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What can be said about this system except WOW...home to the federal hatchery "Robertson Creek".  This system boasts seasonal runs of Summer  and Winter Run Steelhead. Although the numbers of fish in the system in 2007 were low there was still an exciting fishery to be had.  Beginning in August ,Chinook, Coho and Steelhead venture into the many areas of this system  that allow anglers access a retention fishery check regs...
There are limited numbers of Trout within the system except during the Spring and early Summer ,mostly available in the upper River . Great Central Lake provided the main Water Flow for this River and in so doing provides some exceptional Cutthroat Fishing in the early Spring and even in the late Fall after the Salmon have basically completed their life cycle.
This system has a very healthy Caddis Population and some fairly large Stone Flies,couple that with a good supply of Fresh Water Crayfish and you have the making of a very healthy fishery. Unfortunately, the essense of quiet time during your fishing experiences are often disrupted by noisy Jet Boats ...however, this fishery itself is something else and produces many large fish for your photo collection or fridge

2020..Poor Steelhead returns again..
March 14th...with the winte behind us we have again seen poor Steelhead returns with no surprise. The way we allow Jet Boats on Spawning beds is silly...not the only issue but a big participant ..The Spring Trout fishing will tell the tale about what is to come...some very nice Cutthroat will fall back out of the lake and await the Sockeye smolts and munch down on the Salmon fry

2019..This River will remain open during Summer Closures

Fall of 2109 has been a difficult one for this system...all species numbers we down  ..perhaps we need to connect the aboriginal and commercial fish allotments to some of this is crazy to allow over fishing and then suggest there is an issue...DFO is clearly responsible for this mis-managed fishery

Septeber 16th...lots of Chinook and Coho in the system

September 6th...for so many it is Coho time  on the Stamp..there are good numbers coming in mixed with Chinook...know the regs and have a good time...a few Small Summer Steelhead and around so please take care of these endangered fish

August.24th..Chinook are coming in, with coho right behind

July29th..we will soon be seeing a few Coho and Chinook entering the system..Trout fishing is soft and there are summer Run Steelhead spread throughout the entire system in small numbers

July 12th,,,Sockeye fishing is closed down and should never have been wonders why the first nation fishery is permitted and the stock are so low..Trout fishing has been ok and the odd Summer Steelhead is being  hooked..the good thing about closing the net fishery is that there will be fewer Steelhead needlessly slaughtered in the nets and disposed of

June 15th...water is warming up  plenty...Sockeye have entered in very low numbers with threats of closure...some good trout fishing on the upper river

April25th...Now that we have seen the winter run numbers it was poor but better than 2018...the upper river will open in a few take care of any recovering Kelts you may get into...these fish are undernourished and weak...lets hope for good trout numbers this year

Time flys when you are having fun...
The winter run Steelhead were this year in fair numbers,,,before the mid winter drought many fish were being landed in the central parts of the river...
March 20th...water is low and are spawning so be careful

September 22nd...recent rains have driven the water levels up substantially and moving the incoming fish and  staging fish throughout the river..good for survival to spawn...there are lots of fish throughoutthe system...
Summer Steelhead are in the Upper System feeding on eggs and other easy food sources..very few trout about

July 6th...No Sockeye fishery this season ...the native fishery got theirs and then closed because of DFO's inability to deal correctly with these issues...don't let the commercial native and non native take their limits before we get our needed escapments for stock survival..with some abundance.. perhaps the Steelhead will ow trickle in whats left...when the chinook and Coho arrive we will see more Steelhead ...trout fishing has been ok on the upper river with so few in the lower rivers

June 22nd..with few Sockeye still entering this system an opening is in doubt..there only a couple of Summer Steelhead in the system to date..but by August we will se more of they escape the first nations netting insanity
May 5th...rive ris open above the Ash now ,we are seeing a few nice trout being landed and as to no surprise there may be some very large Cutthroat trout out of Great Central lake chasing Sockeye smolts and steelhead/Salmon fry

Feb1st....Water is still high and expected to slowly drop as typical..low numbers of Steelhead again what are we going to do?

