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November 1st..our season locally is practically over...

October 15th...we are seeing a good run of Coho...although there is lots of tight lipped fish at the all the usual hot spots along out beaches 

October 1st..there are very good numbers of Coho hard and be rewarded...hatchery fish are plentiful

September 15th...we have seen a few small Coho at low tides...soon they will be here in fair numbers

September 4th,,
Pink Samon season is the salt waters locally...a good year in the  Coho about yet...but there are  Chinook milling about in the area allt he way to the mouth of the Big Qualicum River

August 26th...still good numbers of Pinks off the local beaches...some bright fish have moved in..typical of these late fish

August 20th...Pinks are schooling  ,getting ready for their journey up the creek...still many fish about and fresh fish are still arriving daily...although lock jaw is occuring stay persistent and be rewarded

August 15th...we have seen large schools of Pink Salmon for the past week...lots of fish..many fish being caught

August 10th...lots of Pink
 Salmon action these past few days, mostly on the north side yet at times both sides of the creek mouth...

August 3rd...many more fish have arrived this evening...good schools to chase

August 2nd...Pinks are showing in small numbers
July 31st...
with a week of exceptionally calm water and high temperatures  our Pink
 Salmon have not yet come in...every day we are watching

July 22nd...there are small schools of Pink Salmon showing 

and are quite willing to cooperate...respect social distancing and have a good time..

July 16th...only rumours abound... We have seen none yet

July pinks showing yet
July 7th.
No Pinks off the beach yet but coming soon...likely here by the 21st of the month so we will see...make sure to be ready with good equipment and clean your lines
March 14th
We saw a few nice Cutties in late February and into ealrly March..the Herring fisherery disturbs this until late March when we begin seeing better numbers of Cutthroat about all the way into Summer

October 28th...there are still Coho about but certainly in smaller numbers as are the Chum...if you work hard you will find these great fish

October 10th...Coho fishing is very seems like last year they are in basically all locations...many happy faces out there...even top water coho

October 1st..for the past week we have seen a good number of fish being caught...with only more coming in everyday...still very happy and aggressive fish

September 16th...a few Coho are have to look for them..not showing much yet but they are starting

September 4th
 Season is over...a good year compared to recent years... expectations of Coho are for good numbers and we are all waiting for this awesome fishery...retention of Clipped fish only

August 23rd..lots of bright fish about still...

August amazing afternoon of fly fishing for Pinks...lots of fish around for the week-end fishers and tourists

August10th...many more fish have shown up..tieds have been off and winds high at the wrong time..but early morning has been the best both north and south of the creek mouth

August 5th...good fishing this morning..and for the past several days...schools are growing everyday and spreading out...certainly fishable numbers,,fish below caught on August 3rd

August 2nd...Good schools of Pink
 Salmon showed up tonight at the High Tide and towards
dark..Tides are good this week-end

July29th...There are not enough Pinks yet to target..a few have been spotted but may be just passing by..the tides later this week will be those that can show deep water holding fish closer to shore..Sea Run Cutthroat fishing is ok...and a few Chinook have been passing by close to shore

July 18th..Sea Run Cuttie fishing is still pinks yet

July2nd...Some very good cuttie fishing has been on...we are expecting Pink Salmon later in July...our anticipated run this year is about a average number.  Last year's run did not happen because of a disaster at the hatchery facility with power outages and intake blockages

May 20th
The spring fly fishing has been tough..although we have landed some very nice Sea Run Cutties... not as abundant as the past few years...perhaps the over populations of seals are responsible for depleteing the stocks.

October 16th..Lots of Coho happily about...and many getting caught on small Coho buggers and smaller shrimp type flies

October 6th..there are good numbers of Coho fianlly about the creek..Orange has been the colour of choice as well as Blue for Coho Buggers

September 22nd...we are seeing some very nice Coho about..although the numbers are still not huge they are here..expectations are high for a good season..

Sept 1st..and yes there are a few Pinks off our local beaches...enough to target...

August if to concede there will be no or very few Pink Salmon this year off our local beaches..likely due to a die off during a store at the NC Hatchery several years least we are hoping this..but with Coho on the Horizon lets watch..likely by mid September

August 16th...we may as well say that this season did not happen..we are surprised for sure but must keep on . For thise interested Nile Creek Enhancement Society can use your help in collecting eggs from the Quinsam Hatchery later in September and at their operation at Nile Creek.Coho season is starting within a month

August 10th..we are still not seeing numbers here off the local beach...
they will have to come in soon..but Pink Salmon roam and find other systems to do theur thing...lets hope for cooling weather and rain a bit

Aug we would expect there are still a few fish showing but again not enough to really target...we are checking every tide and condition 

July 30th...still not much going on...we have seen a very few fish about and landed none...with a cooling trend about to begin this may ignite them into coming closer in

July 26th..
We are still not seeing many fish..not enough to be targeted yet...High sun and too warm conditions are keeping these cold water fish at bay

July 19th...Cuttie fishing is still very slow , Pink Salmon have not really shown up yet..wait for a bit of rain and the water will cool off

July15th...with cuttie fishing much slower now we are seeing signs of Pinks in the area...a few fish have been spotted chasing small bait fish along the beach areas at high tide

July 8th...Although it is typical that Cuttie fishing slows down off the beaches in July as the Salmon season approaches ther are still some beauties showing their aggressive selves at the tides..So now the long wait for our Pink Salmon to Arrive likely by the 22nd of July we will see a few show up
July 3rd...very windy these past 4 or 5 days so fishing was tough in the crazy water but there are some big fish waiting for calmer waters...we did get some nice fish but all the crap in the water did not make fishing top water much fun

June 22
it has been a very good spring/summer for sea run cuttie fishing..this year we are seeing many more large fish but not the numbers of fish we have seen in 2017..

Ocober 22///we have had some very good coho fishing until the roans moved many fish into the local streams...there ar esmall numbers of fish still coming ...
October 12th...Lots of Coho along the beach areas now...Red buggers have been our best producers followes by chartreuse Clouser minnows and then the ever effective Purple Rolled Muddler
October 6th.. we are now seeing schools of Coho off the typical beach areas..Blue Coho Buggers and Pale Green Polar Bear Minnows are working well

September 28th...We are seeing a few Coho not concentrated yet...from the Scallop Farm to Buccaneer Beach...high tides are the best and at the moment excellent..rains are a coming
Sept 10th....
it has been a very disappointing Pink Salmon season off Nile Creek Beaches...we are now playing a bit with the Big Qualicum Chinook Salmon off the southern reaches of the beach and in wait for Coho that could be in strong numbers this year..keep in touch

Sept.4th..more schools have been about and the tides and of course mornings

August 25th..we have to say this season has been not very good locally...we see some fish but not in the typical numbers ..but we persist

August..22nd..we have seen enough Pinks Off the beach in the past 2 evening and mornings to be a bit happier...large schools have been cruising has though been too nice as typical in winds,high sun,out going tides and warm weather / hope for a few waves and fish low light conditions and the tides

and August 17th...still no numbers of fish so there are several ways to look at this..they are late or not at all...
August 11th..with still only a few fish about it is evident we are experiencing the latest year since the enhancement group began ...the good news is the projections are for a good number of returning fish...lets see what the incoming rains will do..there are a few fish about

August 7th..with small schools teasing us at daylight this morning we are now seeing a few fish close enough to for some action with any bad weather we might have soon.. 

August 2nd..recent high temperatures and calm days have created our nnual Pinks coming in yet..and the seals are killing the precious Cutthroat Trout

July 31st..Although there are small schools of Pinks that will occassionally wonder in the weather is really nice and warm with calm seas...this is not ideal for Beach Fishing...Cuttie fishing is still very good but the seals are harvesting them too hurry up Pinks!

July of last night we have seen One Pink Salmon off the the PowerLine...winds were tough yesterday but cooled the waters any day now..some very nice Trout about

July 19th...we have seen no Pink Salmon caught yet and Trout Fishing is tailing off and this is typical when Pink Salmon begin to show in numbers in deeper water

..July like many of you we are awaiting the amazing opportunities with Pink Salmon..none yet along our beaches...anxious of course..enjoy the wonderful Cuttie fishing at the moment

July 8th...Cuttie fishing is still very good ,yet to see any Pink Salmon but very soon..a few are showing in Campbell River and north
June 30th..
Some nice cutties being had off the Pinks yet and likely not for at least several weeks  will post as soon as we see any

June 5th...some nice cutties bouncing about   don't mess out

May 17th,,,Cutties ,Cutties ,Cutties

May 6th..we are finally seeing some nice groups of Cutthroat Trout off the fish

The beach season is slow to go this year with only a few cutties around..but with rising temperatures , this will change quickly..stay tuned

October 4th...a few fish are still bouncing north of the Creek mouth all teh way to Deep Bay...recent winds have brought in some fresh fish

September 29th..finally we are seeing more Coho bouncing about..especially to the North...but expect Sunny Beach to light up if the fish come in closer
Sept..22nd...yes we are seeing a few Coho off the local beaches
and some big ones..try north of the creek mouth and off Sunny Beach

September 15th...still some Pinks hanging around ..hopefully we will see Coho within the  next few weeks..if thte rains arrive this is a good thing for the Pinks and for the Coho to approach the beaches

Sept.9th..lots of Pinks still about..most are getting stale although we are hearing of silver fish..all eyes are looking for incoming Coho..none yet

August 27th...for the anglers wanting to continue playing with aging Pinks there are many still waiting for the rains about to arrive...the Odd fresh fish appears ,,the rains will move the fish closer to the creek mouth and the Coho closer to the beaches

August 23rd...There are lots of Salmon about  mostly to the immediate north of Nile Creek, we have seen schools to the south near Sunny Beach but only on occassion. With this really high sun and warm water conditions most Pink Salmon are sleepy and not willing to participate..yet this year ,which has been the warmest and sunniest I have seen more fish caught on Spoon sthan ever. Also some fly fishers are almost chironomid fishing with very small flies with good success

August 15th...
We are seeing more fish about but it seems we are again stuck in a very high pressuer period making fishing tough...early morning and evenings are best for sure..cooler flies have been the Pink Muddler,handle Bar with Fl. Yellow bead head,Fuzzy and small Shrimp patterns

August 12th...Not a lot has changed with our weather patterns so not a lot has changed with the results from fishing efforts..if you fish the cooler times and times where there is a bit if wind then your success rate is better..lots of fish about and lots of seals about..Fish are NOT always at the Creek Mouth..but will wonder by that area to smell the water and at high tide ....some go into the system

August 4th..More fish are showing up so now would be a good time to ply the waters,there were big schools hanging about the creek mouth all day and at high tide this is time to get on the water

July 31st..A few more fish have shown up with the cloudy and cooling will only get better from here

July has really tailed off because of the too nice weather
This type of weather is typical of the later part of July...lets hope for cooling trends and a bit of rain..

