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Every year we wait frantically for the Coho to show up off the Oyster Estuary,typically in Late August through late October we see many large fish jumping about waiting for our fly(so we think!) This year -2014- is lookng good for we fly fishers///indeed

September 14th...yes there are Coho about...some north of the River Mouth and a few at Black Creek.Surprisingly some with Lock Jaw they have been around for a while..very poor Pink Year here

July21st...there are good numbers of Pinks showing just to the South of the mouth of the oyster river...socially distance


October 1st...not as many fish this years yet so it seems..but if you work at it the rewards are very kind.

September 18th...a very noce Hatchery Coho today at Saratoga Beach

September 5th...we are seeing some Jacks jumping around...there will be larger Coho very soon

August 15th..lots of fish have shown up...evenings have been very good with excellent tides

August 10th...more fish are showing up just north of the River mouth..some big fish about

August 3rd..
We are finally seeing enough fish to target...the high tides have been good but lots of weeds around..

July 28th..still a bit too early

July 3rd...too early for Pink Salmon ...there has been some very good fishing for Sea Run
 Cutthroat Trout since April...Pinks should arrive by the end of the month

2018...October 16th..with such fine weather the many coho in these areas are hanging on before entering the Black Creek...altough Oyster River has many fish entering daily...

September 27th...recent nice weather has made beach fishing difficult for shore fishers //these beaches are very sandy and don't offer much structure for staging fish...those using inflatables are doing much better because they can reach deeper holding fish

September 1st  many fly fishers have been having fun lately north of the Oyster to Salmon Point with Pink Salmon..Coho are just around the corner

August 16th...although the some of the fish are colouring up there are some bright fish mixed is good at high Coho yet 

July 30th...a few more have arrived and are being caught..just North of the river mouth is a good bet and the marina exit
July 26th...we have seen a few fish entering the Oyster..not many congregated about the mouth yet...but with every rising tide we will see more

July 8th.,,lots of cutties off the beach during the high tides and some very nice fish at that...although many have moved into the river...Pink will show up by months end

2017..October 23rd...we see many fish still bouncing about at high tide..many jacks did go into Black Creek with the recent rains and many fish holding in the marina area have moved into the Oyster river

October 12th..
Many fish are entering the rivers close by but more are coming along the beaches...make sure to not overlook 2' Epoxy Minnows..Coho are opportunists and will react quickly to these Prey

October 4th..lots of schools are streaming by all usual points with many gathering off the deer farm and Miracle Beach..Red Coho Buggers have been the hot fly of late and not unusual

Sept27th..we are seeing some nice schools of Coho all along the beaches from Salmon Point thru Miracle Beach...Saratoga is fishing fair at the moment

Sept coho seen yet to speak of...a few..still Pinks roaming about
August 22nd...yes there are schools busting the river mouth and shore line
AUGUST 17th...
There are some nice schools of Pinks milling about..the higher tides are better north of the Oyster and into the mouth at high tide

August 11th...small groups of Pinks are showing up at the mouth and to the north as usual this time of year
August 7th..there are small pods of fish milling about that are very willing biters...towards Salmon Point is a good bet
August 3rd..We have seen a few fish bouncing around the kelp beds to the north of the river mouth..only a matter of time
July 31st..No
Fish have been spotted yet but any day now with Pinks entering Campbell river now we will see them soon along these beaches
July 15th..some nice trout pinks salmon yet

May 4th...saw a couple of fish and one at  my feet but not co-operating still

Oct.4th...windy conditions have made casting tough but hit the high tides for best results...near Black Creek is good

September has been spotty..lots of fish were is an issue
September 22nd..yes we are seeing very nice schools of Coho and a Few chum about...good opportunities from Oyster Bay to Miracle Beach..and some very big Coho this year..although I would expect the numbers tp be on the low side

September 15th...A very few Coho still off the beach..with incoming nasty weather we will see many more

Sept. 9th...looks like the Pinks are gone up...there have been very few Coho so far..but that will soon change if there are numbers the wild fish retained

August 27th...still the schools of Pink
 Salmon seem to not want to participate with fly anglers,,,lots of fish about..there have been a couple of Coho hooked into so it will be a short time before this exciting time begins here..rains are a coming!

