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We Feature...........

www.snowbee.co.uk...a        name in fly fishing the world over..designed by fly fishers...Our Anchor

www.beulahflyrods.com       raised the bar with Switch and Spey  rods,followed by their own  line designs...our Anchor

www.hardyfishing.com         a legendary name in fly fishing   Now Available

www.mysticoutdoors.com    some very special hand made reels and delightful fly rods   Now Available

www.clearcuregoo.com        Finally a workable Epoxy alternative for all users   Now Available

www.cndspeyusa.com          ...the new VECTOR Line is here  Now Available

www.proflytyer.com                ...Pro Tube Fly Systems ,sweeping the tube fly world...Now Available

www.eumertube.com.           ....Best designed tube fly accessories .PERIOD   Now Available

www.visionflyfishing.com           as the name says...a fresh Vision in fly fishing gear design and performance  Now AVailable

www.tubeology.net               changing the face of what we know about tube flies and function  Now Available

WWW.SNOWBEE.CO.UK     The complete range of sensible Fly fishing accessories for all budgets and needs
Some of the best Fly Lines,Waders,Rods and Reels on the world Stage




"Over the past few years I have realized that I can confidently pick up a Beulah fly rod and fish with total confidence; regardless of fish size!"  ...
Courtney Ogilvie


" The new Beulah Elixir and Tonic fly line series are likely ," in my opinion", the most functional breakthrough in fly fishing in the past 15 years, either Single or Two Handed "

www.hardyfishing.com  To really compliment our European influence...Hardy/Greys
What can be said about fly reels without mentioning "HARDY"...we spent many hours debating the need for such an historic name to solidify our range of hard working fly reels...and a good choice for sure!

As of November 17th. 2008 Nile Creek Fly Shop is an appointed Hardy/Greys Dealer....this relationship will add agility and depth to our fly fishing business and will ensure that our customers do get the best bang for thier money,



Eumer Tube Fly Accessories and materials
Every once in a while a product range comes along that has the potential to change the way we think and in fly tiers terms can unleash the creative urges! "And Eumer has certainly done that for me!" More fish stay hooked up,I lose fewer flies and the flies track better with in all the water columns! Simple!!

See here the Squid-truder...an especially potent and streamline fly...also a Steelhead on a Matuka Leech patter with Tuffeleye head over Dolls Eyes. And a Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout tempted to another Matuka Leech Patetrn

Dry and Wet


DNA Eumer Tube


go to   eumertube.com to learn more about "tube flies"

CND Spey Rods and Lines...   www.cndspeyusa.com  Over the past years we have developed a working relationship with what we think is One of the most innovative thinking Spey Rod designers.  In so doing we are going to offer buyers the chance to order any CND rod and get a new CND Spey Line Free. I love their Skagit Heads..IMO the smoothest on the Market