July 22nd..
There are fish being landed ..the weather actually is too nice and every year we all complain about this..Early sunrise mornings are the best and late for coudy days with breeze for best all day fishing,reports of massive schools of Pink Salmon around Denmand and Hornby Islands only bodes well for our fishing in the next few months

July 17th...Our first fish of the season,for us,  arrived this morning. Landed 4 and kept 2...very good size schools moving about

July 10th..No Pinks yet but good numbers of Cutties..the Pink Salmon should arrive this week..Campbell river has had fish for several days and that means within a week we usually see fish...nice Cuttie on a muddler

June  28th...June has produced some really nice cuttie fishing off the beaches
..we have seen a few Blue Backs and even the odd chinook maurauding the will soon be time for Our Pink Salmon to show their much anticipated heads

May we are getting more fish...

April 15th..still seeing some nice cutties bouncing more but few takers...

March 15th ..the season for Sea Runs has begun..slow to get going..but a few about

November 4th...we are seeing only the odd fish about after a good coho season...some fish further south but not many

October 20th..Des Ja Vu..the fish are about but not biting...all teh usual areas are holding fish...with the winds coming we will see more fish come closer and willing to bite,,this fish wa scaught October 17th

October 15th..The fishing is much better this week after all the rains...some big Coho are makng their presence known very well...all the usual spots like the Scallop Farm,Henson,Power line and Bowser Rd...all the way north

October 9th...recent rains and winds have made the fishing really suck ,you have to be right on the fish..lots about if you can reach them.The northerns are now arriving..hang on 

 Sept 28th...finally we are seeing good numbes of COHO all along the beach area ..Red Coho Buggers are working well

Sept.14th..The beaches are very quiet at the moment..some Coho have been spotted just north of here so if lucky by the week-end we will see a few fish...and this is normal

Sept 4th..
Most of the fish  that were hanging about the beaches have gone up local systems..evening bites have been the best

September 1st...with the recent rains we have seen some fish go up all the local rivers...although there are still many fish it was tough, tides were good but the fish were snooty! The current low and poor Barometric pressure will change for the week-end..we are expecting some big Pinks to come in

August 21st...Many Pink Salmon have arrived and taking part in the annual fishing derby(biting)....tides are good for the coming are staging all along the estuary...

August 13th...we have seen very few Pinks so far,,,the consistency isn't there as typical..althoiugh we will have some cloudy,cooling and rainy weather coming in..a good are being caught but no big numbers yet..and some good tides coming

August 9th...more Pink Salmon have arrived in fair numbers...
Landed 6 this afternoon near high tide

August 6th..Finally..our first fish landed..we saw a good school in the mouth of the river and several schools about 200 yards out..

July real numbers sustaining any consistent fishing..this is the latest we have seen since the late 90's  ..however,keep looking..good tides this coming week-end and a full moon ....and that is significant

July 26th..Finally we are seeing some Pinks at Nile Creek  and the weather is on our side at the moment...get out there and see what you can do

July 25th...
finally saw a big school of Pinks  just before high tide this afternoon,didn't land one but the seals were bothering them...will get out tomorrow

July 22nd...Still not enough fish to target...although there are many fish in the strait  /cooler water. Likely by the week-end we will see fish along the beaches

July 15th...We have been on the beach every day this week and have only seen a couple of wondering Pinks...although we expect good numbers by this time next week

July 8th  at low tide today a  good size school of Pink Salmon  moved in to smell the waters off Nile Creek..a beginning

July Pinks yet

June 29th..No Pinks yet..but some nice cutties..we should have Pinks within 2 week...

June 7th..yes hit the beaches for cutties,even the occasional Blue BAck bouncing about..especially at high tide

May 28th....
with the recent Black Ant hatches we have seen lots of surface action throughout the days...the todes are very good at the moment so get out there and see if you can get into some of these lovely Sea Run Cutthroat about...catch and release all trout unless clipped..and as always don't be afraid to use a dry fly or even a small popper

May15th...if you time your visit to this beach well you are being rewarded with a few nice Sea Run Cutties..and even the odd Blue the weather warms we will be seeing many more trout bouncing always make sure to use a dry fly in your game..tides are good

.April 14th
What a great year we are about to encounter..our herring fishery was very strong this we will see many Pink Salmon  and hopefully Coho during our late summer and arly fall seasson. Sea Run Cutthroat Trout are here feeding on the many fry escaping into the salt waters

2014 was a good year...Get ready for an amazing year in 2015

Octobe 31st...All quiet over here,few fish about and for those really working the beaches hard there is little result...local river are spouting out lots of water and the incoming fish can easily smell their natal streams and in they go!

October 28th...we ar eseeing very few fish these day of high winds and dirty water..but there are a few have to work hard and be patient..not like last year..this is the time of year when we see the big fish...and use larger patterns..these fish are wondering and not in big schools

October 16th...Fishing has been tough in this area this year...there are fish but not typically showing as in past have to do more blind casting than I like..but you have to...The Creek Mouth has been producing if you are there at the right time, and only the fish know that time...Blue is the ticket here this year and the normal Chartreuse Coho Bugger is have shown all the way to Buccaneer Beach in pods..but not consistently..The Scallop Farm and Ice Cream Bay are also good spots.>Sunny Beach has been very poor

October 3rd....
What a year for Pinks and now we are seeing more Coho all along these beaches...with a few chinook mixed in...chum soon...this time of year I really like the longer flies like the epoxy minnows in Blue,Red, Pink and Chartreuse..drop by the store for a new array of flies this year..remember you can keep One unclipped Coho per day,and 1 clipped or 2 clipped

September 26th..was out this morning in the winds and chop..saw only One nice fish clear a wave and several seals working some kind of fish...the winds are supposed to calm down..make sure to visit all the regular hot spots from the Scallop farm all the way to Buchaneer Bay..come by to see some of our great Epoxy Minnows in thte 3" fly

September 22nd...many many pinks stormed up the Nile today with the cool breezes and we will see Coho show their willing faces all along the beaches near here..there are fish near the Big Q and to the north of us...

Spetember 18th..tons of Pinks still about....a surprisingly long season this 2014, to your surprise you might hook into a spring salmon or even a coho..we are seeing much more cool weather and rian in the forecast for the next week..awesome

...September 1st...We are watching thousands of Pinks holding still to the North of the Creek Mouth,this bodes well for the fly fishers wanting to get ready for the Coho Salmon soon to appear...,non yet to speak of...we are also seeing hundreds of Dog Fish making their annual Spawning trek to these beaches..they do attack the Pinks holding close to the shore line..if you have time get out and enjoy this the enhancement society  and have a great time with all

August 27th...the water temperatures  are like this and are moving about plenty...surprisingly the fisha re still very bright,some of the older fish are getting dark..also we have seen a few Coho harassing the big schools of Pink Salmon..and the occassional Chinook making big splashes a bit further out..

August 22nd..
There are still so many Pink Salmon about and in good shape...water is cooling down a lot..this will triger better biting and if lucky a few Coho to pop their heads out occassionally

August 20th..Fishing was spectacular this morning..winds from the North East cooled the water a bit and turned the fish on, fish are still in very good shape....most of the fly fishers are to the North of the Creek Mouth this year..looking for Coho but none about yet, a good blow and rain will cool the beach waters and bring in the feeding Coho

August 15th..for the past 10 days or so the fishing has been good in the north of the Powerline beaches..with th cooling trend we will see many more fish hit the creek mouth areas ..this year we have seen more Blue  patterns working their magic as have the Purple favorite so far has been the Pink Rolled Muddler..then again my second fav has been a small fly similar to a handle bar but with a Bead and pink hackle behind the bead..awesome producer ..this pic from Aug13

August 6th...It seems that we are now into thte annual August doledrums as far as weather goes...soft breezes,high sun and temperatures soaring into the mid 30's ,the fish ar eseeking shelter as well and finding th ecooler places along the beaches...definitely not near warm sandy locations during the days...the North side of the Estuary has been the hot spot for a few days now..remember,salmon will move  along the beaches don't stay put!

