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An interesting aspect about having fishing reports saved is that we can compare past seasons,with the various conditions specific to each year.Please visit specific waters under this heading and enjoy all the info...
Please note that Many Island River will be closed from July15thru September 1st 2019...drought water conditions are in effect

On May 21st ,2010  we saw many simularities to 2009,with the exception of some much larger Cutthroat Trout to be had.The Elk River is now coming on and have been the Quinsam, Qualicum Rivers,Englishman,Oyster and other local streams. Summer Run Steelhead are slowly making their way into their typical rivers so the season looks good. What I have noticed more than anything else is the lack of Big Trout in the Upper Stamp River which seems to be ringing some alarm bells,maybe it's time to close that area to Jet Boats and their fry eating propulsion systems!!
Enjoy this wonderful Island to it's fullest

It is late February 2010,the weather has been our friend this year will no snow to date,much water and fairly warm conditions. The lakes are all open below 1500 feet and the early Chironomid are rising and hatching. Sea Lions are gathering off the beaches waiting for the hords of Herring to begin their annual spawn...with this time comes fry from all the local streams and Cutthroat Trout in hot pursuit,Steelhead are also about so don't miss this marvelous season

Fall 2009 has gone  and this wonderful season brought Millions of returning Salmon followed by the Sea Run Cutthroat Trout and Winter is always a time of marvel, wonder and big fish...with much opportunity to land that fish of a you see a smallish Chum Salmon landed on the Little Qualicum River on my way home from the store...what a treat! And a nice lillte Chinook a few weeks earlier

Summer arrived with worries of low water conditions and little rain..
The larger Rivers are good targets during dry summer might be a good idea to leave the small streams alone...considering the weak nature of caught fish holding in too warm water.

Spring had Sprung and all the wonder that arrived with it....the wonderful green forests,meadows and shrubs combine with the unbelievable array of colours from wild flowers establishes very firmly our need to experience all we can.
Join us this year for all the reports and enjoy the photography that boasts of life on Vancouver Island

The eyes of March were upon us and in favour...there are numbers of very nice Steelhead entering the many river systems of Vancouver Island.

The fish seem to be a bit smaller this year and the numbers are fewer but nonetheless they are arriving to do their reproductive best and that will be good for the future of that species. A perfect time to swing flies at a wary advisary.
On March 10th/2009  this fish was landed using a weighted Eumer Tube fly,the same fly as the fish above..."is there something to this relationship ?"..Of course there is ...these flies get down quickly,effectively and cast well...simple !

Feb 18th...
Simply put...Steelhead fishing is not good this winter, ...Rivers are low, few fish and nothing exciting for a while. However," Rain" is forecast for early this coming week ,this could bring in fish,especially into the smaller systems that are short and have some canyon water....the mighty Mykiss will travel well up into a system before low water once again will demand that deep pools become refuge...stay tuned for updates and weather changes

 Portages necessary

January 30th...
Fished the North Island this day ,landed a very nice Cutthroat Trout, looked for some Steelhead but no go. The North Island waters are still low...the snow we did receive has melted very slowly with the unusual cool weather ,thus low water. However,we are forecast to receive some rain in the next couple of days and that will bring in some fresh Steelhead  and raise the water.The Stamp River system is again this year getting much pressure and very few fish...that should mean better fishing in a few years with less pressure. It is a shame that the Stamp/Somas system gets so much attention...the river is small and needs not to have so much jet boat can we possibly get returning fish when they are terrorized as juviniles and leave the system in poor health and subject to predation once in the harsh environments of Ocean Survival. My 2 cents

January 14th...
I have to say that even though today I didn't even get a tug or a sniff I did have a wondeful time on the water, it being about 1 1/2 ' higher than the last time on this River. The reason for this JOY was the rod choice,I was casting the 13' CLAN is without question the nicest handling rod I have worked with...a very deliberate tip that answered every command from my loosely grasped hands...delightful. There are fresh fish in teh lower river above the Confluence pool all the way to the Falls Pool....especially above the Bucket area.

December 24th/2008..With the recent amounts of SNOW,yes Snow, there is going to be a melt and with the rising waters we will see a good push of Fish come into area Rivers  . I have been out and have had good success thus far. Lets hope the runs will be of good size this  year.                                                                                              

Above you see the rarely accessable Stamp River Canyon at the Falls,Historically this was the upper most limit for Salmon and Steelhead...Much blasting and a fishway was installed in the middle part of the last century that changed this wonderful River for good.


The Winter Rains are upon us and no surprise the Rivers are getting to winter levels.., It is a Love Hate relationship for sure...but the high waters do wash away many of the Salmon Carcasses from this years good run of Chinook and Chum Salmon. Now we have some very good Trout Fishing to take part in and of course the Winter Steelhead season. There have been reports of Fresh Winter Run Steelhead entering the Stamp/Somass system,Nimpkish,Marble,and others...we shall see.
Keep you eyes on these posts for current data and conditions

Fishing the Fresh Water this year has been quite good in all the local streams...with reports of 4 lb. Cutthroat Trout being caught in the Big Qualicum River...not totally unusual...

Sept. 4...
Some of the incoming Chinook have been let up the river in late August and some good fishing has been had. Cutthroat Trout will follow the big fish and wait for the Eggs to become a meal,or take matters into their own devices and bump a few Mature Females to speed up the process...thus Egg patterns! There is retention for Chinook on this system...check the reg's

Aug 11....
Now that we are in the heart of Summer and the Low Water Summer Conditions,there are still some nice Cutthroat about. Dry fly and Nymphs are great options..