August 15th...Like most beach areas along the east side of the Island the fishing has been spotty..lots of fish about but tight lipped...low light periods and tide changes are best

August 12th..some big schools of Pink
 Salmon have been about with lucky fishers getting their limits..of course many fish have gone into Oyster for their final journey

July 28th...we are seeing the first signs of Pink
 Salmon off the beaches this week..lots have gone into the river but we hope the oxygen levels will sustain the early fish

June 28th...with anticipation we are all waiting for the Salmon to show up but don't overlook this great area for some awesome Sea Run Cutthrot Trout fishing off the shoreline

November 1st..the season here is over although we are still seeing bright fish entering directly into the River..lots of Chum mixed in..this is really all possible to the efforts of the Oyster River Enhancement society..thank you

October 18th..Lots of big fish wandering at the mouth of Black Creek and the Oyster

October 8th..lots of fish going into the Oyter and Black Creek..but still lots off Saratoga Beach...much rain and wind forecast for the week-end...use large epoxy flies in Red or Pink

September 25th...although the weather has been windy and rainy there are lots of fish milling and holding off Saratoga to Salmon Point..try the Cathys Coat also an Orange Weigh Wester

September 15th..Finally we are seeing a few Coho jumping near Black Creek and to the north near Salmon is worth the look

Sept 1st..
lots of Pinks have gone up the Oyster makin way for the coho that will make their presence known within ready with a long,strong fly rod matched with an excellent line and reel

August 21st...lots of fish all along the Coho yet

August 10th..Lots of fish about..just getting them to bite and managing the right tides...larger Pink Fuzzies are good here,also a Blue Handle Bar with Fl. Yellow head is working well

July 25th...saw a few fish  north of the river mouth this afternoon on the incoming tide..

July 22nd..some fish were seen near the light house north of the mouth of the Oyster,any day now we will be seeing big schools
...July 15th..there have only been a few fish seen so far..but expect that to change quickly after the week-end..Cutthroat trout fishing is good at the moment
May 27th...
all along this coast line near the Oyster we are seeing some nice Cutties being landed and hooked into..try a bead head Rolled Muddler or a large Dry Fly such as a Stimulator or Turks Tarntulla

November 1st...all but over,,most fish have entered the systems or are wondering about and will find their way

October 16th..Oyster BAy near the Driftwood restaurant  has been good as has the beaches just to the south..>Salmon Point to the River mouth is spotty...Saratoga Beach all teh way to Black Creek is the hot spot and off the Miracle Beach area is also good..large epoxy flies are the real deal therre..lots of fish being hooked with soppns so up size with flash..Pink,Red<Purple and Chartreuse are the main course

October2nd..yes get out here,we are seeing many more fish coming in from both sides of the oyster all teh way to Miracle Beach

September 26th..again reports a re abit sketchy but there have been some fish landed at Saratoga and the mouth of Black Creek,of course Salmon Point will be producing especially when these winds subside...apparently north of Salmon Point has also been producing near the Rest Stop

September 22nd...AWE,,they are here  ,,,inch long Coho Buggers in Chartreuse and Coho Blue

September 17th...some Coho about with the high tides...if you can get to them before the winds are too heavy

August 27th
,...If Pink Salmon are your target then you might want to visit these shores..lots of fish mixed in amongst the Kelp beds to the North Of the Mouth of the Oyster,,,Coho soon I am sure

August 22nd..Lots of Pinks about willing to intercept your Handlebar  in Pink, Green or Blue...also ttry a few Minnow Patterns ,also some big Cutties prowling about..soon we will see a few Coho showing their mugs

August 20th... As typical the hordes of fish are choosy and havae  great degrees of Lock Jaw..Low tides have been the best..a few Coho have been spotted

August10th..lots of pinks showing up...all along the beaches...

July 22nd...still very few Pinks about..this should change shortly with the weather change and high tides...Morning is of course the best bet

July 1st...
Some very nice Sea Run Cutties Pinks yet but a few Chinook milling about  especially at High Low tide try some large Minnow patterns in the 6" range and hang on if you reach the fish!