August 3rd..High sun is slowing the action down during mid day but not enough to deter many fly fishers..having a blast and keeping lots of fish

July 30th..Massive schools have moved in ,many very willing to engage witht he handlebar and other great variations available to fly fishers..tides are good and winds are helping

July 24th...Val and I went down after the store clsoed..I landed 5 fish and Val landed 2..these fish were very tough to land..larger and definitely much more

July 23rd...there are lots of Pink Salmon about throughout the day..Morning is as always the best but follow the tides and into the was a good day...Low tide  was Mid Morning...a good bite the Pink Handlebar and Pink Bead Head Muddler were the best fly this day..the fish are averaging int eh 3-4 lb occasional larger fish is there..good luck

July 19th...a bit more windy and certainly more fish. today was good near high tide and even on the first 2 hours of the out going tide, fish are very willing fly today was the Pink Bead head rolled muddler

July 17th...a few fish are being caught..the weather is very nice and sunny impacting your success duriny the mid day fishing for cloud and a soft wind

July 11th...we are still seeing a few fish jumping off the beaches in the mornings and during the flood tides...I would expect these to bombard our shoreline within the week...very early mornings are your best bet during the early season..with these warm high sun days the fish will hold out in deep water not accessable to fly fishers..during the cooler weather days and rainy days if we get any hit the beaches!!

July 8th/2014   we are seeing a few fish jumping off nile beaches,likely Pinks,early morning will tell the tale...tides are excellent at the moment...High in the evening...this year try a few more shrimp patterns,there seems to be a strong biomass of shrimp and with numbers expected you will be greatly surprised. Kellen is out tonight playing around..

July 1st...The beach action for Cutties has really begun...try dry flies to entice those awesome follows and strikes...Pink Salmon won't be here for at least 3 weeks in good numbers

June 22/'14..
.No Pinks yet and likely not for about a month...we will have more regular reports now that we are approaching the season...there are some very nice Trout bouncing about but not in big have to roam the beach area and be ready..some of these nice fish are in the 3 to 4 lb range

May16th..Weather is warming,Lots of fry all along the beach area and some big cutties having  a blast...high tides are good recently..but lots of debris...look for jumping fish and you might be rewarde

April 2014  is here ,there are a few Cutties about , the Herring Spawn is about over and all eyes are on the Spring time Sea Run Cutthroat fishing. As the weather warms the fry will exit the streams and show is on. Expectations are for some very large Trout before we see the Pinks arrive in late hang on..get you flies tied and gear is going to be a Smashing year off the beaches!

The 2013 Salmon Run was nothing short of amazing,lots of good size fish willing to assist with bending rods .... Many  Coho were about with numbers  peaking  about late October.This developed into  a good fall Coho fishery for 2013. keep scrolling down


November 6th..we saw some fresh fish bouncing about today off the typical areas near Nile Creek..although most fish numbers are now down as normal,we still have a bout a week of beach fishing for coho unless we get a major storm that will drive the remaining waiting fish into  the streams...a few tricklers will come in all throughout November but not in good enough number s to relaly target...

October 31st...ther are still many bright Coho about...Chum seem to have taken over by now but make sure you cast into the schools because the Coho are in there this one was..Hatchery to boot

October 27th...finally the fog has lifted and winds are strong..and so is the bite...many Coho about  mixed in with very willing Chum that are biting
Mix your colour patterns a you see here an Orange Coho Bugger..someone landed a Coho in the area in exces sof 25lbs..maybe there are more!

October 16th...With the many people fishing in this area are many more fish...we have seen lots of big Coho and Chum bouncing about the local beaches and at times very willing biters...but you have to be creative...try many patterns for better success...lighten your tippet material to a 8lb Flourocarbon,invisible and effective at working depths...and definitely vary your retreives..from dead stop to mach works

October 13th...Had the opportunity to fish for an hour or two late this afternoon after coming in from Tofino...and found some willing Coho again...there are lots of fisher people about and many ar egetting into fish...also too many sea lions making life difficult for the schooling fish and gathered fly fishers..managed this great fish before the sea lions reeked havoc on us

October 12th.....below a self photo off the rocks but it tells the story..lots of Big Coho about and within range of our little flies...out fished several Spoon gear fishers  quite nicely ...

October 11/2013...Fishing has certainly improved ove rthe pas tfew days..lots of fish bouncing around all along the beaches...saw fish in QB this evening..landed this nice clipped Coho on the 10th off  Henson road..hooked into a very large fish that snapped off my Pink Coho Bugger in a split I put on theis Green Coho Bugger and immediately hooked into Two fish...kept this One..

October 7th...Coho fishing has been off and on with the winds..lots of Coho about before the rains moved them into the rivers...we still have 5 weeks of coho beach fishing...the current weather patterns ar eturning in our favor...this will keep the fish moving along the beaches ,providing better chances.   Few people have bothered to fish north of the creek mouth  that often times is the better choice..Tides are good

September 28th...There are lots of Coho today was the issue..some very large fish already up the Big Q..Chartreuse Coho Bugger has been the ticket without the Bead

September 18th..there are a few Pinks still coming in mixed in with the small schools of Coho...and of course the Chinook are out there in good numbers constantly going into the Big Qualicum River...walk the beaches and look for feeding Coho..a 12 lb. hatchery fish was landed yesterday near Nile Creek..and tides are excellent for late day fishing

September 8th..
Lots of Pinks still about...and in very good shape..the fishing pressure is all but gone for the seems that everyone is waiting for the much larger and more fiesty Coho to really show up..and soon that will for cloudy days and a bit of wind

September 4th..lots of Pinks about...apparently this is One of the largest runs so far at this great has been spotty because of the warm conditions but if you persist the rewards are great...

August 31st....
Pink fishing has been fabulous all week with a few periods when fishing was tough because of very good and calm weather..but there are stiil many many fish about and in Silver bright conditions..lots of maturing fish have entered the river for the future and many more to do the same,,get out there and test your skills..and have fun..the Handle Bar has continued to be the primary producing choice of fly...Val insisted I take her out after work today and we had a blast as you can see

and her prize

August 26th..
what can be said about fishing that is spectacular..when there are clouds and waves the fish are on fire,when there is no cloud cover and high blue sky the fishing sucks..but to see so many silver Pink Salmon nearing the end of August means several weeks of great fishing still to be had...don't miss out..and we have had Coho and Chinook caught already off the creek prepared

August 17th...
Fishing this morning was again spectacular....there were very large schools milling about with the seals harassing them as well as about 20 fly fishers and a couple of Buzz Bombers...just about everyone got into fish...what is really rewarding is to see the number of novice fly fishers becoming competent and successfully landing fish..even on their own flies..these are times to try new patterns ,chnaging up things a bit from the always fish catching HandleBar

August 15th 2013..the fishing today was excellent with many fish being landed this morning..there has been a significant weather pattern change that is triggering a serious One time this morning there were 8 fish on at the same time...many happy fly fishers for sure

August 10th../2013

there are more fish about and cdertainly more being landed...not what we are used to by this time but perhaps we are about to get invaded by Pink and Coho Salmon...big fish being landed making up for the smaller fish of 2012

5:15AM  August 10th/2013..nice sunrise

And nice Fish

August 7th/'13...Lots of fish about but not too many willing biters until mid morning...tides are good with weather sort of moderating a bit...we are seeing some good breeze activity and this will cool down the inshore waters so the Pinks can feel less stressed..Here is a daylight pic from this morning  followed by a Pink Salmon  caught today

August 6th...
High sun during the days again and warm water temps has kept the numbers of fresh fish out into the straoght..but there are fish about with the good tides. Fishing is still tough but best chances are  early morning as usual and evenings before dark

August 2nd..
With the slight rain fall and low pressure of the past 2 days we are now seeing Pink Salmon off the beaches..the inshore water temperatures are falling making a better environment for the fish to raom..tight lines,strong leaders and wear your sunglasses

July 30th..Not much has changed in the weather conditions and in the number of fish about..there are a few at the early morning hours and more during the late evenings...we just have to be patient..since this is the dryest summer since the '50's and the latest arrival of Pinks I have seen since 1998 there can be a relationship between both situations..and that's what we think..they will come and likely all at once

July 25th...there have been a few fish landed just north of here in Deep Bay on their way here,will go out in the morning to see if ,more have moved in

July 19th...Still only a few fish about or at least showing up in early mornings and evenings..once the weather cools a bit and sunny days  are less we will see many fish come in from the deeper water..

July 15th...we are seeing the odd Pink about..the tides are good this week but the sun is too high...early mornings or late evenings when it is cooler...we will be fishing everyday  this week and keep everyone posted. The fish being caught in the deeper cooler waters are big fish so make sure your leaders are tough..try the New Snowbee Stealth Co-polymer

July 9th... Went out several times over the past couple of days just to se if there were any fish in close..nothing yet..and yes therre were good size Salmon about the size of Pinks coming out of the water way off the beaches in the tide lines....will keep a constant look-out..but what I have been hearing is that the Coho are still in the straight and the Pinks that have been caught have been large

went out for about an Hour at high tide this afternoon ,found a couple of cutties willing to bite but my interest was on the Tide lines well out of reach, with the cast fly that is; saw 3 Salmon in the 5-8 lb range jump clear of the water..typically a Coho but Early Pinks will also display this effort..soon

  July 1st...we are seeing still good numbers of Small Cutties about with the odd big fish to 22" mixed in..personally I have been somewhat stumped by the big fish .....Pink Salmon should be arriving here by the 18th of July this year since we are seeing Pinks already off the tide lines near Port Hardy..