2017...Sept 27th..Many Chinook and Coho have entered and moved throughout the river ...the annual snagfest has almost finished in the Somass river with many happy anglers going home with their limit of Salmon...wATER IS LOW and excellent for dry fly fishing 
water was raised a bit to allow fish to come in..we are seeing springs and coho in the lower stretches and a few above the falls through the ladders

July 20th..Water in teh river is coming down and if you are into lining Sockeye it is a good time,,,watch the tides to see fresh fish streaming in...Trout fishing is slow as  is Steelhead..Nets in the Somas and in the Alberni Inlet are killing Steelhead mixed in with Sockeye

July 1st...
Sockeye are making their way to the lakes with some summer steelhead in tow and large trout waiting in the lakes for their eggs... there are nice trout below the Hatchery area and above the Bucket

June 5th...water levels are so importnat..but they are coming into shape and we are also seeing some sockeye entering the system...usually with that movement of incoming fish we will also see outgoing sockeye smolts come out of the for big Cutthroat trout chasing these delicious morsels

May 15th...we ar estill having a bit of high water and this will give any recovering Steelhead agood platfrom to prepare for their next journey..some nice trout are about  with dry fly action starting by early June

April 28th
With such a crazy winter behind us with un-productive steelhead season for many reasons..we can perhaps now look forward to some good Trout Fishing and if lucky later  in the spring and early summer find Summer Steelhead. Sockeye will not be a sport fish this year in this system the numbers are too low..the good news is the Natives will not be allowed(so we are told) to net or target Sockeye and in so doing will save the lives of many incoming Steelhead that are so precious and endangered..The same may be true for the North Coast so the Skeena runs may improve this year

December 5th..water is finally coming down and Steelhead fishing is upon us..yes we have seen some bright fish being caught at the falls pool but soon we will see good fishing throughout the lower stretches

Oct 4th...lots of fish about  more coho are coming in with the huge numbers of chinook salmon the future looks good

Sept 24th...Many of the early fish have made their way to the upper reaches of the system...some very large Coho were caught and Chinook...please make sure of the fish type you are landing and select only the few you can retain

September 15th..lots of Coho and Chinook now coming in...water is still terribly low but is making for good conditions for those trying to "FLOSS" fish with gear or fly...big Coho ..please make sure of the species

september 5th...this river remained open all summer..steelhead are in low numbers,but Sockeye were in very good numbers,many big Coho have already come in with fewer numbers of Chinook than predicted. water levels are low but fishable and a fair temperature to keep fish oxygenated.


..June 4th..Tomorrow the fish frenzy begins from Somas Park down to the boundry for all the Sockeye fishers..please make sure to release any Steelhead snagged by mistake

May 24th,,yes we have seen Sockeye making their way into the Somas and up thru the Sproat, typical for their season. Trout fishing on the upper River has been spotty  with a few good size juvunile Steelhead taking big dry flies and stoneflies. This time of year we will see big lake cutthroat trout dropping down into the system searching for easy prey  such as salmon fry and Sockeye yearlings...

March 3rd.
It shows that this winter was a fairly good winter for Steelhead numbers...the gear fishers were blessed with many opportunities that produced some very impressive fish,,for the fly fisher the high water meant that the opportunities were less frequent yet they were there.there is till about 3 weeks to the steelhead season before the true spawning begins and it is time to leave them alone to do what they do best. Trout numbers are desperately low throughout the entire Sproat/Somas/Stamp system..and that only translates into disaster for future runs of Steelhead..that combined wth the virus incident of several years ago where the hatchery had to kill all Steelhead smolts being raised in their facility(more than 100,000) will show the ugly face in numbers as early as this year. Lets keep our fingers crossed

November prepared for some closures on this system..the salmon are in such bad numbers we have to keep the snaggers away from them..and jet boats off the spawning beds. This of course will benefit the few Summer Steelhead  left from being over fished..not the entire river is closed do get detials until November 15th

