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Once this River was considered to be One of the Premium Wild Steelhead Rivers in BC. This intimate River has everything a fly fisher will ever want in landscape and variety of fishable water. From slow moving wide shallows to canyons and deep pools. Once a fisher gets a taste of the Little "Q" it is there for life. There are Brown Trout on the top end of the System just below Cameron Lake, these fish are taken or drys,minnows and nymphs.  Below the Falls  there are small resident Rainbow and Cutties. Sea Run Cutties enter the system during the higher water conditions of Spring in search for Salmon fry leaving the system. This usually goes well into late June with a bit of a breather before the Salmon begin to enter the system in August. All Salmon species except the Sockeye call the Little "Q" their bedroom.  And these fish are more bite friendly than most of the local rivers. Drop by our shop for more details and the hot flies.

November 2nd...lots of Coho retention of Coho...many chum in the system  much better than 2019..release all trout

October 10th...our fall fishing has been very good...many Chinook entered the river in September and now we are seeing lots of Coho and Chum

March 14th..Spring is here along with the flowers and millions of Salmon fry...Minnow patterns are the key to success in many slots and pools.

2019 started with a big push of water..unfortunttely with that came a Mid Winter Drought with cold conditions and few fish

Fall of 2019
November 10th...what we saw this fall was excellent Coho and Chinook fishing ,there was several days of exellent Chum Salmon fishing..the numbers of Chum Salmon is seriously low causing concerns of course
Trout fishing is very good 

October 3rd...There are still some chinook around,everyday more Coho and a few chum are coming in...water is good level..

Sept 16...lots of Chinook are entering the river and going all the way up with the increased water levels..Rains have helped

September 6th..River is open for fly fishing...there are some Chinook in the pools and some trout retention and have a good time...release all the fish carefully and not with your foot

July3rd...water is much too low and warm...will close in Mid July until September

June 15th...very low water is causing many concerns and water kind to any fish you might hook into...river closes July 15 until September..hope for rain

May20th...Cutties are fould throughout the open areas this spring...Bead Head Rolled MUddlers are of course a sure way to find fish...dry fly action has been good and will only get better as the heat arrives

April 27th...for the past few weeks there have been fair numbers of Sea Run cutties about...of course Minnow patterns and even  a small dry seem to be working

March 20...some nice Sea Runs are being caught using small MInnow patterns..fry have begun theor emergence..

2018..finally we are posting about our local streams
October 16th..Chum are finally coming in although only in fair numbers..lots of Coho are in the system

Sept.25th...recent water levels have risen allowing the many Chinook Salmon to move throughout the system to continue their journey...there are still good numbers in the lower pools ..some nice are also about and be caring with these...Coho have also begun to enter the retention and fly fishing only regs.

September 7th...there are certainly good numbers of Chinook now in the system..although the water is still very low...rains are forecast and that is typical...bringing in much better fishing conditions and many more fish..Fly Fishing only as of Sept 1st..the fish below was landed September 4th in the Little Q

July 8th...with exceptional Trout fishing since June the wate is now please be careful with the trout in warm wate conditions..

May 5th...Trout fishing has been very good..nothing really large but rumours of 4-5 lb cutties are being listened to...the river is still closed from the hatchery  up to the falls

Feb8th...for the past few months we have experienced seasonal high we are seeing a bit of daylight and water is coming down...some of the gear fishers have landed some inpressive cutties and of we expect that to continue into the water is soon here

Sept 26th...with the river being so low and so many fish throughout the lower River we are still seeing bright Chinook coming in..a few Chum and Coho have also entered..have fun and respect the fish along with other anglers..remember the fish live in water and not on rocks

Sept 9th///a very good push of Chinook have entered the river with many moving well past the Trestle pool
Emy took avantage on his way home to play this lovely fish

August 25th..with extremely low water we are still seeing a few Trout about..the water temperatures are very low..and now with many Chinook and a few Pink Salmon entering it will get crazy..lots of Big Chinook have come in at high tides

June 29th..water is getting low but still high enough to hold some very nice cutties..dries are working but never as good as Double Bead Stone Flies

June 5th.. water is so  much better and the entire River is open except for several key locations...some noce Citties are being landed and a few nice Rainbow Trout ...Stoneflies,nymphs,muddler minnows

May 15th..
still tough fishing for cutties lately..with the warming water we will see more active Cutties

April 28th...water is coming down and warming up..time to find the big Cutties and out going Steelhead mixed in with the smaller Spring fish


December 5th
We have had super high waters since early October...this has led to basically no trout fishing access..the river is now closed above the hatchery. The good news is wate rlevels are coming into range for trout fishing  and some good trout fishing...