.June 22/2014..
We are seeing some good numbers of Cutthroat Trout  still chasing fry along the inshore Kelp bedds just norht of the Oyster River Mouth...also look south along the Black Creek Estuary and ven more south near Miracle Beach beaches. Pink Salmon will arrive off the shores likely nearing the Middle  to end of July


October 27th/2013...we are seeing a thinning down of numbers in what we can say was a stellar year for beach fishing in the area..however,it's not over yet..keep on fishing until at least Mid November

October 15th..still lots of fish about Salmon Point and Saratoga Beach...many fish ar edestined for either the Oyster or water sytems south of the has been really nice with no rain..this will hold fish off the rivers until we see substantial rainfall

October 7th...There are lots of big Coho off the beaches from Saratoga thru Miracle Beach...although numbers are not as strong as before the Rains  they are still storng. Weather patterns have improved for the next week plus...this time of year I particularily like the Kathy's Coat in a size 6 and the Blue Coho Bugger with Chartreuse bead head in a size #6

September 27th....As this picture shows there are plenty of Big Coho both north and south of the Oyster River mouth,Saratoga and Black Creek have been producing big fish using Chartreuse Clauser minnows and Cathy's Coat

September 18th..there has been steady fishing for Coho off the Salmon Point and middle beach areas  for the past few days...Silver or red Coho Buggers have been getting the deed done in sizes 6 and 8...this areas fishery is more of a sport fishery ..there are few Clipped fish for retention..likely about 10%

August 2013.. has been a good time on the Oyster Estuary from Oyster bay to Miracle Beach..there are a few Coho being seen and will certainly be here in good number soon

July 18th...2013,,,we are all waiting for the fish to show up in good numbers...only a few have entered the inner tidal regions so far...and a few went up the river with the high tides...

November 12th,2012...most of the fish have gone into the local rivers yet we will see Coho all the way into late December...if you can spend a bit of time close to the river mouths for a reward..

October 24th...There are still fish mingling about ...some big fish are still to be had...try early mornings for good bets...also,increase the speed of your retreive

October 2nd..after a week away is is very pleasing to see and hear of so  many bright fish bouncing about...make sure to try some large Minnow patterns

September is that toime of year to see the Jumpers and go after them..lots of Coho about..but stay with the tides...try some Coho Buggers with Blue and small blue beadheads...might surprise you..small chartreuse buggers(Neils)...and of course you will again hear me say "Kathy's Coat"
September 5th,2012..there were good numbers of Fresh willing Coho today off the beaches near Salmon Point..we can expect many fish in the coming weeks..make sure you have your Kathy's Coats and Large Chartreuse Coho Buggers ready

August 23rd..lots of fish about..especially on teh north side of the river...a few Coho have been spotted and several landed..still a bit early..check out the mud flats just north of the rest stop

August 10th,2012..lots of fish now to be had..especially between Salmon Point and the oyster river mouth...The Blue Green minnow pattern and the bead Head Muddler are the Ticket..of course the yellow head handle bar is on the menu.

August 2nd..Lots more fish showing up the past few has been best closer to Salmon Point this year so far...Shrimp patterns are working well as are minnow patterns like the Cathy's Coat..and of course the Fl.Yellow bead head handlebar

July 28th..2012..Estuary fishing has been very slow here,try along the beach at Saratoga and just north of the Oyster River mouth...some fish have been caught at Oyster BAy in the Mud Flats at high tides..

July 25th for the flood and slightly falling tide..good numbers of fish are roaming along the Kelp  beds to the north of the river mouth and also along the Saratoga Beach Area...High Tide at the River mouth can be excellent..try using a pink handle bar with a small bead chain head  drressed with a Fl Pink Hackle collar or Pink Fuzzy

July 5th..2012..Cuttie fishing is very excellent at the moment,with teh Oyster River being so High we might see any Pink Salmon arriving early this year again heading directly into the the Kelp Beds to the west and the sandy bay to the south for Cutties and early Pinks..although we don't expect any pinks until about the 21st..

June 27th..2012..With reports of Pinks coming this way we xcan expect to see fish within the month;likely by the middle of July..make sure oyu ar ewell prepared and ready for the madness..