October 10th...water is coming up quickly..the runs of Chinook,Chim and Coho are very poor,,,summer Steelhead fishing is also not very good

September 15th...
Still tons of Sockeye about bothering all the snaggers...some Chinookare coming and a few Coho,watch for  and know the closed areas,,

september 7th..Tons of Sockeye coming in..apparently more than an additional 600,000...No Trout about and no Steelhead in any numbers ...with the nasty wether we are seeing coming in the next few days this may change quickly
September 4th..
Some of the Stamp/Somas river system has been opened to Salmon fishing..please clarify with ministry..Closed from Falls to Bucket
July 15th..
Lots of Trout about and a few Steelhead..water is fairly warm..we are seeing a few more dead Sockeye than normal but  not alarmingly

July 4th..
Somas and Sproat closed to all fishing until further notice..Stamp is still open but fish wisely..Stamp will likely close as well soon
June 27th...
Water levels are low and warm  we are likely to see some in season closures...Sockeye fishing is shut down in the fresh water for conservation needs..lets hope this heat wave doensn,t impact the season too much

June 7th..
With so mnay of the Islands Rivers in desperate conditions this system will maintain..The Stamp has the Islands best water flow and can porduce exceptionally well ..the lack of Trout about is due to the problem with Steelhead and also likely has to d with the hatchery having to put down the  100,000 plus Steelhead smolts seveal years ago(because of low water conditions and a natural virus  identified amongst the Sockeye populations)...the good thing about the low water is that the dry fly acton will only get better..sockeye are making their way throughout the system and of course the annual exiting on both Sporat and Great Central Lake of the Sockeye smolts will bring down some very large trout waiting for their the hont here is to use good size fry patterns

Although the Upper \Stamp is now open there seems to be a lack of trout about..and the upper lake is full of out-going Sockeye smolts..I would expect to see some very large Cutties drop out of Great Central lake waiting in Ambush..some of these fish can be in the 4-5 lb range. Not surprisingly...use fairly large epoxy match the hatch

April 15th ...we have seen  fair year behind us on the Stamp/Somas for winter steelhead and before that Salmon...although a very busy River with boat traffic and walk in  anglers,especially the lower River there is hope to see  re-bound with Trout numbers that will show dividends down the rod. Water levels are good and not surprisingly we are seeing a few Sockeye entering the lower river system typical for April with the mainrun beginning in late May

2014...October 31st...These rivers are in flood..the Jet Boats and serious gear fishers can get down with gobs of lead, some chum in the Lower River,Steelhead in the upper reaches and coho..

'October 22nd...With recent high waters we are seeing Chum in the lower River and many Coho in the Upper...

Septmeber 26th...
There are lots of Coho and Chinook coming into the river these days..the guides are all lined up in wait of course with lead and big  hooks ,have agood time out there ;I am sure you will find a good place away from all teh jets and snaggers

September 22nd..
Not much water yet but it is raining...we will see a fair bit of this wonderful element in the next few days and this will mean fresh and much awaited for fish...the snaggers may not like the higher water making their slimeness less effective ..please release all wild Steelhead

September 1st...recent rains have given the scent for the bigger fish to begin entering the river...we are seeing Springs and a few Coho coming in..water temperatures are high but not too high yet...however,this has been a terrible season for water levels ,Torut fishing has been very poor and Steelhead have been far a nd few between...what Sockeye we thought might be coming in were decimated by both the red and white natives...human greed has left it's path of stupidity..again! Might we ever see a fish rebound in this once great water way?

July 1st..It seems that many of this years Sockeye are on teh small side..but lots coming in..if you know how to you can fish for these near and below the Somass Park ....very few trout about..some nice fish on teh upper but not in great numbers..A few Steelhead are just now coming in..try around the Gun Club for possibility

August 1st..Water is very low and all the netting going on with the sockeye on the somas is impacting seriously the Steelhead potential for this once gerat system..need we say more!