October 4th..lots of Chum now coming in with Coho and still chinook mixed in

Sept 24th..
Coho are bouncing about

September 22...there are many chinook and some Coho throughout the lower River to the Hatchery...some very large fish have nbeen landed,,,remember there is no retention  for Coho and Chinook

AS of July 1st this river was closed due to low water conditions and opened to fly fishing only on September 16th..Salt Water is open as are teh lakes and north Island rivers
River closing July 1st due to low water conditions

June has been good for the past week or so and expected to stay as so as long as we have water

 May has been a while since we last reported on this system but there really hasn't been too much to report on. Well,maybe a bit..there was a period in late April when there were good numbers of Steelhead coming down in recovery mode..also fair cuttie fishing...the only open area has been from the hatchery down to the ocean...yes Minnow patterns and dry flies

March 3rd
Finally we are back and on the water,this winter we have seen more than average rainfall and high and dirty water ..the trout fishing has been mediocre but getting better..we have also seen a few Steelhead being hooked and a few landed for photos. No retention on this system. The good news is that the fry are starting to show and that only means fun for the fly fishers matching thte olours and size ..Steelhead will also take a fry so be on it


November 4th..
Although I don't target Coho in fresh waters all that much we are seeing some nice fish teasing fly fishers...bright flashy flies are the ticket...we had some special big birds tied for this season with lots of flash...try might just like the result!!

October 21st..
.More Coho are entering the river these days and are biting very well..also lots of Beautiful Chum about wanting to break your rod...water levels are excellent and very fishy..this fish fell to a Chartreuse Green Coho Bugger

october is very good at the moment..water is coming down showing many fresh fish coming  in

October 10th...Chum and Coho are a comin!  water levels are good and bright fish  seem to be willing to play..try as typicl for this year some bead head muddlers for the Coho..and Black leeches for the Chum

September 15th..River is open to Fly Fish only as retention of Salmon ..yet...lots of Pinks and big Chinook in the lower reaches...and if you are a trout fisher try above the hatchery...dries and small leeches as well as egg patterns

July 4th..
River closed to all fishing until further notice

Water is very low..but the dry fly fishing is very good...check for any inseason closures

June 7th..
Although the water is getting a bit too low there are still some good fly fishing opportunities throughout the system..find those hard to reach spots and tie on a #8 Stimulator ...great action
May 29th....
Water is very low,almost to a desperate condition..although temperatures are still in  asafe range for the fish..there havae been some nice trout landed  both on Nymph and Dry Fly..the River will open to angling above the Hatchery on Monday/June 1st where we will find a few more fish ..lets hope for decent amounts of rain.

May 15th...we ar eseeing the numbers of fry increasing as well it seems that this low water is helping to identufy more fly hatches...don't forget your small dry flys and small minnow patterns

April 14th..since our last repor was seveal months ago many things have changed ...over the winter the river is closed from the Hatchery all the way up to the falls...this is to protect mostly the steelhead and of course poaching of Trout and Steelhead. There has been a good numbe rof Trout and a few Steelhead hooked below the Hatchery ..River has changed due to the crazy water levels during the late fall,considering the impact of illegal tree cutting near the river has moved many logs intot he river and eroded the bamnks..although there are better deep water slots int eh lower river for the salmon coming in next fall and may help impact torut survival


October 29th...Oh Yeah...water is finally coming down so we can again get at the Coho and Chum..with the recent high waters we have had a tough time fishing...time for the Chartreuse Wolly Buggers

October 22nd..The Little Q is now blown out..although I would suspect that by Friday it will be fishable..lots of Coho and Chum are blasting in..and when water comes down you will find many nice Cutties willing to chase a Minnow or Egg pattern

October 15th...this past week has been exciting ..lots of rain,dirty water,water levels still very good and wadeable and lots of fish coming in..although numbers are still on the low side for both Coho and Chum..Chinook are finally doing their business,  making Trout Fishing high on the radar list once we get thru all the rains forecast ,release all Trout...use slightly weighted Egg Patterns for both Trout and Chum...Coho like sparkle

