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Talking tackle is  very complex ,personal and most of all necessary.  However, at the end of the day, or perhaps better said, "during the day",  products often determine the "DAY" itself.


Having confidence and understanding the reliability of your equipment permits you to take the  chances necessary to drop that small dry fly exactly where you wanted it to land, or sink that heavy Stone fly into the slot you know there is a large Trout waiting in ambush ,or casting the distance you need without hurting yourself to hook into a 20 lb. Coho or that fish of a lifetime.This is  very real stuff, being ready is key to success!  \



Nile Creek Fly Shop is a true Fly Shop in every sense of the meaning.


offers a complete product range to the serious fly fisher  with high quality products that do as they are intended.. AWARD winning rods, reels, lines, waders, rainwear, luggage and so much more. 

 "Beulah fly rods"...

 The original co-innovators in Modern Switch Rod revolution. The first North American manufacturer to absolutely design and match their Switch rods with specific fly lines. 

In so doing, this attempt has developed a profound underground following and for good reason. Every major manufacturer only wishes that it has the diverse and correct imput available to it's efforts that makes it possible to develope so quickly and effectively it's products quality> Beulah Flyrods are  available in 3 ranges,the original Classic series of Single handed ,Switch  and 3 Spey rods. The original Blue Water range of Salt water fly rods now updated with 3 (Switch)11' Surf rods that are quite simply put "spectacular!" and of course their new platinum Range of Single,Switch and Spey rods.
The Platinum Range of Spey Rods have seperated Beulah from all the followers into a class of their own. You might not want to pick One up,because ultimately you might have all 5 rods from their 11'7" #5 Spey to the wonderfully capable 13'8" #8...these rods will cover all situations and then some!

And of course to add confusion to all this common sense  ...


 Mystic's "T-3"  Tuned Fly rods, will be a delight for any to cast and fish. These rods totally surprised me to a point of needing to carry them in our shop as a true upper end product and at affordable prices compared to any other supposed High End rod! "Fly Rods I can totally stand behind and fish!"


Unnoticed over the past 10 years has been the advance of the Scandanavian Fly Tackle companies making huge gains in the North American market place. Companies like Loop, Guideline, Vision, Scierra have been about but none so adventurous as VisionTeam Vision Canada is well on it's way to ease into the market with quality and exciting products that appeal to all age groups. Of course with a special emphasis on exciting and youth.
For the Spey casters amongst us you are going to enjoy the Ace Shooting Heads

Kick Boats..simply put the safest and most fun! 
What can be said about the Nile Creek River King Kick Boat from your team at Nile Creek Fly Shop...a true friend and partner on all waterways that you can always count on...

   For the Fly Tyer we offer many unique and exciting product ranges from Artic Fox.Polar Bear,Rhea,Canadian Grizzly Hackles, Mink,Characal and more...
Eumer,Tubeology and Pro Tube products are always available on our wallsdrop by for a few tying tips and see some of the most innovative flies out there..that catch fish .