March 1st,2013..There was a bit of good cuttie fishing back in early February  but now that the herring are about by the Billions we will see little action for several weeks untill all cools down. Some fry are coming out,should we have an unusual warming trend then this waiting period will shorten

...November 12th...Beach season is all but over..although there are still some bright Coho and Chum about...these fish are not showing too much so be prepared to travel a bit and blind cast

October 24th..
There are still good numbers of fish about will need to make sure of the tides and early Morning ...Tides are excellent this week..with so many chum coming in we are seeing the Coho making a bee line for the rivers mixed in with the chum... Deep Bay,Ships Point and area have been patterns to date have been the Blue Coho Bugger and a Blue/Green Polar Bear Minnow pattern

October is now typical of October ..windy and wet...but this always brings in some very big and angry Coho..along with all the chum...good weather coming

October 10th...The weather has been unbelievable for the past week but it is about to change for the fishing better..we saw some winds come up this afternoon and fish moved in close to shore. They were bitey and happy. expect this to be the trend for the next week or so..

This afternoon about 3pm..

October 4th/.... fish are all about...but staying well out..for those using inflatables and prams the fishing is good


October 2nd..plenty of big Coho mixed in with some Chum and surprising;ly still some Chinook....these fish ar ejust going on teh bit after a full,get your flies ready and lines ready...try a Red Coho Bugger in a Size 8, or a well tied kathy's Coat

Sept22nd...still very few Coho about..and of course unusual numbers of old Pinks Salmon milling about waiting for their opportunity to enter the Creek. Did land a Small Coho this morning at Nile Creek estuary..only about 3 lbs...and wild...saw only One other..some fish further north but as local numbers are not high yet  it is connected...a few Coho have entered into the Big Q already..there are more Coho off the Scallop Farm area and near the River mouth...

September 19th...there are still many Pinks holding to the north of Nile Creek waiting for more water..a few Coho are mixed in ...we are seeing Coho in Deep Bay and near the Scallop the Mouth of the Big Q we are seeing more fish this week...large Clouser Minnows and large Pink Shrimp patterns will do the trick..

Sept5th...we are seeing some movement in the tides and cooling of water temperatures..this will bring in the Coho and move the Pinks into the fresh water..we have had a fantastic Pink Salmon season, FYI it is still very active..yesterday the Pinks were very happy to accept many flies..but now the Coho are here in very small numbers but are the week-end we should see a steady growth in close in fish.

Sept.1st,2012...The Coho are holding off the beaches so far..the bird action is strong  ,baitfish ar eall about the shore lines so Coho will respond acordingly once they come in closer
Heres a pic of Friday Morning off the beach at Henson Road

August 29th..2012
Well the Coho have arrived in good enough numbers to now seek... Pink Salmon fishing was excellent today with few coho spotted...remember this time of year you can use big flies such as Epoxy Minnows and flies like the Weigh the high tides in the late afternoon and lows early morning

August 23rd..2012..Lots of Pinks about...actually very many,,best time as typical is in the morning and with the low was good until late afternoon and then the water warmed up way too much...went out tonight to see likely about 6 beach fishers and the same number of small personal boats...only a few fish landed...for the fly fisher the best bet was a very small pink shrimp pattern in a size 10 or smaller.

August 18th...for the past few days the water temperature has been much too high for Pink Slamon to really go on the bite..however that seemed to change late this afternoon when we had a bit of cool wind and a drop of rain and low pressure. Many more fish were hooked between 3 and 5pm that all tonight should be good and for the next few cooler days..a bonus is that there are many small Chinook mixed in,and yes a few have been landed..this fellow landed this nice chinook using a small hootchie type rid on what he said was 4lb test...I saw the fight and he played it delicatly and landed the fish..keeping it of course!

August 15th..Lots of fish to be had with a few Coho mixed in...I have now switched my mind set to consider Coho..and with that thinking have changed some of my fly seen here,Pinks also like Green,Brown and even Blue Epoxy minnow patterns as do Coho!!

August 10th,2012 ...Fishing in the area has been nothing short of spectacular for thte past week...very large schools have been hounding all the beach  fishers with many opportunities ...week-ends fishing has been awesome with most people heading home with fish for the frying pan or canner
here you see my son and girl friend with a Sunday morning Pink Salmon for breakfast...this fish was caught on a green Coho Bugger but a few more were caught on a natural coloured Bead head Muddler..low tides are awesome with cooler temperastures and a few good waves.

The Pink below fell to a Chartreuse Green  bead head Handlebar

August 4th,...2012..with the very warm day time temperatures and high sun we are seeing most of the action during the cooler times at first light..this morning was outstanding,fishers were taking advantage of the large schools holding off the creek mouth,there were likey more than 8 small inflatables and small prams hooking many fish....during the late evening of August 3rd there was plenty of happy fish willing to engage fly fishers..unfortunately we are also seeing the worst of fishing with several groups of gear fishers snagging fish openly...and keeping them..I suggest to take pictures and call the DFO..and above all do speak up..

August 2nd...As every day passes we are seeing many more fish appearing off the beaches of Nile Creek...early morning have been very good...and evenings are also producing..and of course the fish are getting larger..we are also expecting the Coho to arrive a bit earlier this ready

July 28th,2012...Lots more Pinks have shown up and as expected we are seeing some larger fish being caught..the good old standby Pink Handle Bar and its new variations are working flawlessly...and unexpected treat is the success on the" Pink Eve"..a winged version  that is producing very well..perhaps it has something to do with the number of shiners schooled up off Nile Creeks beaches..the water temperatures are good so the fish are active...light winds are keeping the schools in close..

July 25th...for the past few days fishing for Pinks has been difficult,the best times are of course at first light and last light..tides are excellent for the night bite...was out last evening and had 5 fish on..Pink Handkle Bar and Bead Head Rolled Muddler in natural and also Pink

July 18th/2012...we are now seeing some good schools of Pink Salmon holding off the beach at Nile Creek...a few are sneaking in with the high tides..none in the Creek yet and that is not unusual..we will see many more fish now with the new Moon tomorrow night..

July 5th...No Pinks yet but the Cuttie fishing is grand...of course this is the time of year when we have to greet many sunrises and sunset if you want to be fairly successful...This morning the Brown Polar Bear Minnow was the found out by Irish Brian and Crew...

July 1st..Canada Day 2012..great weather,on the cool side,few clouds and lots of Cutties off Nile Creek and Area...

June 28th...Pinks may not be that far away,,,Silver Pinks have been caught at Browns Bay,just North Of Campbell River..prepare for the madness..

June 23rd..yes I know it's be a month but fishing has been good and busy fly rods mean nice fish...tides have been in our favor for Sea Run Trout..Pinks are a month away yet so practice..
May 23rd... Sea Run Cutthroat Trout
Fly fishing has been very good with the  tides lately..some big fish about that are willing to tease you a bit. Don't be afraid to wonder a bit and blind fishing will produce often. Make sure as always to have those large dry flies such as California Blondes and Stimulators on hand to get sizes 6 thru 10..and larger if you dare...come by to get your fly lines tuned up...

April 23rd..with the tides we are seeing a good range of Sea Run Cutties splashing about...the majority of the Sea Lions have left so there is a bit of piece on the beaches...don'y be afraid to wonder along both sides of the far my best fly has been a gold bead rolled muddler in a size 8

April 11th.. Still lots of Cuttie Activity about,and some very nice fish

April 8th..

There are good numbers of Sea Run Cutties about if you can get the beaches to yourself,what I am saying is that there are too many Sea Lions and Seals about to get a serious shot at these fish..saw some very large Cutties Easter Morning but had to abandon the effort because of all the commotion going add a bit of interest to the scene there was also a large pod of Dolphin in the immediate area

March 25th/'12...Now that the herring fishery is over we will see many oppertunities to get to the ebach seeking the Cutties about. Sunny days will produce well this time of year  and high tides

2011 Pink Salmon projection ??? Big Fish 

What needs to be said about fishing the Nile Creek Area is not only about fishing. Early morning sunrises are spectacular,mainland BC across the way, such raw natural beauty at our door step...this year we saw large schools of Dolphin searching for their prey,several pods of ORCA cruising by and of course the ever pesky seals and Stellar Sea Lions harassing the large schools of fish(and ocassionally the fishers).
It's not only about the visual, it's about the sounds of Nature, listening to the shreek of joy from a novices first fish or a child's scream from pure delight. The pure "my time" from mundane daily chores or the rewarding smiles from a friend needing to spent time with....This is Nile Creek

October 30th..
There are still some very nice Coho bouncing all about,fished the creek mouth this evening..saw some very large fish but hooked into only a small fish...we should have several weeks yet if the weather co-operates

...October 23rd......
Recent storms sort of cleared up many of the stale fish including many chum,leaving some very large and aggressive Coho milling about. Mid afternoon tides are producing and Pink flies have been the better producers of late..not surprising

October 20th..
It looks like we will have an extended Beach season this year...there are very good numbers of Coho and Chum off all the local past years when this happens we can fish til about Mid November when the winds allow should be a good fall fishery

October 1st...
The Coho appeared is very good numbers about a week ago....many of the fish in this area are Clipped Hatchery fish,and in so being have a identification module implanted in the head..please if you get a clipped Coho have it returned to a collection depot for analysis..
So,far this year there has been no consistent colour of Choice..although Chartreuse Buggers are always a good best colour to date has been Coho Blue ...The Pearl Mickey has also produced very seems that the fish a re more willing to bite this year ...small diameter tippets are a good idea with the waters being so clear this year... drop by to pick up your selection of coloured Polar Bear hair and hand tied Coho buggers(AKA neil) in the manynnew variations that are catching some nice fish.

Sept 15th..
The Pink Salmon season at Nile creek is over...there are lots of nice healty Pink Salmon staging in Nile Creek for their next journey,lets hope the spawning season is a good one.
Coho are next with the ever present Chum Salmon ...keep your eyes here for regular updates

Sept 12th...
Surprisingly there are still very good numbers of Pink Salmon about,many are coloured up  having some bright fish mixed in. With the cooling temperatures this week  we will see a movement into the local creeks by Salmon and of course the moving in closer of the Coho to the shore lines. Some of the smaller area RIvers have already seen some Coho enter.
Beach fishing should improve drastically in a week or so..we do need some rain for the streams but let's hope not too much

Sept 4th....Pink Salmon fishing is still good in the early light is too good during the days to produce activity...evenings can be good ...a few Coho are about  but not in numbers yet to really get fired up.