October 8th..we are seeing so many big Springs again this year,although late you can keep One and One Chum that are also now just starting to arrive..mixed in the fray are the pesty Coho..have fun and respect all others and yourself

October 2nd....if you have never seen a spectacular fish event then you have never been to the little Q,many bright  Chinook are entering the river late and these fish are happy and some very silver,,,we are also seeing some very big Coho hugging the outer edges abd under the logs..large stoneflies a re a good bet as are sparkle coho flies..there is retention of 1 chinook and 1 chum as of October 1st

September 26th...Even though we are welcoming so many chinook, higher water would make them much more willing to bite..find a good riffle and work it hard with Leeches or Minnow patterns for a good chance at these monsters...and neve overlook beaded Stoneflies..another good bet will be egg patterns

September 22nd..
Cooling temperatures are saving many fish fro sickness and providing better oxygen levels...tides are excellent in the late afternoons and into the evenings..a few rain showers has driven in some new schools of fish,and with projected rians ahead hang on  some big fish to be played with and released safely..respect yourself and the resource

September 18th...lots of nice Chinook coming in with the late afternoon high tides...water is still too warm but if you piss one off bad enough you will be rewarded..

August 29th...even with low water today there weer a good number of Springs enter the lower Little Q...we had a bit of rain ,enough to give a fresh smell and in they came..

August 20th...a fe wPinks have entered the River but not likely to survive with the water temps too high...Choinook are gathering at the mouth

July 1st..  Lots of small fish..the occasional big 20" fish are about but witht eh water so low and warm  not too active..Pinks will begin to enter the river in a month or so and we know the big trout like to follow

August 1st..
No Water   only very small fingerlings with the odd torut in the pools

June 22nd...
The water level is now getting very low, so fishing will be slow with few big Torut willing to risk venturing out from their hideouts.  But if you do,tease them with good size dry flies ,Brown Minnow Patterns and of course either Black or Brown beadhead Stoneflies

May 30th..
The main river will open in a few days and if you get a chance go fly fish with some nymphs and stone flies..the fishing has been very good  lately,look at the food source at the moment..match the hatch if you will.

May 16th..2014..
Wow..some nice Trout about...lots of flying ants so get out before the fish get too full of Ants

May 2nd,2014...
Lots of Coho fry about and a few that the river is open to better access thte trout runs make sure you have bead head muddlers and polar bear minnows with you...of course do not forget Beaded Stoneflies as well.There has also been a bit of dry fly action going on

April 7th/2014... now that the water is warming and coming down a bit we are seeing many more fry about being hastled by big Cutties and might even see the odd Steelhead ...don't be afraid to toss a Stone Fly  into the dark mjight be surprised what turns up

February 6th,2014..
.it is a new year but the trout fishing is as good as the last days of 2013...we saw so many nice trout in November and Deceember ,lets get out there when the rains bring water levels up and see if we  can't get into an incoming Steelhead or some veru big Sea Run Cutthroat Trout...Egg patterns,Bead Head ,egg sucking Leeches in sizes 4 thru 8, and make sure you have some bead head mnuddlers and polar bear Minnows at hand...especially something with a Orange/Brown Polar UV Dyed Polar Bear hiar

November 7th..What started out as a normal season for the Little Q has turned out to be anything but..,Silver Chinook in Late August,Bright Coho by early September and still coming in and of course Chum by the thousands..although the runs are now thinning out we are still playing with the chum..and the bonus to all this is a good abundance of Sea Run Cutthroat Trout throughout the system..Remember fly fishing only,release all Wid Trout and have fun
a Nice YellowBelly from November 6th..below

October 27th...It can be described as the Jewell River of Vancouver Island..the Little Q is hot...lots of big Chum and Coho being hooked up..and of course lost or breaking rods..Fly Fishing  This time of year and for a good reason..there are so many fish coming in...have fun and respect yourself by honoring regulations and other fishers

October 15th...this gem of a River is home to some awesome fly fishing ..for the past several weeks we have seen a few Chum coming in and lots of the chum are coming in in larger numbers and so are the Coho, no retention for Coho yet but 1 Chum /day..check the updates for info'

...October 7th...
Since the dirty water has gone we are seeing bright Coho pounding their way uinto the river...few chum have yet to show up but will only get better, although enough to target..and we can keep a clean fish (Chum) if you want

September 30th...Some very nice fish have come into the river,Coho and Chum..water is up but still fishable...