June 22nd..2014...
Water levels have been maintained very well this year with so little rainfall or snow melt...There have been about 17,000 sockeye so far come through the counting barriers at the falls,and yes a few Steelhead amongst the masses of Smaller Sockeye.  Trout fishing has been less than ideal this years with all teh smolts killed off with the disease some time agoi. But if you are a dry fly fisher hang on..therre ar rewards in them thar swings.

April 7th ,2014...
There are some very bright fish coming in but in small numbers..this is typical for early April..this time of year is also good for intercepting recovering Steelhead that have already spawned and are in the "getting Healthy mode".   I am surprised at the lack of trout we have seen so far this year...definitely has something to do with the hatchery killing the entire "diseased Steelhead Smolt" hatchlings! 65,000 smolts were destroyed ...lets see where this will go and not likely to the detriment of any "biologists" whom say it is a natural disease..surel we can do better that this!

February 6th..2014...low water and few fish   there are some fish in the system but not the right water conditions..this may go down as a very poor Steelhead year in this system

November 6th..
Water is very low..the jet boats are still overfishing the Summer Steelhead in the upper river sections with names for each fish they hook ...lots of Coho have made it through the system and even into the lake... Soon the Falls Pool will open followed by fresh Winter Steelhead coming in,with the November rains,especially after the 20th..if lucky..if you are going to Trout fish this river use big dry flies for some good action..and of course Large Double Bead Stoneflies

October 25th...Water levels are low ,lots of Coho within the system but mostly holding in the deeper pools mid river,again we are seeing the jet boats working the Spawning beds,a stupid idea that needs to be dealt with and regulated as a no motorized boat zone... There are some SUmmer Steelhead about that have been target over  and over  lately but are fun to fish with the fly..
As you can see here with Kellen holding a nice  summer fish

...October 7th...Water is coming down nicely..still way too much Jet Boat activity but there are plenty of Coho about...Summer Steelhead are also coming in  ...lets get the boats off the spawning beads...

Lots of Coho coming in , Water is ideal for flossing fish in the lower reaches...Steelhead will come in with the runs of Coho and the Big Trout will drop out of the lake in search of eggs and flesh. Leave the Chionook alone because of very low returns and please protect any Steelhead caught if Wild

July 1st...Trout fishing has been good when the waters are a bit lower,unfortunately we still have seen many jet boats in the upper waters zooming through the spawning beds..But,we still can find nice trout about and can be quite surprised to see if not hook
into a small Summer Run Steelhead

...May15th/2013...Water is high after some heavy rains earlier in the week...but we are seeing much Actiivity in the upper reaches with Sockeye fry coming out of Great Central Lake..make sure to use either large minnow patterns or good size Stone Flies.

March 3rd, has been a bizmal winter on the Stamp River except for a brief window in Early December,what can we expect when we allow these Jet Boats to rape the stocks and chew up the smaller fish in the spawning areas above the Hatchery..Once again we call for fishers,all fishers to realize the damage these boats cause and get them off the upper river. How can we possibly expect things to improve when insanity occurs everyear with the same result. Perhaps the next month will see less pressure on the remaining fish in the system ..

January 2,21013...Again we are seeing only a few fish throughout this greta waterway. Now that the upper reaches are closed the poor Summer fish can spawn without all the harassment from jet boats,unfortunately,this river does get busy with boats and many gear fishers..lets hope for a strong run of fish later in January to provide the much needed excitement we all seek. Water conditions are excellent if not on the low side at the moment.this is good for fly fishers..get out there and swing your usual,the falls pool has been busy followed by the gun club and falls park...make room for everyone and respect the other anglers
There should be a fair amount of fish coming into the Money's Pool area..tight lines

Decmber 24th..
The water conditions are excellent this season..although for the fly fishers there are not yet many fish to be had...the lower Rive ris producing few fish..for those wanting a sure hook-up then the best bet is at the Falls Pool or Slide pool...if you want Summer Run fish that have been abused by jet boaters then enjoy the top end of the River until December 31st when this section will close to leave the fish alone and allow for the upcoming spawning season