August 24th...we have been so busy fishing no time to update this at Nile Creek is fabulous...and yes early day light hours are by far the best,followed by evenings and then low tides...although tides are not ideal at the moment. Some very large fish are still coming in in the 8 lb range.

August 16th...good fishing

August 14th..
Fishing is spread out this past few days...try finding fish to the North and South of the Creek Mouth..fished at the Riock garden this evening and landed 4 fish in 1/2 hour(Bead Head Pink Handlebar)...nobody else there at first...lets hope for a cooling trend...this will bring in some Coho and Chinook 

Aug 11... this morning was spectacular...many happy and willing fish were well as last evening...Pink Handle Bar and Pink Fuzzy were the ticket for me this morning. Counted 18 fishers buy 8:30 am...a bit late for my liking but so be fishing is much earlier near 6am...try to get there before the skies get too bright and the seals wake up!

AUGUST 8TH..Fishing is still a bit disappointing,although the fish are larger...numbers seem to be getting better daily but not fast enough for is too nice and skies too clear; Shoreline water temperatures areare necessatating the need for these deep water fish to remain well off the beach...look for cloudy days  with cooling trends for some great action.

August 5th.. SIgns of more fish are apparent every day...small schoops that are gathering near the creek mouth and getting larger and if work is correct we will be seeing large schools within days...Some fish are being caught  in the evenings and during cgoppy water conditions...Pink Handle Bars will do the many anglers are simply hanging around the mouth of the creek but if you are wise you will spread out your search to the North and South  to the Rock Garden and Henson Road...these are normal patterns especially during the mornings

August 1st,2011.... There were a few fish caught today at Low tide and early morning...we have seen many fish about  with the numbers getting much larger...several small schools have been moving about gaining interest from the seals...but head to the areas with structure instead of waiting at the creek mouth...

July 31st....
As with all things change is a constant...with these tides we are seeing better action during the Evening now with the winds...try using flies with a bit of weight such as a bead head Muddler or Handlebar

Daylight has shown some good size have good shots at first light...this will improve as the week moves forward,especially if the weather dampens a bit....

July 28th..
Only a few more fish have shown up...the tides are very good and a few schools have shown up early morning...these schools are not staying around the shore for long so be there for Daylight..or just at dark..

July 23rd...
Not much has changed as of yet...we are still seeing only a few and none being landed...not enough in close to target effectively...we will see by early week what is what

July 20th..
As expected there are more fish being seen and a few being caught..the Low tide has produced a bit at Early Morning,,,near the Creek Mouth and a few around the Rock Garden to the Left of the Creek

July 18th//....
There were a few more fish this morning and at low tide...any day we will see many fish coming in close at late evening and early is a good time to hit the beach before daylight and watch Mother Nature present her best pictures of Giant schools of Pink Salmon holding just feet off the shore line

July 17th...
Again I saw a Pink Salmon rise this morning but was not fishing.still there are few fish about ,the same applies to the Campbell and Oyster...Fished the Campbell this afternoon ...notta

 many eyes have been on the horizon and few fish have been seen yet...although we do know the fish are moving down...More fish have showed up at the Campbell and a few at the Oyster

The numbers off the beach are still not there,,,most of the fish are holding well off the beach,definitely out of shore anglers range...thides aer bang on ,,,we might see some action with these high tides
July 8th...
Fished the incoming tide this evening,saw some very nice cutties and a few pinks off the south side of the Gravel bar near the mouth of the creek..teh seals are acting very strange and seem to know much more than we do. There were several Pinks Salmon hooked last evening off the south side of the Gravel bar...worth a look...tides are not really the best yet..look for the 12th to have excellent tides...

July 5th...
We have seen our first Pink Salmon jumping off the beaches,a bit far out at this point. Try very early in the mornings and of course just before darkness... also,no need to use a really small fly,try larger Handle Bars and flies like Kathy's Coat...even Pink and Whote Polar Bear minnows..

June 28..
 Cutthroat Fishing off the beaches has been slowing a bit,although some nice fish have been seen and a few landed in the 24" range...but not by me yet! My largest to dat off the beach will be in the 19" range...and yes on Dry Fly...although I might suggest to use Minnow patterns a bit more now that we have seen just a few Pink Salmon about...not enough to target yet,I suspect these fish are moving along the coast line to other water ways...Likely here by late next week...drop by the store for the latest in Pink Salmon flies and Lines..ask about Snowbee's new XS-tra distance line for single handed will have a pleasant smile after casting this sharp line!

June 20th...
Dry Fly action off all local beaches,Cutties ,evening tides are great,we will soon be seeing a few Pink Salmon...look for about 5 days after the Full moon,the tides will be smaller and fish have moved down the word yet from the North Island areas..

June 15th...
Tides are excellent,with the weather and waters warming we are seeing better concentrations of Sea Run Cutties off the beach areas...there is still lots of fry activity from the local creeks and that will mean an extended Cuttie season. We have an early Full moon in July,anticipate Pinks to show up about the 10th

May 25th...
The Cuttie Action has been spotty but some very large Trout are harrassing the fry...High Tides have been best and Low tides being second..look for Weed lines and structure

May 18th..
 With the warming trend we are seeing much feed off the beaches and a few nice Cutties being caught...High Tide is still the best time,,,also you might want to consider teh current full moon..
May 2nd...
Increased Fry Activity these past few days has finally got some attention from Sea Run Cuiites off the local beaches...High Tides are certainly the best time...winds are hampering us a bit but if you get a evening tide the winds are calm then

April 16th...
Finally,we are getting increased warming temperatures ,with that comes much better fly fishing conditions off the local beaches.  Cutties are again terrorizing fry entering the estuaries,fish the High Tides,Low Tides ,look for structure near any stream mouth.

March 16th./2011..
There are still many Herring about but the harvest for the second straight year is down Island and that is a good thing for we Trout and Salmon fishers. There are a few nice Sea Run Cutties about...once we can get the air temperatures to 15 we are going to see many fry leaving the gravel and making their way to the ocean estuaries...yes,Minnow Patterns.

Nov 8th...2010
Few fish about almost not worth the effort to find them..we can be thankful for some beautiful fish this season...

Nov1st...there are Coho off the beaches ,best time is just after daylight and at Low Slack...Bucaneer Beach is slow as is Deep Bay..but there are some beauts there,be patient

There are still many Coho off  Nile Creek Beachs but don't seem to be coming in close enough to attract attention..your timing has to be bang on...however,Deep Bay,the Scallop Farm,Bucanneer Beach all have fish and in very good numbers...yesterday saw a change with Blue and White Minnow Patterns becoming well as Blue Coho Buggers

Oct 5th..
we have all been waiting for this...The COHO have arrived in fair numbers...don't be shy to use large Minnow patterns up to 3" long...many of these big fish are still hunting or going through the rituals...if you see many fish sort of staging down size significantly to a #10 Bugger of small Polar Bear Rainbow pattern

Sept 27th...
SOme nice fish have been caught to the North of Nile Creek at High Tide...however,the wave action has been a bit much ...if you are going to target these great fish then I would suggest for you to get in touch and we can set you up with wonderful shooting heads and surf rods...I often wonder why we don't put more emphasis on this really makes a lot of sense. It is easier to cast to these fish from the safety of the shoreline,especially with a great set-up.

There are some nice Coho about but not in huge numbers yet... tides are good this week, try your best efforts early AM and late evenings..

There are enough Coho off the beaches now to target...all teh way from Deep Bay to the Old Costa Lotta boat ramp..Try Sunny Beach at day light and early evenings.. 

The Coho haven't materialized as off today...but a few have been spotted to the North of us and many are laying in the depths of Bayne we should see small groups of fish with-in the week..
Sept 3rd...
Pink Salmon are finally entering Nile Creek itself...witht eh high tides and cooler temperatures Mother Nature is demanding their advance...the more fresh fish will wait a bit longer off the beaches and that will continue the beach fioshery for Pinks for the next week or so...Coho are sbout but in very low numbers yet...expect to see an impacted Sports Fishery because of all the netting going on for Sockeye in the Narrows...there will be much interception of our wonderful Coho and Chinook as a the mis-management continues....let's keep our fingers crossed

August 25th...the fishing remains excellent with the fish holding to the north of the Creek mouth still. With the approaching weather changes these fish will move directly toward the Creek Mouth..make sure you chase any snaggers and poachers away,or at least say something..I saw  some jerks taking way past their limit and had to say something,some claim to fame poaching fish!...below..natural Bead Head Muddler Minnow

August 20th..
Fishing during the early parts of this week was basically a morning fishery..this has changed due to the reduced inshore water and air temperatures,and mid morning Low tides. Any cloud cover has been welcome by the fish for the fisher's advantage 

The fish on top is beginning to colour up..but likes Blue Muddlers

August 13th thru August 15th..
Bright Blue has been my best colour over the past few days,followed by the bead head Green Coho Bugger
There are many very large schools of Pink Salmon milling about but with these hot and sunny bright days the inshore water temperatures are getting warm. Best times are still early mornings and nearing the tide changes at Low tides. Today the Low Tide was mid afternoon and many fish were hooked into...Muddler Minnows, Purple Handle Bars and blue/green minnow patterns are working fairly well...don't be shy of letting a small Shrimp fly simple dropping through the water column once cast into the fish

August 11th...
Fishing is still awesome with many Pinks being caught throughout the day...the weather is once again a factor in the bite as the bright Skies and warm temperatures will keep the fish off the feed. At this juncture in their maturing these fish will simply push food sources to one side...but a tantalizing minnow pattern like the Bead Head Rolled Muddler with often entice a strike..