MArch 25 th 2012...
COnditions are good for beach cutties again...get out during the sunny times for some good sction

October 23rd..
This years Coho fishery has been good..there are still good numbers of Coho about including Black Creek,Miracle Beach and north of the Oyster River mouth...few hatchery  fish to be had...remember .this fishery extends well into November

October 1st..
A Month has passed  so quickly,there has been plenty of Coho action along these beaches ,although in the past few days with the rains some fish have gone into the Oyster,but many more to come..>Saratoga Beach is now seing maturing fish hang around for entry into Black Creek and a few of the streams along the Miracle Beach water shed. The best colour for me has been a combination of Pink/Orange in both Coho Buggers and Shrimp Patterns like the Weigh Wester

bySept 12th..
There are still good numbers of Pinks coming into the Oyster mixed in are a few Coho...the Coho are now about in fishable numbers  although holding a fair distance off the shoreline...don't forget to get your small two handers out to make the job a bit easier..

Sept 4t...
Pink Salmon fishing hasn't been stellar this year.likely the high waters of the Oyster River has contributed ...a few Coho are about  with better numbers expected soon...we should see some big fish this year when tehy do show up...watcht eh Balck Creek Area as usual 
August 24th..
Many of the Pink Salmon have filtered directly into the River since the water level is so high, ALthought ehre is some good fishing to the north of the river mouth in teh Kelp Bed area all teh way to Salmon Point...also look in on Oyster Bay above the rest stop at High Tides...some Coho have been seen and will soon be available to fly fishers..

August 10th..
There are many more Pinks showing off the kelp beds and north towards Salmon Point...Late Afternoon tides have been good at the mouth of the the varying Gravel build-ups if wading deep and don't get caught unaware

August 5th..
Many more fish are being seen and a few caught at the high and low tides...the Kelp Bed near the mouth on teh north side has been holding large schools fo fish over teh past few days all the way to Oyster Bay near the Rest Stop

July 29th..
Some small schools have been spotted at high tide near the Poles and mouth of the River, a few fish have entered the River with this higher water...don't overlook Miracle Beach
There are a few Pinks already in the Oyster River.the high water might send these Pinks up Low Tides around the Kelp Beds..

July 8th...
Nothing appearing off the kelp beds yet...although there have been a few fish caught (Pinks) off Salmon deep waters...anytime after mid month should produce some good numbers of fish..
June 28th...
Even the Cuttie fishing is off at the moment,no Pinks showing yet,likely by Mid July...the hot spot has been (for cutties) Miracle BEach near Black Creek and along Seaview Road...look for structure and high tide

Water temperatures are still a bit off,fry are trickling out of all local streams,but the cutties are  not co-operating...especially considering that they have had a late spawn themselves this spring,, Local Rivers are now showing sings of Spring Runoff,be careful

There are some fish about but these fish are very coloured and not holding too much...the High Tides are moving fish well into the fresh waters so we can expect to see them safely in Spawn Mode

October 24th..
Miracle Beach,Black Creek,Saratooga,Oyster Bay Oyster extuary all have good numbers of fish still ,some fresh fish will be entering these waters all teh way through November,but the weather conditions will play the largest roll in availability...Shrimp Patterns and Coho Buggers in a Green or Blue will seal the deal

Plenty of fish still about..although Miracle Beach hasn't had too many...Balck Creek and Salmon POint areas have been good as well as up into Oyster Bay itself across from the Driftwood Restaurant.

There are good numbers of Coho about , work the tides and make sure as always you have a good selection of Cathy's Coats on hand...another bet is the green bead head Coho Bugger

Sept 14th...
Still no large schools showing but many jumpers were seen over the week-end near Miracle Beach and the Estuary at Black Creek...only a matter of time...keep the inventory of Cathy's Coats in good shape! there are plenty of Shrimp about this year

Sept 10th...
A few fish have been landed off Salmon Point and near Black the weather cools we should see more fish

For some reason fishing off this area has not been great this year...there has been a few days of great fishing with many more poor ones...Pinks have been holding at Miracle Beach which might mean the Coho will do the same...a few Coho have been taken off the Kelp beds north of the Oyster River estuary..once teh weather cools we will see the real deal with the Coho fishing..

August 25th...the fishing has still been poor around the mouth of the Oyster,check Miracle Beach  and south of the park...some Coho have been spotted and plenty of Pinks are holding around the stream mouths off  Sea View Road

August 20th..
Surprisingly  the Pink Salmon fishery this season has only be far,I would suspect that the Coho Fishing will be much better. There are good numbers of Coho now being caught off Cape Mudge and over the Hump, this usually signals approaching Coho off Salmon point by Early September.