November 11th...Water levels are excellent for the gear fishers and a bit high for we fly fishers...but there are Steelhead about
mostly in the upper reaches...typical for this time of you can see from the picture below the water can be treacherous..have fun and be safe

October 10th  2012..Water is low but cold..this will maintain the Salmon during this time of stress...there are Steelhead awaiting to move into the upper River once the rains arrive later this week...respect all species and regulations...Enjoy this marveloius River like My wife Val did yesterday ...a nice Trout and beautiful day on the water

September 19th...Water is about the same but warming up...more Coho are coming in mixed in with some big Chinook..lets prey for some serious rain and cool teh meantime..trout fishing has been good and a few Steelhead are now coming in...the Lower River is your best bet ..
September 5th 2012...Water conditions are considered low for this time of year with warm weather records broken and no rainfall..there are some fish entering the river but in small numbers...with 1200 fish caught during the Salmonfestival and an expected 1300 aboriginal fish taken on September 4th and another 1900 Chinook taken by the ridiculous Sein boats tonight in jus 1hour..we will see the escapment enter the rive rover the next few weeks along with the many Coho tagging along...there will be many big fish to be entertaining you so have tough rods and strong leaders

July 25th..2012...the Sockeye have been trickling in constantly for thte ast 6 weeks with counts past the falls in excess of 200,000...a few Summer Run Steelhead have escaped the dreaded nets  and are making their way also to the upper areas of the Stamp River...take care of these fish

June 18th..2012. Water is a bit high ,fishing demands you get down,there is no dry fly action yet and the Cutties out of the Lake haven't entered in any numbers yet. Some Sockeye are making their way to the lake. This triggers lots of fry action out of the lake...
Here is a beauty caught after the Spey Casting on Sunday the 17th

May 22nd...
Water levels are still a bit high but don't let that stop you..simply fish where the fish are "Deeper". Lots of fry are about but seem to be causing little attention from the larger Trout. Some great hatches have been going on also .. My favorite Double Bead Stone fly has again proven to be the "ticket " to ride on this system..if using minnow patterns try to weight them and creat flies in the 1 1/2" range with lots of sparkle

April 2nd..
Water conditions are a bit high and dirty...there are good numbers of fish above the Ash ready to do their business..good to have this area closed..Numbers have been low this year and not surprising..time to close boat access to the Spawning areas above the hatchery!.April can see some fresh coming in so keep those flies swinging around the Falls,Gun Club,galaxy,Park and your favorite runs

.MArch 25th..
Water levels are great,many Steelhead are spawning  in the upper river,although this years run was weak...we can expect to see Sockeye entering the lower Somass River by late April. Trout fishing is good on the Sproat and Ash. A really good bet to trigger a good and quick response from a recovering Steelhead is a 3 to 5" Minnow pattern..these fish will smack this fly

Water on the Stamp /Somas system is excellent ,one would say the water from Moneys to the Stamp Falls Park is on the high side for Fly Fishers,but excellent for those using spoons and gear..few trout are about yet,Steelhead are in moderate numbers and averaging 8-9 lbs..although some big fish have been caught in the lower River just after a rain

December 28th...
Winter Steelehad are now entering the system better  with the more consistent  higher waters...these fish will hold up below the falls throughout the January period...most of the fish in the upper reaches are beat up Summer fish that have been hooked quite a few times...that will change in a few days since the upper river above the Ash closes on Jan1st..Fly fishing will get better soon after we see lowering water temperatures and river heights...using large Intruder patterns stirs up good responses from these non-eating Anadromous fish...Colours such as of course are Pink,Purple,Fl. Orange,Fl.Fire Red,Black,Fl. Chartreuse,Cherise,Fuschia ,Blue  are the most commonly colours to be mixed/matched,dubbed and more. always add a bit of flash to get things going!

.October 1st...with all the snagging  about over on the Stamp system because of High Water and fewer or less dense numbers arriving, it is time to really get out there and fly fish for Steelhead,Coho and Chum///although there are still many Springs about the shape they are in is a bit tough...the upper reaches will have some big trout following the larger Salmon about as they just behind the spawning fish with Egg patterns

August 25th..
Water levels are now good for most gear fishers and fly fishers...some nice Steelhead to be had in teh Upper River ,Chinook and Coho are coming into the lower River with every tide...Be clear on regulations and don't snag fish!