Sept. 10th...Water is once again very low,and the fish are holding off the River looks too good for the next 4-5 days ...but these big fish will come in regardless of water height by the 24th of thte month so do get ready for any moisture we might receive..the Pinks in the River are numerous,in fact the largest run we have seen in the Little Q to date..but along with this are good numbers of Nice Cutthroat Trout to be fished with dry fly..and remember there is no retention of any wild trout in any Island System...this river is fly fish only from September 1st every year

August26th..there are very good numberds of Pink Salmon and Chinook already in the River..lots of poaching going on so be careful and report all abuses you come across...but do enjoy this special close to town's a fish landed on teh way home from work

August fishing for Trout has been very good so far this summer and all bets are that it will get much better once the Salmon really move into the system,.,,,we are seeing Pink Salmon making their way up past the Trestle pool already and a few Chinook around the Orange Bridge..these will soon be all the way up to the Trestle and Whiskey Creek Pools. No retention of Salmon in these systems so far..and all wild trout must be released...enjoy the resource

July1st...What can be said about this jewell that hasn't been has been fishing very well for the past month and has kept me busy at times...I have fished from the Orange Bridge down to the estuary a few times and have always been rewarded with some fine fish and lots of new experience. The upper river above the hatchery is fishing well with the odd Big rainbow/Steelhead being connected with...normally in June we will see some fish(Steelhead) make their way up into the less fished ranges above the new Highway..Minnow patterns,Dry Flies and Leeches are all effective presentations..Olive Green Leeches can be hot during the summer months\

March 3rd.2013,  water is currently a big high and dirty,good news! The Cutties are a comin,as are a few Steelhead. Unfortuantely,the River is only open from the Hatchery down to the ocean but that is enough. If you see anyone fishing above the hatchery report the poacher!... Get out your Egg Sucking leeches and small Pink work Patterns,don't be shy to use larger than usual minnow patterns up to about 2" and add a bit of sparkle with this coloured water we currently have.


With the many cutties in the system there is surprisingly a bit of pressure on the open sections of this river. The RIver is only open from the Hatchery facility to the ocean..I like small egg sucking leeches and fair size minnow patterns this time of year for these great sport fish. Also a good idea to have along is a good selection of Stoneflies in various colours..

November many Chum about it is difficult to get at the Coho..but,if you stick to the deep runs that have a lot of debris then you may be rewarded with a Silver Bullet on the end of your line,try above the hatchery for exciting aftershocks...Bead Head Muddlers are a good bet

October 23rd..Wow,there are a lot of fish coming into the system these days..get out ther and enjoy this time of year, Coho are very ;large this retention yet so keep up on the regulations...and is fly fishing only..

the Chinook are getting abused with the low water but just tonight as I was driving by the Little Q bridge I noticed the Chum were storming in in big numbers..this will mean there is a weather pattern change on the horizon ..the first fish entering the river will be marked  up in their spawning colours..give it a few days and a bit of rain and the bright Silver fish will find their way into the lower stretches..and have fun while respecting the  fish

Sept..21st...many fish have entered the system..with the mid afternoon High Tides and winds..this triggered a movement..we were there when they came in by the hundreds..nice silver fish

September with many of the local waterways the levels are very lkow and temperatures are warm..the Little Q has had a lot of Chinook come in and are holding in several pools...Whiskey Creek pool is too low to allow for too  many big fish but is loaded with Pinks and about 20 Chinook..poaching has been present so do your part and report when you can

September 5th..we have had no rain and the river is getting warmer and lower...with conditions like this we will see only a few Chinook enter the upper reaches of the river..there ar elots of Pink Salmon getting ready to spawn in the small gravel areas and pools...Chinook will storm the river by Mid September regardles sof water conditons..Mother Nature is CALLING!

August 27th..Here is a picture take last evening on the way home form work...some people enjoying the efforts to get these salmon to bite their fly..some very nice Chinook are moving into the river with clouds of Pink Salmon hanging to the sides..