August 7th..
It is not fair to share a report so full of excitement and good news...Fishing this week at or near Nile Creek has been nothing short of Sensational...all week we had temperatures nearing 30 degrees,high Sun and soft breezes...these conditions produced basically a morning fishery ..a bit just before dark. But we for the past few days have had a Low Pressure coupled with a bit of wind and waves...this has cooled down the water , brought the lethargic fish back to a feed, in closer in smaller schools and willing to bite flies. For the past few days slightly weighted flies like Beadhead Handlebars and even weighted Pink and White Clouser Minnows have been hot. Take part in this great experience and give fellow anglers plenty of room to fish

July 30th..
There are many more fish these days with mornings still being the best times,although the fishing has been good all throughout the morning and evenings. Some Coho have been seen and caught,nothing big yet but within 2 weeks we will be seeing some good action
Colour changes are improtnat during the high sunny days and warm temperatures...these fresh fish are still feeding so do a bit of change up and go to Green and Blue,even small Minnow patterns are winners,,I have recently had great success with Pink or Blue Beadhead rolled Muddler Patterns ,and a vert flashy Blue Coho minnow pattern!

July 27th..
Some very good fishing at the moment for silver Pink Salmon ...many fish to the SOuth of the Creek mouth...the numbers are increasing with morning fishing still and typicallly being the best...although the tide bites are real good..AND YES...there have been a few nice COHO hooked a bit versatile and work some Minnow Patterns like the Blue Green and the ever fishable Pearl Mickey for either Pinks or Coho

July 16th..
For the past few days there have been good numbers of Pink Salmon off the mouth of Nile Creek at Daylight..5-7:30 am and of course in the evenings several hours before the numbers increase there will be a much more constant amount of fish about..don't forget to work the tide changes both high and low.
Good flies to date are the Pink Fuzzy,Pink Handle Bar and bead head Pink Eve,with this high pressure be sure to use slightly weighted flies to get out and down to the fish,Note the Pink Fuzzy with bead chain eyes

July 7th...
Well,there are a few Pink Salmon about already,not really enough to target effectively but they are jumping off the Mount of Nile Creek and of course the seals are the first to strike...try the old tried and true flies for best results...regardless you must try Dry flies for Sea Run Cutthroat Trout at this time of Year..
June 15th..
The fishing is getting much better...on Saturday Morning (June 12),I was fortunate enough to hook into and land a Sea Run Dollie Vardon in the 18" range,the first Dollie I have ever caught in this area. Come by the shop for some of the new Patterns we have been working on .

 June 5th...Ahhhh,there are some favorable tides and the winds seem to have subsided...adding to this there are good numbers of Cutties off the beach, not surprisingly Dry Fly is your best bet.. still many fry about but with the water is so clear and the bright skies these fish see drys as easy targets..Have fun and you can keep 2 clipped fish should you land them

May 30...the tides are ideal and the weather not..but there have been more fish about these past few days,so get out and try minnow patetrns with a bit of Brown in them and Dry flies with natural Deer hair colour

May 24th..
 The BEach fishing really hasn't turned on yet...there have been a few good days and the tides good but the best fishing seems to run in spurts with warm days that have been few..Although the local rivers have been very good including the Englishman

May 7th..For the past few days the Cutties are showing up in much better numbers,there seems to be a relationship between the numbers of Sea Lions leaving and the numbers of fish showing up again...strange??? or is it!? Dry  fly for Cutties off the beach...tides are good with some very low tides...

April 29th...
Fishing is still slow off the beaches..we are in need of some serious warm weather to get the algae and fry active.If you are able to get to the water at High Flood you will have your best shot at Cutties...some Blue Backs have been spotted off Deep Bay and the Englishman estuary...and a few good size feeder Chinook have been landed off Flora Island at the end of Hornby ..we will soon see many more migratory Chinook  along Hornby Island...if you have the ability troll some large Polar Bear Bucktails off your down riggers

April 20th...
Fly fishing off the beaches is again slow...what we need is some warm weather to move the fry out of the streams

April 8th....
Recent winds have made fishing off the beaches almost impossible...but,I say But...the weather is about to make a major change and that is a good thing for us. The tides are good and the wter temperature is warming,get those Minnow patterns out and don't forget to bring along some big dry flies to temp these great Trout.

March 25th...
With the warmer weather arriving the fry will be coming out in greater numbers leaving Sea Run Cutties with choices...there have been good numbers of fish caught and landed recently with a few being in teh 20" range...don't forget to work your dry flies for there great might be a bit off for the next week or so because of all the Brant Geese  and Sea Gulls about. They are in huge numbers and this alone is worth the trip to the beach....bring your cameras

March 15th...
Several of the regulars are catching some Nice Cutties off Nile Creek these days ,,on the outgoing tides...probably a good time to fish when the Seals and Sea Lions are not about in such numbers and the Herring eggs are thinning out.

March 4th...It seems that there are very few Herring in our area this year..we can only hope this is a natural occurance..last year was a record year for numbers of both fish and the fishing fleet...Nevertheless,this is a good time for we Cutthroat Trout fishers..get out there,there are are not too many Sea Lions and Seals about and the fry are coming out!

FEb 25th...
It will be only a matter of days before all Heck breaks out with the millions of Herring,gulls and the thousands of Seals and Sea Lions creating havoc Cutthroat Trout fishing will be bothered,by mid March we will have many targets to pursue

..February 1st 2010...
There are some Cutties milling about these past few days...that say the fry are in the early stages of leaving the streams...Minnow Patterns...try Ice Cream Bay

December 1st/2009...Beach fly fishing season is over for the year..Try for Sea Run Cutthroat Trout off the estuary from Feb thru July...follow the migration of the outcoming Salmon Fry even into Herring Spawning time

November 9th...these past few days have seen calm waters and very high tides...there are fish in the Buchaneer Bay area and Ice Cream Bay near the mouth of the Big Qualicum River. With so much fresh water coming into the shorelines these fish will come in very close and are good targets with the fly...Tigh tides are good and low slack

...October 19th...we have had much Rain causing many Coho to go into the local rivers,but there are still good numbers to arrive off the beaches...Chum are also about causing all sorts of disruptions. Some of the best COHO fishing is yet to come but you have to work for them...find the many small waters entering the beaches and move about with the tides...once you find them they are very willing participants

October Birthday and no worky! went out this morning and had a blast...during the day I managed to land 6 on my first cast(although I don't normally like this)...light winds and sunny conditions

Oct 3rd..All I can say is that the fishing is very good at this point...With the water being a bit choppy and the temperature being in the low teens the fish are turned on...and don't forget , there are plenty of Clipped fish about Nile Creek to go home with...the Mickey Finn, Coho Bugger in Blue and Green and the green and white Clouser Minnow with a bit of Copper flash

Sept 25th../2009
One can only say that the thrill from a hooked Coho is surprising and a delight for sure...
Get out there and see for yourself... There are many nice Coho terrorizing the bait fish in this region...Blue Skys are nice for us but the fish don't like such a high sun...Mornings,Late afternoons and days with a bit of Cloud and choppy water...many fish coming.
 Don't forget to Fish the Qualicum Beach area as well near tne Brant Look-out all the way back to the Mouth of the Little Q...French Creek will also have fish as does the San Pariel area of the Englishman River Basin

Sept...21st..>Coho Coho Coho
Ther are many Coho about these days and holding all along this beach area...from Spindrift road in Royston to south of the Big Qualicum River...Check out Deep Bay,Buchaneer Bay,Bowser Bill's, Henson Road,Power Lines,Nile Creek, Rock Pile ,Sunny Beach and so on...Minnow Patterns ,Cathy's Coat,Blue Coho Bugger(Neil),Sparse Green and White Clouser with a few strands of Copper Flash.

Sept 13th...
The Pink Salmno are still hanging on but have matured and are less desireable now..but the good news seems to be that the Coho are beginning to appear in even larger numbers off the local beaches...Blue Coho Buggers,Mickey Finn,Pearl Mickeys,the B&B,Green Neils and some of the Blue and White Minnow patterns are all good bets..however,don't over look the appeal of the Purple Handle Bar with the Chartreuse head. There are also good percentages of Hatchery(Clipped) fish in this region.

September 11th...
Well I have to say that we have had a great year for Pink Salmon with many thanks to all the hard work put into this fishery . Estimates at this time realize that there may be as many as 60,000 Pink Salmon in Nile Creek itself. There are still fresh fish coming down and into teh area,but now all the excitement will be aimed towards the Coho that are milling about Denman Island and north of here. Early season Coho are best in the early Mornings and late this area we are allowed to retain Two Coho per day that are clipped(hatchery)
a special bonus for the serious fly fisher is to target the Chinook at the mouth of both the Big and Little Qualicum Rivers

September  5th...
There are some very fresh silver Pinks all about and of course mixed in with the big schools of fish are some big Coho...if we get any serious rain over the long week-end many pinks will enter the creek and we will be seeing many more the beach. The Handle Bar is still working well and the Mickey Finn..

August 31st...
A few more Coho have been landed with expectations this year for a good Coho year. The Pink Salmon are still arriving in prime Silver condition mixed in with big numbers of maturing fish. The fish are waning from Pink to Green and Blue Green.
The folks at the hatchery are telling me there are a few thousand Pinks already in the Creek a fair way upstream. Someone lost a Brand New Shimano Snagging rig with a large lead weight and treble hook somewhere in the closed area of Nile Creek itself...seems they were trying to hide it for their next snagging event . The set-up now has a proper home.