June 25th...
The water is coming down a bit,this will certainly make Trout and Steelhead fishing  more accessable to the fly fisher...there are some very nice Steelhead about this week...moving into the river is made easier by the recent high waters,escaping the native Sockeye  nets. I fished the Lower Somass the other day with Dry Fly and was very pleased with excellent trout action

April 16th..2011
This is the time of year to leave the Steelhead alone...trout fishing is poor and the Steelhead are spawning...water conditions are excellent if not a bit low...and cold...there are reports of fresh Steelhead still trickling in ,try around the Gun Club ,Bucket,Store Pool ,Slide Pool and the now Snaggers pool(Falls Pool)

March 20th..Now that all or most of the Gear fishers have had their day on this wonderful system fly fishers can look forward to good action for Trout and Steelhead. The Falls area will continue to produce a few bright Steelhead and Smolts that have survived the winter.

Feb 24th 2011...
The winter fishing for Steelhead has been only mediocre on the fly,however,we will see better fishing for fly fishers now that the rainy season is over,but we need to get this cold spell finished. Look for fish all through the middle section of the river from Money's  down to the Park...Give some large Minnow patterns a try,you might just be surprised! 

October 24th..
There was a smaller run of Coho enter the system than was expected,but wu\ith the rains many fish continued well up into the system and will prove to be beneficial to future runs and fishing opportunities. Chinook were in good numbers with many smaller bright fish being had well into late September and early October...Steelhead are in fair numbers but have been depleted results of the net fishery for Sockeye and Chinook by the first Nations,the Somass and lower Stamp Rivers do have a few Chum Salmon

OCt 5th..
Water levels are receding nicely,the higher waters did allow the Coho to move well up into the system to do their spawning and that is a good thing. There should be some Chum in the Lower River. For you Trout Fisher try single Egg patterns to entice a bite..and Steelhead are also there in fair numbers.Chinook are clloured pretty much by now and will not be good eating...Silve Coho will also be still entering the River with every high tide..
If you get a chance try the Lower Taylor River  for bright Sliver Coho on the Fly...
River is very high but the water is clear...these type of conditions allow the fish to advance upstream relatively unmolested by all the snaggers/Liners...once the Coho begin to stage they will become very territorial and snap at anything strange and threatening

Many Coho have entered the river and have been intercepted by the entreouge of snaggers knowing the slots into which the fish have to migrate upstream..these fish will take a fly once they stop and begin to mill about,very flashy flies are the ticket ...Purple Flashy Marabou flies work well and do Hot Pink colours 

Coho are coming into the River in good numbers,I have seen them all the way to the Money's Pool...Sockeye are still in large numbers and the males will take a fly is in it's face..
Steelhead are also in small numbers and holding in the fast water areas..Money's Pool as always is a good bet..I have seen some big Springs in the Lake pool at the HAtchery and Money's Pool but in very small numbers so far...they might be holding below the falls and in the Slide Pool areas

August 25th...we need rain...August 20th..
Some Chinook and Coho have entered the River,not enough for the snaggers to be happy but enough to target  with large bright flies in the holding areas of the Confluence ,trestle and Bucket areas. Make sure you release any wild Steelhead

August 8th...Water is getting low and the snaggers are out in full force...with reports of Chinook and a few Coho about  makes it interesting for all fishers. Regular folk enjoying a summer cool down on the river also get into your fishing lanes but they soon pass and rarely change your chances. There are a good num,ber of Steelhead in teh Upper RIver near the Ash Confluence...and some nice trout above the upper Falls

July 15th..
Good water levels still ,Sockeye are making their way up river easily without too much poaching going on....along with tehse Sockeye Summer Run Steelhead will make their way along with them..
Black Double Bead Stoneflies work awesome on this system

