lots of fry about and some might fine Cutties spooking these fry

June 5th...
As with most of the local beaches there are some nice Cutties all about..these fish will hang in these parts until the Big Salmon chase them into the Rivers in Late July and August...Hall Road,Grandon Creek,Beach Creek,French Creek,Columbia Beach ,Eaglecrest...all good haunts

For those interested in Exercise the effort is worth it...big Cutties off the mouth of the Lillte Q,and of course off Sam Pariel..some blue backs have already been seen...

April 20th....
If you have the energy try walking to the mouth of the Little Q along the beaches during High tides and you will be rewarded with some very nice fish...this year we are going to see some great numbers and good size fish...access is simple off Shoreline road,park near the A frame....or walk down the River and have to try the new Strawberry Brown Polar Bear Minnows...very nice

Some nice trout about especially on the tide change and slight outgoing...try at the mouth of the Little Q and Englishman

MARCH 25th...March 16...Some very nice fish about...nobody fishing them...!!
...the Seals are still here but the Herring eggs are disipating and the fry are migrating

Feb 25th...
Fry are exiting the streams and there are a few Cutties off the beaches but fishing is hampered by the many Sea Lions about and the millions of Herring waiting to mid March things will be in full swing..minnow patterns minnow patterns   minnow patterns

February 1st 2010..
The Salmon fry are beginng there annual exodus to the salt is time to get out the fly rod and tempt the Sea Run Cutthroat that are staging for this feast..

December 1st./2009..Beach Season is over...

November 9th...
Both estuaries are receiving much flood waters from these rivers...many dead chum and Chinook are washing out into the salt waters...I wonder why we never target halibut in these flats??

October 19th.....MAny fish about off the beaches all the way to French diligent and watch for these great fish off the creek mouths...Try Grandon Creek ,Hall Road, Columbia Beach,Kincade road,EagleCrest even in Parksville Bay..

Sept 11th.....
Many fish to be had allong these estuaries...Chinook...a few Coho as well.a few broken rods have surprisingly(not really) appeared in teh last few these fish on the reel...! less expensive.

Sept 4th..
Lots of Big Fish still holding in the Estuary but a few now moving into the River with the Low Pressure and the Full Moon...Cutthroat Torut Fishing has been good because of the lack of Salmon in the Little Q...and some very nice sized fish

August 28th...
A few Chinook and Coho have entered the Little Q with some Pinks...but don't expect huge numbers for cooler water conditions and a bit of rain...Many of these large fish are holding near the gravel bars at the mouth of the Little Q ...have fun and watch the otters...7 or 8 swinning about waiting for lunch.

August 12th.....
Pinks are off San Pariel, a few Coho  have been seen and the trout are also here in fair numbers...the Rivers need water...
Many Chinook have been caught off the mouth of the Little Q as far as 3 weeks ago..
Should be a good year

July 15th...
Cuttie fishing is still fair off the beaches...not many  Blue Backs seen this year...

July 8th...
Cuttie fishing has been good off the mouth of the Little Q ,all along the beaches toward  town...Flood tides are the best

June 5th    2009  ...
Cutties are about and rarely fished...some of the largest Cutties on the coast roam these great beaches...but be careful if you wonder too far out onto the Gravel Bars...Tides can make getting back  difficult.
There have been some Bluebacks roaming off the mouth of the Englishman...this is normal for these waters,the bonus is that these fish can be hooked on the fly...often producing Cutties in the 2-3 lb. range
You can fish all the way to Craig Bay and have a blast or the other way to the point off Parksville

December 24th/2008...Closed for the winter!
although there are Cutthroat Trout about in small numbers.

Oct 4....
The Englishman beach is producing as is Columbia Beach and French Creek. ...Qualicum Beach as well is showing fish off the Brant Lookout and Kincade Road...Small Green is still the best...Coho Buggers, Small minnow patterns...and there are good numbers of clipped fish about

Sept 30...
Ther are fish in Qualicum Beach at the Shady Rest /Brant lookout  area, Judges Row and Eagle Crest...also look at the Columbia Beach /French Creek  hot spots. San Pareil/Englishman estuary are also showing some very nice and agressive fish...saw some fish on the north side of the resort area in Parksville....keep an eye on Craig Bay too. GREEN

Sept 15th..

The time is upon us to keep our Eyes peeled...there are Chinook off the beach and a few Coho...

Sept 10th....
There have been a few Coho Spotted off McFeeley..not really worth targetting yet..soon we would say.

Chinook have been hanging about the estuaries of both rivers and are catchable from might also get into a few Coho and Pinks ...

August 16...
The annual arrival of Chinook Salmon off the rive mouths is upon us...there ar a few Pinks in the Rivers and a few Chinook have come in ...for the Trout Fisher fishing is good...Salt and Fresh.

August 10...

There are a few Chinook about and Pinks...some BlueBacks have been spotted near Parksville and that is typical for that area at this time of year. Cutthroat are still about in good numbers...enough to target with Dry Flies and Minnow Patterns.

July 27th...
 There are good numbers of Cutties at High Tide off the mouth of the LIttle Q all along the gravel bars. Chinook are begining to  mill about and the boat guys are getting a few nice fish...try these on a fly during an almost High Tide...
Blue Backs appear in the Englishman Estuary by late June in small numbers...but catchable off the Pinks until late
July 5th...   Still some nice cutties about