August 28th....
Over the past few days we have noticed not only the abundance of fresh fish but the change in habits..and with these changes colours are becoming a factor...for several days we have again went to Green Minnow patterns stripped very quickly and of course Bead Head Muddler Minnows the same method. These fish are chasing these flies and smashing them. Have fun
August 18th....
Too many Pink Salmon at the creek mouth this morning to count. Large schools of fish erupted as one fish got hooked on a fly...a surprise fly today was a Burgandy coloured Handle Bar with a Fl. Chartreuse thread head...very effective...nice to be able to try all these new and exciting patterns with fish about...and there are a few Coho about as is only a matter of days before we see more numbers of Coho

August 12th...Many fish about these days after that small rainfall...and a few Coho. We have had a weather pattern change ,this is a very good thing for we fly fishers.
Limit is 4/day..Coho must be Clipped
Best fly so far has still be the Fl.Chartreuse head Pink Handle Bar...

August 9th..
Val and I went out this morning at about was really good to see over 20 fly fishers plying the local waters for the many Pink Salmon that are about. I landed 2 and noticed many others were into fish. Unfortunately, the new fly fishers were too far out into the water so the fish were moved out too far for many. Some Pontoon and belly boaters were into fish right away.The Handle bar was the ticket again for me today...will go out this evening for the night bite

August 6th...Yes 
The Pink Salmon are here in good numbers.....definitely worth the trip ...the weather is more co-operative and seas a bit choppy...Perfect conditions...have fun

July 31.... There are good numbers of Pink Salmon off the estuary very early in the morning before sunrise...get there before 6:30 and share the good fishing...some fish have been caught during the cooling evenings as well..high sunny days will be off

July 24th...
Went out this morning just before high tide,about 6:30AM ,saw 3 or 4 fish moving about and landed my first Pink Salmon of the year..on as One would guess a Handle Bar pattern with a flourescent Yellow bead head,tie on a Tiemco 9394#10  hook.Not a big fish but it will do...and a recent test fishery north of Vancouver Island has established that there is an aweful large run of fish coming this way... Also landed several very nice Cutthroat Torut

What can be said except this is one of Fly Fishing's- must do- fisheries

The Nile Creek Area boasts many friends of the environment, and it is because of this that Nile Creek gets a committed yearly Pink Salmon Run, accessable to all beach fishers, fly and gear alike.   

July 21st.
On the way home from Work today I stopped at the Creek Mouth for a few minutes and yes I saw several Pinks in the air...the tide was high and there was a Seal working the tide line. So it will be soon !
There have been a few fish seen also towards Bowser and that is typical

July 18th....
Over the past 3 nights I have been watching and fishing for Pink Salmon and Cutthroat Trout. I saw 3 Pinks in the Air yesterday Morning and last night I saw a few fish come into the Nile Creek Estuary for but a brief moment just before Dark. So...that Means Mornings will begin to produce fish ,and in a week we will see fish through out the day,especially the tides!

July 15th...
No fish showing yet....there have been fish caught around Campbell River and north...Soon
However,DFO is conducting some test fisheries off Qualicum BAy....this usually coincides with the Sockeye and Pink Salmon movements.

July 8th...2009
 A bit of rain doesn't hurt...the winds and tides are erally good at the moment but the Pinks haven't shown up yet...there hasn't been any signs of them yet north of us so we are waiting for a very good year...drop by and see our special Nile Creek Beach fishing Fly Rod Combo...there are only 2 left...

July 3rd....
With the Pink and Coho season quickly approaching  al signs look positive for we fly fishers off the beaches. There have been a few reports of Pinks being caught by down riggers in the Campbell River we know what that means...SOON!  In the mean time the Cutthroat Trout fishing has slowed a bit,a connection for sure to the Salmon coming in.

June 26th...The weather has been very nice of late...

July 10th...........   again the waves were very active as were the fish ;Cutthroat...on a dry fly...gotta like it!

July 9th...  the winds were up this evening and so were the fish. There were good numbers of Cutthroat bouncing about to the left of the creek, I did put on a Dry Fly similar to a travelling sedge and was almost instantly getting fish attention. I landed a very nice Sea Run Cutthoat about 1 1/2 lbs///   no sea lice on it and very bright. Lost several others before the winds came up too strongly...
Saw One Pink Salmon off in the distance.......

July 8th.....went out this evening for a few hours to cast a few flies and see if any Pinks were about ,the tides are good and the weather better...Saw no Pinks but was surprised at the numbers of Cutthroat Trout slashing in the estuary...had several attack my fly but couldn't hook them. Tomorrow Evening we will use Dry Flies to see how that works.
 windy and much wave action!...but tides are right...lets hope for quieter waters soon...try at daylight,high tides and the dusk period.
As of June 26th/2008 we have heard of only One Pink Salmon being seen off Deep Bay, likely on it's way to our area...these early fish hold off the shore a good ways ,in deep water, until they are more willing to participate in the matureing process.
 I will begin to fish the early morning hours as of July 4th or 5th. Expectations are high this year for a good run...these fish will likely begin to show in numbers about the 3rd week of July. For good success, be sure to fish all conditions, these early Salmon don't necessarily show early in the season.

Sea Run Cutthroat have been bouncing all about these past few weeks and will continue to do so until well into the Salmon runs when they decide to go up local rivers. There has been One small school of Pinks seen  but that was a rarety..too early yet,likely in several weeks

July 24th 2008 at Nile Creek

July 20th,2008 ...Pink off beach

June 4th....
Val and I went out after work ,fished for a few hours and had a blast...Sea Run Cutties were about chasing fry ...the waves were a bit of a nuisance but the fishing was good..We were using Minnow Patterns,of which the good old Mickey Finn produces.

June 2nd.........
With ever greater numbers of Salmon fry entering the estuaries there are equal to that of Cutthroat Trout terrorizing and feeding. Reports of fish over 24" are a reality...most though are in the 14 -18" range and very fiesty. Clipped fish may be retained

Feb 18th...2009
There has been a bit of good Cutthroat Fishing off the beaches in the area north of the Big Qualicum River to Nile Creek...Minnow patterns are working well. There are a few Herring showing up already,could be good. The Pink Salmon fry are not yet coming out of Nile Creek so keep plying the waters.

December 24th...Winter Cutthroat Trout fishing off the beaches as we are surrounded with Snow...Minnow patterns for sure

Nov 6th..
Was chasing Coho today south of the Big Q River mouth , good numbers and bright fish,thesse fish were mixed in with the Chum that are beginning to thin out...don't be afraid to go after the Chum as well...try a Pink Handle Bar or Cathy's Coat!

November 1st...
With the weather blowing up a bit the beach fishing is off to say the least...however,there are still good numbers of Coho about ,French Creek, between the Nile Creek and Rock Garden, near the mouth of the Big Qualicum River itself, Fanny Bay Spit and Deep Bay spit/Cook Creek. I would suspect that the numbers of fish will begin to dwindle but the number of biters will increase...

October18....There are many new fish just off the Rock Pile and the PowerLines. During a casting clinic this morning we saw a few fish at the creekmouth and near the Rock Pile. are still in the bay between the Red Barn and our store...have fun,  you might think about increasing the speed of your retreive. Cutthroat Trout are also about in good numbers and One of the fellows landed about 8 the other night /evening on Dry Flies!
Oct 16th...
 Over the past week there have been many Coho taken off the areas beaches,..One being measured and kept at 19 lbs....several other on Tuesday were landed and kept in the 11 lb range...Today the fishing got good again just after the winds patient and don't be afraid to be doing the unexpected..."walk the beaches!"...The Highlander and Green Coho Bugger are the ticket...both Green!

October 8th... It is the ideal time to get out
As expected the Coho have shown up in very good numbers and some of size..and they are biting..all along the beachs from Deep Bay to Nanaimo...especially Bowser,Sunny Beach, Little Qualicum Estuary,Englishman estuary, Nanoose BAy, French Creek, and of course Nile Creek to the mouth of the Big Qualicum River...have fun and be safe

October 4th/2008...
my Birthday and I had to work...oh pooey!..However the fish are biting all along the beaches...some nice Coho being caught by the locals near Nile Creek, Rock Pile, South side of the Big Q, Henson Road, Deep Bay has  a few...and Bucaneer Bay

Sept 30th....
So many great opportunities about these past few days...there are fish all about and few biting...many fish are just simply jumping about ...not a care in the world...keep trying...when this low pressure comes in we will see a more agressive fish willing to bite more often. Pink in the fly has worked for a few fly has the Green Coho Bugger...
Deep Bay seemeed to cool of these past few days as well... I had a good fish follow a popper type fly on Friday and Saturday evening last...silver body with bushy flashabou tail. The Powerline area has been a good bet of course as has the Henson Road area.

Sept 27...
I have to say that the Coho have really shown up around Nile Creek...there have been more than a dozen fish taken over the past few days that I know of...I was out this morning and evening and hooked into several fish that didn't co-operate. Green was the colour...the fish have been at the Mouth of Nile Creek, Mouth of the Big Qualicum and all the way to Ship's point...although the fishing North of Nile Creek hasn't been as good .
Sunny Beach, Even in Qualicum Beach itself near the Brant viewing station and back to Kinkade road...
Have fun...there are good numbers of hatchery fish available

Sept 23..
Well I have to say that I have seen a lot of big Coho but have yet to land any...although I have been too busy with guiding and other "visitor " related activities these fish are there.  With the Low tides in the morning these fish will be very bity! Increase the size of your flies for a better chance at them. And I saw my first Chum(of the year) off Sunny Beach today
Sept 20th..
There are very nice fish all the way from Ship's Point beaches to Sunny beach...evenings have been best and the high tides are producing some fish for both beach fishers and the fishers in boats. eep BAy is seeing fish but these are not too willing...the Low Tides are good off the Resort.