July 8th...
This year the Sockeye run is healthy enough for DFO to continue the sport fishery at Papermill Dam going,the limit is 2 fish,although the limit in the cannel from the boats is 4 fish.Can't understand but they do like to mis-manage!
Summer Steelhead are coming in in smaller numbers than I would have suspected, although the local guides have been targetting them more in the past 4-5 years and that will definitely have an impact of their recovery and survival

June 15th...
It's that time of year again,nice trout,summer run Steelhead and highish water...this year we are seeing many more Sockeye in the Upper River and that is good news for all if only the Big Cutties out of Great Central Lake will co-operate when they drop down after the Sockeye Fry...??!  Nice Trout...Beulah Tonic Line and Double Bead Stone fly

Water is coming down somewhat ...the entire River is now bait free so the majority of the gear anglers will put their guts away and likely either begin to wait for the Sockeye to begin  or head to the ocean for Chinook fishing. The hatchery has released more than 100,000 Steelhead smolts this past week,so lets hope they make it out and somehow find their way back as Steelhead. The Sockeye smolts will be coming out of Great Central lake and Sproat Lake,this means that the Cutthroat Trout will be in hot persuit in teh Sproat Rivers, the Ash,and Stamp systems.

April 29th...
The River is still running a bit high..pressure is off from all the gear and jet fishers,closed to bait again so get your fly rods out and work the slots and deeper pools around the Gun Club..if you have the energy fish the Falls pool to the Slide pool and work the sides will be rewarded for your efforts

Hopefully the Steelhead have done their thing and spawned without being tormented by the Jet boats and the poachers.Fly activity is about to begin off the eddies and slower water sections...also,Minnow action coming out of Great Central lake will be chaotic come the warmer weather ,the River is currently closed above the Ash River but open in May..check the regulations and get ready for some fine Dry Fly Action...last year I landed some very large Cutthroat Trout coming or following the fry out of the Lake. Also,the Gun Club area can produce some fine Rainbow Trout just above the big pool...Minnows

March 25th....
The fishing pressure has been heavy this year especially from the guide boats...however,it is now calming down a bit and with the fish moving up into the upper reaches of the river to spawn perhaps these boats will leave these great fish fishing will be a good bet for any fish returning to the salt and recovering fish...take care not to out play these weak fish and release them quickly..ove the years I have found that 3" egg sucking leeches being one of the better patterns to use

The Stamp has not been too friendly for Fly Fishers so far this year,high water and too many jet boats...there have been good numbers of fish about..I am anxiously awaiting for Mid-late March for good fishing conditions and some large Male Steelhead to become available

December 4th...
The water levels are coming down with the cold weather and full moon...fresh winter fish are entering  the system  with a peak in a week or so...a great time to swing those flies..leave the poor Summer run fish alone in the upper system...they have been recycled Once already

November 5th..
There is a lot of water coming down the system, this year's Coho run was very strong,the Chinook Run very weak and the Sockeye sort of moderate. Now that the water is a bit higher the snaggers can't isolate the fish coming thru the slots and have once again lost their zest for such foolishness. There are good numbers of Summer Run Steelhead all through the upper river above the falls...the guides are making sure these fish are hooked many times before they preish of weakness..the good thing is that there will soon be some winter run fish coming into the lower sections and that will open the door for more anglers to really enjoy this sport. I have seen many Chum near the Gun Club and the Confluence areas...but few trout..
or Steelhead..
Try the Ash River with the fly soon...

September..8th...Wow,what a few days can mean...many nice coho just storming in...the water is still low so the snaggers are having a field day...don't forget to check your fish very thoroughly...many Summer Run Steelhead enter the Rivers with the schools of Coho...SIlveer Chinook are also tagging along for support..humph....Try the Bucket below the falls...many fish are holding up there.

Sept 5th...
Not much to report because of low water...a few fish trickle into the system with every tide and the numbers of Coho are increasing..with this little rain and big moon we will likely see much more movement ..
August 28th....
Fished the Stamp today ..water is very warm and low...there were some Sockeye coming in with the morning High Tide that did make theri way to the Bucket area...landed a few Trout and saw a small Steelhead caught by another Fly Fisher.