July 25th/2012..warm water conditions is making itg difficult for the larger trout to move about the system easily...look to fish the lower reaches of the river near the estuary for holding Sea Run Cutties and soon large Chinook also holding in the tidal pools..likely by the mddle of August

June 23rd...OHHHH Yeah..time to get the dry flies out..water is excellent and there are some nice fish about...the Lower River near the Salt has been exceptional at low tides..

May 22nd.. This has been a good month for the lower reaches of the Little "Q"..with lots of double digit outings. Some of the Sea Run Cutties have reached 20" so be prepared to dig deep into the pools for these beauties. The River opens fully on June first ..have fun

April 20th...Water is getting higher with the snow melt,there has been good nu,mbers of fish in the system along with some recovering Steelhead making their way back to the ocean...expect highish waters for the next week-or so

April 6th..
Lots of activity happening within this great little River...ther are signs of Spring all about with good numbers of small Chum fry poking their noses out...Cutties are here and watching ...also a few Steelhead recovering from the spawn so if you hook into One please make sure not to take it out of the water and release it unharmed..these fish are endangered..

March 25th..
Water temps are still very low  holding down most of the coming activity. There has been a bit of activity closer to the ocean so we will see some nice Cutties in that section of the River..

Feb 6th...
Not surprisingly,there are some very large Cutties throughout the system,Rive ris closed to fishing above the Hatchery,make you way from the Hatchery down to the 19A bridge and you will have a good time..some new trees have come down so be careful

Higher water levels is hampering efforts a bit but this will turn out to be in our favour...Many Trout will be available for teh fly once the carcasses wash out  leaving better conditions...Minnow Patterns and Leeches will do the job...especially something with a bit of flash aboard..River is only open from Hatchery down to the beach and of course above the falls to Cameron Lake.

December 10th...
What a year we have had on the Little Q..lots of Chum this fall to provide the much needed nutrients that certainly was lacking during the winter of 2010...Some Nice Sea Run Cutties are about...Fly Fishing only and closed above the Hatchery until late Spring 

October 20th...
Many more Coho and Chum have entered the system, fly fishing for these great fish has been exceptional and should continue that way for a few weeks more..then of course we will see many more big Sea Run Cutties striking out at the many egg patterns we might cast their way 

October 10th....

With a lot of Coho in the system and fresh Chum filling the bottom end of the River up there will be excellent fishing all month...make sure you know the retention for Chum and Coho until their numbers are all abusers and poschers

October 1...
With a bit more water in the system we are now seeing the odd Chum and a few more Coho...there are still some very clean Chinook making their way into the lower of today there is a One CHinook per day Coho or Chum jet

September22...the long awaited arrival of Chinook took place about a week ago...the river has enough water to host many big Chinook....was out last evening fishing the Whiskey Creek Pool with good success..there are Chinook all through the lower system

August 25th.. Major construction around the 19A bridge is complete in time for the Big Chinook about to enter the lower River...Look for some very large Chinook this year as well some impressive Cutthroat Trout tagging behind!

May 19th...
As with the  past few weeks we have seen some very impressive Cutties being landed on both Minnow  patterns and Stone for the Ann Hatch about to errupt.. Don't to try your favorite May Flies on the surface,Hang on!

April 22nd.. Weather has warmed a bit and Voila !
Definitely time for Brown Polar Bear minnow patterns..the river is full of Chum Fry

April 16th...we are still waiting for the water temperatures to warm a bit...we have had no air temperatures above 15 this year and then only One day..Average tempertures have been about 9C...good for a slow snow melt and for a gradual fry escapement...for we fly fishers we like to see a much greater concentration of fry to excite the gorging Cutthroat trout.But,there have been some very nice Cutties landed in the 20" range so far...try a bead head rolled Muddler in Olive or natural.
March 20th..2011
...Ahhhh,water conditions are excelent although a bit are going to have to focus on sunny areas with fry patterns if you want any real success seeking Cutthroat Trout. Since the water is so cold yet the fry are staying in the gravel a bit longer..

March16th...Water is still a bit high,some Trout are about and if you can intercept them before the get to the hatchery area the Steelhead are willing biters. The run likely will be too small to really target,but just in case.

Feb 24th 2011...
Fishing has been a bit slow with the cold weather but hang on..warmer weather is around the corner and so are the hungry Cutties laying in wait for Salmon fry on their way out!