August 16th...
Fishing is fair off the mouth of the Oyster,if you find the schools you will have a good time...try a Blue Handle Bar or a Blue Coho Bugger for really good results...the numbers of fish seem to be low this year but many might have already moved into teh River system because of good water levels from Snow Melt
August 7th...
Surprisingly the fishing at the Mouth of the Oyster River isn't all that might be an off year for that system. That is definitely a different report than the Campbell River area itself that is absolutely jambed full of fish! Reports of a few Coho are trickling in ,and it is that time to see these jumpers about

July 16th..
Yes there are a few fish showing up,try the morning tides at the River mouth and the point to the north of the river...

July 8th...
Trout fishing has been fair off the esturaies for the past few weeks...juvinile Coho have been caught lately ,although this is a normal trend for Blue Backs...Pink Salmon in small schools  are likely holding a fair distance out and will trickle in over the next few weeks,and not surprisingly some of the gear fishers off their boats have been getting a few Pinks and even good size Coho

June with Kitty Coleman,Miracle Beach,Black Creek and all teh kelp beds are showing good numbers of reachable Cutties...try the Oyster Bay area off the Rest Stop  ,this is a great Cuttie Haunt and these flats are easy to fish...definitely minnow patterns...

Kitty Coleman is still hot as is Miracle Beach around the creek mouths and off Black Creek

April 20th..
Some nice fish have been landed just up from the point at the Oyster and Miracle beach at the creek mouths...Try Kitty Coleman beachs as well...
Once these winds got down fishing will be very good...the weather is warming up and the winds changing direction..
Try some big Shrimp patterns near the Kep Beds

MARCH 25TH...March 16th.../2010
Well,there are finally some very impressive numbers of Cutties hanging off the estuarie near Pacific Playground and into the River itself...Miracle Beach along the creek mouths and Black Creek are hot spots...If you are in teh Courtenay Area try the mouth of the Trent and in front of the Kingfisher Resort

December 1st.../2009This areas beach fly fishing season was good but it is now over...if you are a serious fisher then watch these beaches for Coho in December...

November 9th...With the Oyster,Black Creek and area creeks in full flood most of the Coho we consider fishable have entered the systems...however,there are always straglers and a good push of Fish in December..keep an Eye out.
 Sept 5th....
Lots of Pinks turning colour these days but the good news is the Coho are showing up just outside the Kelp Beds and Black Creek...Miracle Beach has had a surprising number of Pinks hang around...and of course some nice Cutthroat Trout
Remember to us a Cathy's Coat(fly) in these waters for Coho of the best!

August 28th...
Lots of fish all along the beaches and mixed in are some nice Coho...and even a few the gravel bars at the mouth during the low slack and remember the tides are careful

August 12th>>>>Many fish about here...try a Cathy's Coat..might get a Coho>>the best fishing has been north of the River Mouth about 1/2 way to Salmon Point

August 5th..
 There are some good size schools of Pinks coming into the river every night and on the high tides...Oyster Bay also has had a few fish showing up;near the rest stop.

...July 30...
There again have been some nice fish pods north of the River between Oyster and Salmon the high tides this week or evenings...don't be afraid to use a Green Handle Bar or even a Cathy's Coat.

July 21st...
A few fish have been seen and hooked near Salmon Point...there are a few fish in teh Campbell RIver and it stands to reason that there are Pink Salmon off these beaches about to come in...

July 18th....
There have been fish at Oyster Bay and north of Salmon Point...small numbers at the moment but on their way...try high tides in the River Mouth or around the Rest Stop at Oyster bay

July 15th...
Nothing seen yet...some nice cutties taken off the Kelp Beds 
June 2009..
There is always good cuttie fishing off the Oyster River mouth all the way both West to Salmon Beach and East to Miracle Beach...The River also has some good Dry Fly Action...expect Pink Salmon to arrive near the 20th of July...look for the highest tides and fish to the West.

December 24th./2008..
for those hardy individuals there are some very nice Coho...yes thats Coho about for the next couple of weeks,the Oyster is a very Special system with some Winter Coho to be had...

