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New for   Spring 2017...Super Demo Sale..Rods,Reels ,and more

Some awesome items here::::::::::

Two Handed Fly Rods(Spey)

Beulah Onyx 13'7" #7 Pro staffers rod $500(MSRP $1,000)
Beulah Onyx 13'1" #6..Pro Staffers rod $500
Beulah Platinum Switch  10' #5 $325(Demo rod)(sold)
Beulah Guide series 2..10'#7  demo rod...$225
Beulah Platinum Czech Nymph rod 10' #4..$275  (sold)

Beulah Opal 9/10 the surprise rod in the series.. $450(MSRP $825)

Mystic Fly Rods

Mystic M series 9' 3" #5...Demo rod..$350..
Mystic 9' #6 Sapphire ladies rod  $250 store casting rod

Mystic 9' #8 Reaper store demo rod $175

Snowbee Geo Nano Spey..Awesome rod.14` 4 pc 9/10  640 grains..$500..(MSRP $950)

Snowbee Diamond 2- 13' Spey 8/9 wt...4pc...New demo ..$275(MSRP $550)

Snowbee Geo Nano Single hand 10' #6...whewwww..$350  (MSRP $700)(Keeper)

Snowbee Prestige #5 Switch 10'8"..Store demo rod...$275 (MSRP $600)(sold)

Snowbee Prestige 15' 6 PC 10/11 Spey..Store demo..$300..(MSRP $875)..this rod is for very large rivers with big fish

Vision SIKS..6 pc,/7 Spey rod.. Demo --a very nice rod...Emy's Favorite..msrp $880/Demo $450

Vision GT Catapult 13' #9..3 pc fast action rod($659) ...$ heck of a rod/pure Scandi

Vision Cult 14'7" #9/10...Awarded the Best rod in it's class..$450 (MSRP $875)..this is my rod

Vision  13' exciting change from the typical..$300..(MSRP $675)