December 12th..2010
The River is now giving up some nice Cutties ,a few Steelhead have entered the river...remember,the River is closed above the Hatchery...have fun and make sure you have a few egg sucking leeches with orange or pink heads
October 24th...
The Chum run this year is greatly reduced,yet we have retention,and there are some silver fish about coming in with teh high tides. Recent rains have raised levels and numbers of fresh fish. Surprisingly this is a good Coho year likely because of the lack of Chum ,exposing the Coho (no retention)...still love those Stoneflies for Coho and of course Muddler Minnows..

There are few Chum entering yet,Coho have moved up to the HAtchery area and in good numbers...although no retention so far this for SIlver Chum soon to make their appearance..Fly Fishing Only!

Sept 22nd..
Plenty of Chinook action in the Little Q above the Highway 19A bridge,no retention until OCtober 1st...saw some Chum mixed in with the larger schools ...there will be no Coho fishery again this year..make sure you are clear on the regs..Fly Fishing Only! 

Sept 14th...
With every high tide we are seeing schools of nice Chinook entering the lower River to the Hatchery pools...the water is too low for these fish to be too active.try to target the Jacks because they are very active biters,especially for large Black and Red Maribou or Rabbit Leech Patterns ...if you are targetting the large fish then use small egg patterns  bounced off the bottom  or Green coloured Coho Buggers

Sept 2nd....
Well the Chinook have entered the River in small groups but that will change very soon...these fish are very bitey...try various Leech,or Egg Sucking Leech patterns,lage bushy flies without too much flash. I personally Like Black Bunny Leeches  with a collar of either Chartreuse or Hot Pink...also like these flies tied with a Bead head or bead chain head.

August 25th..
The water is still too low to provide enough scent to the big Chinook waiting to enter...but if we don;t get rain in a week or so they will come in no matter..

August 20th...
There are a few Big Chinook holding in the lower reaches of the Little Qualicum River..I havaen't seen any past teh lower Bridge yet..but I would suspect this week-end will bring a few fish up with ths cooler weather

August 8th...Low Water is keeping the large Chinook from coming into the River but it is not stopping the Cutties from advancing in wait of those delicious eggs,don't forget to stock up on Ware's ear Nymphs and Beaded Muddlers..

The trout fishing has slowed down a bit,there are however some large Cutties causing havoc in teh estuaries awaiting the Salmon entering these local rives in several patient,but hesitate not to drift a nice dry fly near overhanging trees.

June 15th...
IF ever you were going to get out and explore the Little Qualicum River now is the time...water levels have been a bit high but now receding, thus Dry Fly, Minnow patterns and Stoneflies...unfortunately there are still many idiots poaching the upper river areas using worms and the more we are seen on that river fishing legally the better!

May 19th...The fishing has somewhat slowed down simply becaue of pressure and the short distance able to be fished...the main river will open on June all poachers
May 6th..
There has been some good action for good sized cutties from the Salt Water to the Hatchery...Dry fly has been working lately,I suspect that the cutties are full of fry for the moment! Some fish in the 3-4 lb range are being landed...
Some great fishing all along the lower stretches of the Little Q these days(below the hatchery) Dry flies and a great little Polar Bear Minnow pattern with a Brown Wing underfured with a Guinea Feather..a very special colour  hand died by Jerry Hardy..of Comox...if you want to see this pattern come by the store...we have a few Dozen left only..

ou have to come by the store to see the new Minnow patterns we have come up with...combining DNA and Polar Bear is a rare treat!

April 6th.....We once again received a lot of rain raising the river levels up past the comfort zone for most Trout fishers...but don't despair,there are good numbers of Sea Run Cutthroat laying in wait for your flies...MINNOWS...the weather looks very promising for the next week so do get out
...bring along a few dry flies to match the hatch during those sunny periods
March 25th...
The water levels are perfect and the temperatures excellent for the outgoing fry ...and that means the Cutthroat Trout will be in every lay waiting for a free meal...Muddler Minnows, Small Polar BEar Minnow Patterns and even a few egg patterns will do the job...have fun 

March 4..Water levels are now good and the fry are migrating to the estuaries...this is our annual best tiem to engage good numbers of Trout following or ambushing their prey..MINNOW PATTERNS!!