August 20th...
Chinook and Coho are now entering the system ,but low water is allowing them to be snagged during their migration..o9nce we see a bit of rain head for the River,the fish will get willing to bite.
For Chinook large Black Leeches and Coho like Large Flashabou flies,they will bite only when they stop moving or harassed.

July 16th...
Ther are still some nice Summer Run Steelhead entering the system...theri chances of continuing past Paper Mill Damn now is much better since the Sport Fishery(if you want to call it that) is closed because of Snagging and dumping of excess fish!
The water is very low and getting warmer. Watch for the first rains and head to  your favorite run for some nice Torut and perhaps a Steelhead.

July 3rd..
There has been good numbers of Sockeye entering the Stamp River system and there are lots of SOckeye in the Upper River pools  near Great Central Lake.
Trout fishing has been good throughout the river.Summer run Steelhead are in the system,more this year for sure than last. Some are in the Small category but very beautiful and fiesty.

June 6th....
With the Sockeye fishery looking OK this year we will see more Steelhead enter the system by July...this is a great dry fly fishery in the upper reaches,tagging along will be some very nice trout to 3 lbs. For those very lucky fishers  there are also some very impressive Cutthroat Trout below Great Central Lake. Don't be at all forgetful about fishing the Sproat River. Some of the Trout in there look like Small Steelhead. Taylor River is also a great bet with reports of a few Cutties from Sproat Lake nearing double digits.

China ,Cous,Coleman Creeks also do get a few Summer Steelhead and nice Trout....Franklin River and Klanawa if the water is not low are hot spots.For teh lake fisher,Sarita Lake is boasting 3-5 lb. cutties off the drop-off

May 18...
The water has receeded well ,enough to wash out recovering Steelhead and the millions of fry coming out of Great Central Lake ,Sproat Lake and the tributaries. Yesterday I hooked into some very nice Trout and lost what I thought was a Cutthraot Trout of more than 5 lbs. Didn't see any Steelhead but I was trout fishing from the lake to the Hatchery
Taylor River as some Very Large Cutthraot Trout in it as we speak,some of these fish in excess of 6 fising only waters.

MAY 15th.....Unfortunately many of the Port Alberni fishing guides still think it's cool to ,on a daily basis,catch as many of the recovering Steelhead as possible on the upper Stamp River. claiming bold numbers of fish being caught. However,if one was to tally the numbers and compare to the actual numbers of fish in the system you would find that these poor fish not only will not survive but have been hooked more than 6 times. Not my idea of a real sport

March30th...April 10th
There are fresh Steelhead coming into the River and holding below the Falls...once the water rises a bit they will come into the upper reaches of the river and get ready to Spawn. We have caught Spawned out fish already ,several fellows from Comox landed 11 Spawned out fish today and lost One fresh fish...good stats.
I think it is time to leave these fish alone

Feb 10th...
The earlier reports of this being a good year was simply wishful thinking on the part of the local guides...not only have the fish not shown up but there are many dead Steelhead above the Falls from being hooked so many times and handled. Fortunately many of these fish are hatchery fish and typically not a Spawning factor.
However, Feb' can bring in some very big watch for the rise in water and head for the Falls pool and Slide,Bucket, Confluence and Aligator Run.
SOme of the Inlet Rivers also have  Winter Run Steelhead in them,such as China Creek,Franklin(canyon water),Coleman Creek ,Cous Creek and a few others.

December 17th...'08
There are certainly Fresh Winter Run Steelhead in the Lower System , with any amount of rain within the next week or so should produce even more fish.All the flies below will add to your success . Bright coloured Bunny Leeches and Intruder patterns are a sure bet in any unbothered waters,Once these fish see gear they will hunker down and the need to get your presentation in front of them is necessary for hook-ups..  In this picture you see a nice 10lb. Clipped/hatchery Steelhead landed on a tube fly.