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welcome to a new year with new ideas...
Now that we are entering trout season the focus will be on nymphs and Minnows..drop by to see whats new..

We had fly tying classes every Saturday beginning on Jan 12th
classes begin at 9:30 and end near noon..$15/person..materials provided

Emys Rosie Spey

Atlantic Blue Moon

Emy's Pink Pearl

Autumn Orange

One of the Coho Mobs..a good variety

Awesome Orange and white Clouser Minnow

Join us for some exciting new patterns to play with...
During the  Winter we will have open fly tying every Saturday  beginning on
Jan14th..Spey workshop on Jan.21st no tying this day
Jan 28th, and every Saturday thru Feb 2017

..only..$15..all materials supplied and you keep the flies
We have some new and exciting feathers available including Grey Peacock,Pheasant,Rhea,Goose,Egret, and more. We will tie on rotary vices and feature Stonfo vises and accessories.Nano thread,tube accessories and more

Dubbing and Dubbing loops, applications and the benefit of this in all sizes of fly
Tube flies


Here is a Nice Sockeye Smolt size pattern for large Trout and Steelhead in the rivers during the annual migrations of smolts from the lakes-Clear Cure Goo over Mylar tubing  6 strands of Peacock Herl as a wing,a bit of Long Polar Bear and flash

  Our classes focus on simple yet effective techniques when tying Trout and Salmon flies such as Wolly Buggers,Leeches,Minnow patterns,Stone flies,Dry Flies ,nymphs and more...make sure you call and register,there is a small charge of $10, all materials to tiers will be 20% off during these days.


Big Eyred Steelhead minnow Patterns




Aidans Black Mamba fly ..August 25/2011 Spring









  The "CK"


Pearl Kathy's Coat


Many fly fishers ask me what is"your favorite fly pattern"   ,  and they will often get a very quizzical stare from me for an instant and then an answer...Intruder patterns on a Stinger set-up.! I really don't know if people understand what an Intruder pattern is,but the simple answer is a large and vibrant variation of a "WOLLY BUGGER"!! Here on the West Coast of Canada the waterways can be very large and intrusive. The Salmon, Trout  and Steelhead , particularly those living near the coastal regions are very familiar with major water variations;High/low, fast/slow, canyons/wide expanses ,Glacial/Gin Clear! This factor and the understanding that as fry and juvinile fish a great part of their diet during those early times is that of decaying fish. Can you imagine a major rise in water levels will bring many body parts into the system that have been torn off the bones of dead fish and now flushed into the system.Eat while you can...and this memory triggers responses from these mature fish once they enter the system to either spawn and die or reproduce ,then return to the Salt water for a future return trip ,or perhaps more.