Sept 16th.....
Was out last evening chasing Coho off the Powerline...some big boys at that...none landed yet . The Rock garden is beginning to attract Coho as is Bowser Beaches. Deep Bay definitely has Coho on both sides of the Spit and in front of the Camp Site....
Sept 13...
There are new Coho arriving every tide..There have been some caught in the past few days and I saw a good number of fish jumping off Sunny Beach last evening on the way home from work. (Ice Cream Bay)
Around Bowser Bills and into Deep Bay there are fish....don't be afraid to fish at the mouth of the Big Qualicum...I have had great days there! ALso a special note...I have some of the New Beulah Surf casting rods coming in...available to be cast...I think this will revolutionize what we here think as an everyday beach rod and fishing technique....

Sept 11....
Fished last evening for Coho and saw a good number near Deep Bay, Buchaneer Bay and Bowser Bills...I was into them but no biters...IMO the Skies are too bright and water warm...Watch for the Full Moon...the weather is supposed to be clear ...the fish will move more and lets hope we get a few drops of heavy rain to smell up the water near the shorelines. There are also Coho Off the Powerlines but not in big numbers yet...Sunny Beach and the Mouth of the Big Qualicum are all seeing fish...there are a few Coho in the Big Qualicum River. Some of the Fish I saw last night were a good size.... 

Sept 8th...
Was out a few nights ago and got a shot at a few Coho but they were just too far out....these fish were in the Bowser Area near the Early Bird Lumber area or the old Bowser Bills. Will fish Tuesday evening ...
FYI I am building some very nice shooting lines especially for Coho Beach Fishing and have 3 custom built Beulah 9'6" 8wt rods for sale...give me a call

Sept 4th...
there have been a few Coho spotted off Sunny Beach and around the mouth of the Big Q...also around Henson Road...make sure you have a good seletion of Minnow Patterns for the Coho...

Sept 2..
The Pink Salmon fishery for this year is basically over...There are some fish about but they are dark and ready to go up the creek to spawn. The numbers for this year are more poor than expected ...disappointing yet not too surprising with the Netting going on. However,the good thing is that the Nile Creek Enhancement Society has a guaranteed supply of Pink Salmon Eggs for this and upcoming years ...the run for 2009 will be much better according to the number of eggs available 2 years ago.
Coho are beginning to show up as are Chinook off the beaches and all along Sunny Beach Area. Again Bowser seems to be the better location for Coho at the expect to get into some very large fish this year...I am tying some very sweet Coho patterns using Llama hair in both conventional hook and Tube Fly get by to see these .. 

August 27th....
Our run of Pink Salmon have all but disappointed us...there are still plenty of fish milling about in the bays north of Nile times they are very aggressive and then there are those lock jaw times....however, there are also more and more Coho showing up every day...they are not yet in close and on the feed...we always look at Labour Day Week-end as the start of the Coho season...Sunny Beach is always a spot to try at high tides...I have seen many Chinook jumping about ,another great target for fly fishers.....

August 23......
Went out this  morning at 6:30 ...low tide but coming in..saw a few small COHO chasing baitfish off the beach...landed a nice cuttie for my efforts. Saw no pinks high tide the Pinks were very active and biting..."green"...again towards the REd Barn/Bowser side of Nile Creek.The water has cooled off somewhat ...that is good news for won't be long...however,the Pinks are still coming in and don't be surprised by some very big silver Pinks over the next couple of weeks. The Tides are getting better...High Tide is the best still

August 21........
 Well the Pink Salmon have finally spread out and have been jumping about from the East side of the Creek to the time is good .   Even the tides have not been so important...people came into the store this afternoon to say they saw pinks jumping at the mouth of Nile Creek...
an outgoing tide!
Yesterday a fellow landed a small Spring Salmon about 12-15 lbs on a small Shrimp pattern off the Powerline beach...don't be afraid to try larger Minnow patterns just in case..

August 19...
recently the Pinks have been holding nearer to Bowser  spread out and letting us find them. However,the Tides have been important  ....With the Low Pressure and Rain at the moment it is worth the trip...Blue Green ,Green Epoxy Candy, Green Handle Bars and of course the FL. Yellow Pink Handle Bar  are a good bet.

August 18th....
Still the fish are not co-operating...and the numbers are not what they should be...However,the fish that are about are soon going to have to come into the River Mouth(Creek) ,we shall then see better numbers and more aggressive fish...some boaters yesterday spotted big schools off the mouth of Nile Creek...There are also some Chinook milling about and if you are into it cast large Minnow patters off Sunny Beach and Ice Cream bay...if we get a grey day with lowering temperatures you could try off Nile creek as well!

August 16....
I don't know why but there are those very bright ,sunny  and warm days that most fly fishers should just stay at home and do the chores they promised they would do last month. There are very good numbers of Pink Salmon about ,especially towards Bowser(West) ,but thety are very unwilling to bite anything. This Morning I was casting into,on top of,through,past,and even under very active fish,used every fly in the box and not ONE taker;for me or any of the other fly fishers about!
The Morning bite on SUnday should be about 10AM..we will see!

August 12...
To my uneasy surprise there have been good numbers of Pink Salmon to the West of Nile Creek all the way to Bowser and into Bucanneer Bay...this should mean that fishing will improve dramatically over the next few days...again the Pink Fuzzy has been the "FLY" of late...these fish are very active and willing biters...Have fun

August 10......
Still the fish have not really shown up off the beach to have consistent fishing...the same applies to the Oyster and Royston areas.....Daylight has brought the best fishing for fly fishers...I stayed until dark last evening and saw a few fish about...and hooked only One. The creek mouth seems to be best during the evening and down towards Bowser. 

August 7..
The Fishig has been off with this High Pressure and pore tides...although there have been a few fish about in the early mornings ,and from 7:30 pm till after dark...try to the left of the Power Lines and between Sunny Beach and the creek mouth. The yellow Bead Handle bar has been one of the better flies of late along with the old and time tested "Blue/Green"...a very sparse polar bear  fly.

August 4....
Nile Creek area has produced fish this past week-end in better numbers ..the tides have been favorable for most anglers wanting to take advantage of both the great weather and the possibility of catching the Pink Salmon for a BBQ or better. Chinook have been wandering into the Creek Mouth for the past week so don't be surprised when there is a sudden yank on the rod  instead of a subtle stop! Some of the fly guys have broken out their Pontoon Boats for this fishery safe a,d have fun

July 31.......
 Fishing is definitely getting better...good numbers of fish have been spotted just off the beach with a few coming well within both sides of the creek mouth all the way to the Rock Garden (Sunny Beach) and in the other direction to Henson Road.Handle Bars with a Chartreuse head are the best producers at the moment...but, I have tied a selection of Special Green/Blue Coho Buggers that work well on these fish,especially when the are stingy with their bites!  Now is the time to get here...Floating Lines are the better choice..although Clear Tip Lines and Intermediate lines do produce well. Winds have been brisk lately ,so be prepared to power up with a stiff rod.

July 27...

Fished the mouth of the Creek this morning and managed to land a very nice Pink...there were quite a few showing but holding off, out of most casters reach...we had to wait for the chop to bring a few straglers in...numbers of fish are increasing daily...saw a few off the Powerline this afternoon as well,just before High Tide. The pink Fuzzy has been my best fly to date,followed by a Pink Handlebar with a Florescent Chartreuse Thead head. Also try the Pink Handle Bar with a Fl. Red thread head and a short krystal flash tail! Floating Lines have been working the best ,FYI ; have been using a new Snowbee Prestige 10' , 5wt Single hander   the past few days and have been really surprised by this rod, to me it has a wide spectrum of possibility in a rod of this weight. When I want to power it up it has what I need, yet it is very light and very affordable to the average fly fisher...
The Pinks this year so far are about average...3-5 lbs. very bright and fiesty for sure..make sure your backing to fly line knot is A1

July 24... Incredible evening...clear and calm...fantastic sunset!
Heard rumors that several Pink Salmon were caught last evening..went down to Nile Creek at 7:pm...tide incoming to a high by 10:00 PM...Aboriginal Canoes going by ,getting set for the North American Aboriginal games in Duncan...these Canoes stayed at the mouth of the Big Q,celebrations going on ...anyway,saw a few Cutties at the Mouth ,went around to the Powerline and saw a Pink Jump...3 guys were in the water...Cliff landed One...several moments later Norm Lunt landed his 1st Pink Ever on his Own tied Fly,Several more jumpes,I landed 2 fish,One about 5 lbs...very nice fish...saw others but there was a lot of debris in the will only get better.

July 22/2009...

There are more Pinks about these days ,some of the Real Beach Rats are stirring  and that only happens when the Pinks are about. Will go out in the morning (Daylight) to see for myself,,, will be guiding at Salmon Beach on Wednesday 1-7pm...will ahve current info'
Cuttie fishing is very much off. and that usually is a Salmon indicator.Try Deep Bay for Cutties
See my Eve River Summary

uly 17th...   the action for Cutties has slowed a bit..likely because there are more Pink Salmon coming in...although they are not showing much yet...the weather conditions are going to be Ideal this week-end especially on Sunday...Fish the Tide on Sunday Evening and you may be rewarded! 

July 14th.........
There are a few Pinks about in the Mornings and evenings...Cutties still tempt us with a dry fly...