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The need to use an expensive tying vice only appears when as a fly tier we get a bit miffed at the poor quaility and characteristics of an existing vice. A journey not really needed to follow but too often taken!  Personally,  I have been through the gambit or roller coaster of vices and have found that the Snowbee Waldron Vice opened my eyes to sheer tying pleasure and efficiency. The Jaws hold a hook like none other and the ease of rotation and balance simply makes fly tying  an experience too often waited for. This vice also has the ability to be adjusted for many other rotations and of course has a bonus option to alter the head for a true rotating Tube Fly Vice;simply amazing. I will post pictures  for all to see in various states..these vices retail for about $625 CDN.

 The New Stonfo Vise called the Morsetto Kaiman..if you like a lever locking vice then this is for you..extremely well engineered and tight! retails for about $325

then of course we have the new Morsetto Tube Fly Vise,,also well engineered and efficient..retails for $189

  And now you have the Stonfo Morsetto Flytec Leva...retails for $289

Now if this doesn't get you fly tiers going
I don't know what will! Last year we imported a new Fly tying Thread called Nano Thread..this product interested us because like many we are tired of having thread either break or "not Suit" what we are tying. well, this stuff doesn't break very damned often,in fact it will bend your hook,especially trout hooks . So,to make things interesting,for we Steelhead Intruder tiers we can really clamp down on any material, bind it very tight and Not" take up much room on the fly. This stuff is amazing for keeping things small and fastened..and is available in many colours ..this feature is purely pesonal...retails for $7.50

Straggle String

You might ask, "what is Straggle String?"..Simply its a super efficient thread (mini.Cactus type chenille)that allows you to either finish off a large fly at the head or to use on a dressed fly body like this Blue Wolf traditional fly below. It simply will efficiently reduce the need to form a dubbing loop and  time of tying any fly.

Since we have the vice covered somewhat lets now see what we can suggest for tying tools such as Bobbins,Dubbing Twisters,Whip Finishers, Stackers and more. Recently we began to import tools from Italy ,simply because we were getting frustrated with the poor  quality and old design of Asian made tools. And what a differnece..our new Bobbins can be tension adjusted,the Whip Finishers are simple yet effective for even the novice user.  The Dubbing Twisters are like cool Whip Cream on a delicious Strawberry short Not to forget the Bodkins,Hackle Pliers,threaders and othere great accessories..These are designed for our fine work weather tying Intruders or Chironomids,handles inspired by human hands at work..smooth,confortable and effective.
Stonfo Italian made tying instrumnets are excellent.