Feb 25th.....The river is beginning to fish well...water levels are good and slighly coloured. Fry are beginning to pile-up in the slow moving water with Cutthroat Trout laying in wait not far away. Muddlers,Minnow patterns ,even small Alevin patterns.

Feb.1st 2010...
The River is finally coming down and is in fishable condition. There are some nice Cutthroat Trout around the Hatchery  and down to the Trestle for  the odd Steelhead

December 4th...We have a sustained water flow that is a bit high but is good for the fish. Minnow,Egg,and Terrestrial  patterns will do the deed...remember many of the Cutthroat Trout have been in the system for several months now feeding on flesh and Eggs,so try different presentations. December 17th last year I landed 12 Trout out of One hole on One pattern
And here it is...

November 7th...
As with the Big Qualicum River there is lots of water in the system...but there are still a few Chum coming into the system that are silver...few Coho have been seen, a worry for the HAtchery folks and we fishers for the is a wonder why we can't seem to get these numbers up! Cutties are in fair numbers ...get out soon after the waters recede for some great trout fishing..

October 24th....There are lots of silver Chum salmon coming into the Lower Reaches of the Little Q these past few days...few Coho are mixed in..some concern about Coho numbers at this time but it is early...Some idiot was trying to snag Chinook in the Whiskey Creek Pool with a 12oz. Halibut makes you wonder how some Morons exist on this Planet and Why!!??You see my hand here to quantify the Size...and note the Huge Plastic Worm or section of worm...why not fish legally??

October 11th/....saw a young fellow today carrying a bright Chum salmon home...he caught it below the Bridge in the Tidal Area. ...but there is also a One fish retention for Chum in the Fresh Water areas.   many Coho are about to enter the river with any rains we get so be prepared for fun but no retention on Coho until further notice.

Sept 11th....
If your timing is right you will see one of the wonders of the animal kingdom...thousands of Large Chinook  making their way up this great little River for their final journey...and they will bite  black leeches and wooly buggers with Beads or Pink Head leeches

Sept 6...On the way home from Shopping with my lovely we saw many fish entering the lower Little we indeed rushed home and got our fly rods a ready...
Landed 3 and lost 3 in an hour retention and fly fish only in the River above the old Highway bridge and in the Tidal area there is a retention

August 25th... There are a few Salmon in the River at the moment and many trout...   with such low water be kind to the fish and the surrounding ecosystem

June 5th...
I have yet to land a nice Cuttie since the main river has opened,but soon. This River generally is known for it's great dry fly fishing for smaller Trout and  the occasional; Big Sea Run Cutthroat Trout. I fished it on Saturday Evening and landed about a dozen smaller Cutties and One Rainbow ...mostly on Dry Flies...Bead Hsad Muddlers work great at digging out those stubborn fish that like to hold in the deeper pockets tucked in tightly to the logs and rocks.. My largest uttie to date in that River is about 20'...

April 1st..
Fishing has been slow these past few weeks below the Hatchery...I have seen One Steelhead and few trout,with the warming trend on the horizon this could change overnight...drop by the store for some great new Minnow patterns
The river is closed above the Hatchery...but there are some nice fish at the Canyon and just below the trestle pool...a few Steelhead have entered the system...but normally travel well up into the river to begin hopefully their spawn.. Big nymphs and minnow patterns will do the trick...even small Leech and Intruder patterns.

Even though the weather is still a bit cold and the snow is about 2 feet high access to the Little Qis good. Fished today after the higher water has receeded ...lost a small Cuttie and saw a Small Steelhead  moving through the fast water..the river is closed above the Hatchery so let's hope these Steelhead get past and do thier thing for future generations,and with some kind of luck get this river back to a fishable state for Steelhead.

Dec 24th..
Some nice Cuttie being caught below the Hatchery and around the Train Trestle...a lot of snow has fallen ,making getting about  somewhat difficult..there are Clipped fish in the system so retention is a possibility

November 30th...
 The River above the Hatchery closes on Dec.1st...  should you be lucky enough to fish the middle sections of the River above the Hatchery before the season ends, you will be rewarded with an abundance of beautiful Cutthroat Trout to 22",most in the 14 to 18" range but do be prepared for that "SMASH"   when it comes! Salt Water flies such as the Pearl Mickey will work wonders...such as in this Cutties lips! 

Oct 7...