Oct 29th...there are still many Coho bouncing about from Miracle Beach to the point between Salmon Point and the mouth of the River. So fish to 20 lbs. have been hooked and landed as well as netted by the volunteer hatchery folk(and they have met their numbers). Good job people...thanks for the work on everyone's behalf 

Oct 5th,,,
Today the fish were much more receptive to the fly...some fellows were into 10 fish off Saratoga Beach...all the way to Oyster Bay
and several were Hatchery...very few though

Sept 29th....
There are many fsih jumping all about the estuary to Balck Creek and Miracle Beach...not many takers...likely due to teh boats and seals...I like a Cathy's Coat tied on a #4 -34007 Salt Water hook for here...especially at Salmon Point...Neils work OK but not as good...likely becasue of the Shrimp and Kelp fleas!

Sept 23...
The Coho arrived today in big numbers off Oyster Estuary...and a good number of fish off Miracle Beach in the area of the Kelp beds..Saratoga Beach will see many fish this fall if the weather continues to co-operate...Rains are forcast for tomorrow ...heavy rains with 60km winds..,the rest of the week will settle down..perfect timing.Don't forget...Cathy's Coat (the fly) was designed for Black Creek  estuary fishing...a great fly in these waters!!!!!

Sept 16...
Chased some very large Coho today and only managed to land One Jack Coho...   saw fish at Salmon Point, Oyster Bay , Willow Point, from Salmon Point to the Otster Estuary...Cathy's Coat is the Fly I would suggest...Balck Creek and Saratoga Beach are also good spots at the momnet...try as  I mentioned off Miracle Beach

 Sept 11...
Ther are still large schools of Pinks milling about in the Mouth of the River...don't be shy to fish for Coho in amongst these fish...Salmon Point has had a good number of fish show up  ...hunt the tides...these fish are very might want to fish a heavier line during these times....Black Creek also has a good number of Smaller Coho about and that usual means it is a matetr of days before the big Brothers arrive...try the rocks near Miracle Beach..
Sept 2nd...
 There are a few Coho about these days along the Salmon Point time is of course Mornings and with the Tides being high and favorable. Black Creek and Saratoga Beach are still not producing numbers yet. Don't be shy to blind cast...good things will come your way. For those casters able to reach 100 plus feet there is more fish to be had...I will be doing a Spey casting clinic for Over Head casting in September,likely September 19th from 9-12..cost will be $60 /person and those atending will be offered a 10% discount on any new rods,reels lines and waders during that day all along Saratoga Beach and on the North Side of the Oyster,,,,,difficult at
times to entice a bite but change colour and don't be shy to try minnow patterns.

August 19th....
Even with the Winds and Rain there is some good fishing going on in this area...Coho have been caught in good size...the Pinks are nearer the mouth of the Oyster and the Coho about mid way from the Salmon Point resort...also Saratoga Beach and Black Creek are promising to produce some fine Coho Fishing again this year

August 15...
There are a good number of Pink Salmon near Black Creek and at Saratoga Beach,also to the West of the River Mouth. Unfortunately,lock-jaw is affecting too many of these fish all the way down to Bowser! A few Coho have been picked up at Oyster Bay (Driftwood Restaurant area)...High Tides!

August 10.......
There has been consistent fishing at Tide Change both High and Low...there seems to be a fair number of fish about and definitely catchable,lock jaw has a hold of most of the fish these past weeks.
The best fly for me was the Yellow Bead Head Pink Handlebar ...fished on a floating line
long leaders(12-14').
July 31...
Fishing is on these the low tides move in closer to the river mouth ...out going has been spotty...on the North Side of the River the commonly called Point has been good all the way to Salmon Point,on the South Side Saratoga Beach all the way to Black Creek is also Good...especially on the near High Tide. The Pink Fuzzy has been out produceing any other fly in my box in these waters...followed by the Chartreuse head Handle Bar

July 27th.....

Fishing off Salmon Point has been a bit spotty yet consistent...Low Slack has provided opportunities and incoming to High tide is better...have picked up 5 fish there in 2 trips ,each trip no longer than 3 hrs each....This Morning we fished closer to the Oyster River from Salmon Point ,we landed 3 Pinks and saw a good number in the River itself... There are some very good schools of fish about..have fun

July 17th...
Fishing is still a bit slow,the estuary normally begins to produce Pinks about the 25th of July...will get info this week-end

July 5th/2008....    Several Pink Salmon were caught off Salmon Point on Wednesday,before the winds came up...that usually means that a targeted fishery is at hand and will be available to all that are there at the right time. High Tides are best of course ...this early I have found that the fish stay well away from the river mouths least until about the 20th..