October 3rd...
Chum and Coho have entered the system and are very willing biters...have fun..many fish have been let through the counting fences and are well up into the system...Landed  some very nice Cutties on Single Egg patterns and One big Spring on a #8 Egg Fly
Sept 30...
There are still some nice Chinook coming in ,as well Coho and Chum...ther are plenty of fish stacked up at the Hatchery fence,Whiskey Creek ,Trestle and canyon pools. Cutties are aslo aboput collecting eggs at will. Report those crappy poachers!

Sept 12...
Today there was an abundance of fish enter the river all day...most of these fish are holding again below the hatchery ...some very good fishing to be had below the old highway is tidal so be aware of the water levels.

There are a lot of Big Chinook holding in all the pools below the Hatchery...unfortunately there are some real dorks out there using Treble Hooks , barbed at that,...these ass/?>les have threatened several fly fishers and forced them off the River If you see them take a picture and send it to the CO Office.  Some nice Cutthroat Trout also about in the deep slots and under the Logs..

Sept 4th..
With a good number of Chinook in the system,lower in the river,and a few Coho being spotted ,there are good opportunities to enjoy the sport. Unfortunately,there are some snaggers about that seem to think they are special, and are keeping fish. There is no retention for Chinook in the Little Q, or Coho. Occassionally there is an updated regulation on the DFO web Site for a retention quota..
Cutties are about in good numbers ;prepare for the time when the big fish are dropping their eggs and use egg patterns for good success. I have found that Black and Red Rabbit Leeches are good bets for the Jack Chinook in the lower River and large Pink Leeches work for their larger cousins.
Coho like some sparkle in their flies...not that large . Coho will follow the flie for a ways before decideing on their efforts.

August 27;;.....
There are good numbers of Small Chinook in the lower river below the hatchery...and some nice retention ...
August 25...
The early run of Small Chinook seem to have disappeared...fished the Farm Area on the Little Q today ..and saw no big fish...although there was some very good small trout fishing with Cutties to 18" .
Water is low...

August 19th....
A major run of Small Chinook entered the Little Q today on a low tide...very silver and bright....get your Chartreuse and Black Leech patterns retention ..have a good time and should you hook into a big fish make sure you revive it before it is let go..Cutties will follow these fish all the way up to the upper reaches ...egg patterns a bit later..

August 16...
The River water level is very low...this may hold off the Chinook Migration into the River a bit..but if it does and we get a bit of Rain...make sure you have your Salmon Tags ready! The Little Q is One very Special little River that provides excellent fly fishing opportunities...

August 10....
A few Pinks have made their way into the lower river and followed by some nice Cutthroat Trout...Nymphs and Dries are the ticket...try above the Hatchery for some nice Cutties and at the Wiskey Creek Pool

July 27...

The Chinook are showing up off the River Mouth ,soon into the Lower River...
Watch the regulations carefully...and no retention. Dry Fly Fishing for Nice Cutties has been good below Kincade Creek and on the Upper River above the Falls

...some nice Browns available on the dry and small bead head nymphs

July 22... The water levels are getting on the low side...Big Chinook will begin to move into the system in early August,and if that happens as we suspect we will see the majority of the fish hold below the Hatchery until the water comes up and the Hatchery personel decide if they get their brood stock. The Little Q does get a good number of Jack Chinook(4-6 lbs) that are very much in favour of biting first and asking second!...No retention.
Cutties are also in the upper River above the good numbers...single barbless

July 10..   Conditions are ideal for trout fishing ,some nice Cutties have been caught throughout the system ...the lower River still has good numbers of Fry outgoing a matter of weeks the Salmon will begin got enter all the area Rivers ,the Little Q is One of the fun rivers to fish and very fisher friendly..

July 5th...
Water conditions are extremely ideal these past few days and that has brought in some very nice Cutthroat Trout into the middle part of the River. The Salmon will begin to entre the River likely within a month ,pushing Trout to the perimeters,however that is natural...the trout get them back by fattening up on their eggs. Flies to use these days are Minnow Patterns,Nymphs and Leeches. 
 June 18,,,there have been good numbers of small Cutthroat trout about the lower river system for the past few weeks...some larger fish have been landed just below Kinkade Creek and around the meadows. Above the Falls has seen little angler pressure this year all the way to the lake...but the Brown trout are waiting...especially with a Caddis on you line