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Fall 2020 was a good year for this area...lots of fish at Deep Bay...

July 22nd
There are schools moving about near the Hospital and wrecks...Gartley Point and area

July 7th
Nothing off the beaches yet  for Pink Salmon but it looks like an early run so we will likely be seeing action by the middle of the month

October 8th...lots of locations holding Coho...have a good time out there..know the regs..there are areas that allow One Wild uncut fish

September 30th...we are seeing Coho all across the bay and to Kingfisher...South to Bowser there are good pods of Coho

August 15th..some very nice schools around the wrecks and near Gartley Point

August 10th..we have seen a few fish showing up..time to get out there and cast

October 16th...A very strong tun of both Coho and Chum are in the area raising havoc with all the local fly fishers..have fun

September 27th...
We are seeing more fish about and Chum have been spotted...Coho will travel with Chum and also will hold in the estuary longer with cooler and windy conditions being favorable

September 1st..Only a few fish have been seen moving into the Puntledge
August 15th..
A disappointing year so far...only a few fish have been seen and landed even at the opposite side near the Hospital

July 30th...rumours of a few fish are bouncing around...try hehind the Hospital at high Tide and of course Riyston.Gartley

July 26th..A few fish have been landed at Spindrift and Kingfisher areas..some at Gartley Point but the high suns leave only the mornings or evenings..tides are favoarable at the moment 

July 9th...with so many Coho at depths this year we are hoping for a good beach the moment there are also some very nice Cutties off the shoreline

October 12th..Lots of fish in the Royston area,Spin Drift,Arglye rd all the way to Little River..Deep Bay is also producing and thru Mud Bay and along the SPit..a few have been spotted along Ships Point

October 6th...lots of fish on the Royston flats near the wrecks..not many off Spindrift  or gartley yet,,,Little River is hosting many Jacks ...nothing really showing at  deep bay much but a few have been landed and schools have been moving in and out

Sept 27th...Fish have moved into the Royston area in small pods ,Spindrift and Gartley is showing some fish at the high tide in the more rocky areas
August 17th
Lots of fish about the hospital and the Royston area.>Gartlery Point has been very good

August 10th
there3 are good numbers of fish behind St Josephs hospital in Comox...
Oct.4th...Keep your eyes peeled..some nice fish along these shore lines all the way to the flats

September 30..we are seeing small numbers of Coho the incoming tides for best results

September is time to watch the high tides..we have seen a few fish about, stormy weather is a good thing for this protected area

...September 8th...Still a surprisingly slow year in this stretch of beach front...although we are all hoping for a better Coho and Chum season...there are still lots of Coho being caught in deep water so all signs are good

August 27th...a very poor Pink year for most anglers in this area,lets
hope the Coho arrive in good numbers as they often do in this great area

...June 26th...
What a great area for Sea Run Cutties  lots of structure and bait about

November 3rd...this was an exceptional year again for this area...the best I have seen in 10 years..

October 20th..This area is proving to be a good bet this year...even near the mouth of the Tsable River and into Mud Bay...Royston,Point Holmes and Little River..have fun

October 15th...Lots of fish about..and some very willing to engage...Has been good at the end of the Deep Bay Spit,Ships Point and Royston

October 10th...we have seen many fish from Deep bay thru Ships Point all the way to Courtenay/Royston areas...Point Holmes to Little River has also shown fish at the high tides if the winds are calm enough

SEPTEMBER often overlooked area that includes Spindrift,Gartley Point ,Union Bay,Point Holmes,and more..yes there are Coho about ..try the Royston Flats,Gartley and Point best couours along this strip is Red

August 22nd...still plenty of bright fish about ...many have gone into the PuntledgeRiver in wait for thier time

 August 12th..lots of Pinks in comox harbour,Royston Flats,Gartley point and Point Holmes...also plenty of Seals

July 25th..some pinks bouncing about near the marina at deep bay

July 22nd...It is time to wonder the beaches around Little River, some fish have been seen bouncing along the tide lines

July 15th...don't ovelook the marina for Pink Salmon...soon

May 28th...Cutthroat trout are about in good numbers..with so many creeks coming into the  beach areas find one and you will likely be rewarded...release all wild fish


October 15th...well,a deep subject! Fish are about in Deep Bay,Spindrift,Royston Flats, Point Holmes all the way to Little far this year the best colours again have been Chartreuse and Kelly Green..although I am using Pink Epoxy flies very successfully.

October 2nd...this area is going to see a lot of Coho this year...early indicators are showing good numbers and nice size fish

September 25th..winds situations call for early morning outings or late evenings...some fish are giving it up if you are there..try some red Coho Buggers 

September 22nd..there are a few Coho showing in the mornings and just before dark...big flies are the deal at the moment

August 14th..Lots of Pinks  nearing the Puntedge River  Pink handlebars have been working well as have small shrimp patterns

June 22nd.../2104
Lots of nice Trout off the beaches in this area..likely the best on the Island..we will see Salmon arrive in Late July

October 27th2013...Fish all over the area, Royston Flats are hot  Ship's Point,Deep BAy was amazing and Point Holmes is good...
Chartreuse Flies

...October 15th...lots of fish still bouncing along the spit area of Deep Bay to Buchaneer the north see the beaches off Royston,Spindrift,Point Holmes,even Ships Point

October 7th/2013.. lots of Chum and Coho about the estuaries of the local rivers..Spindrift,Gartley Point,The Royston Flats all have good numbers of fish that don't want to come in too close..but the  River waters are coming down  and this will hold these fish longer off the beaches...In this area I really like Red Coho Buggers and Kathy's Coat in a Size 6 and 8...The Spit at Deep Bay has produced well for the past several weeks.....also look at the beaches along the Ships Point  penninsula

September 18th/ is the time to stroll along these beaches for the bounty and plenty about..lots of Coho bouncing along the mouth of the Tsable and Courtenay Rivers.....SPindrift,Kingfisher,Argyle Road ,Comox Harbour are all good betes

August seems the constant thing about this area are the good runs of Pink Salmon  not being harassed too much by fly fishers..such a great area to fish with so little pressure..the Mouth of the Tsable River has been spectacular as has the Mouth of the Courtenay /Puntleded River near the Hospital...have a safe time and enjoy these great fish..we will be seeing Coho with in  weeks in this same area..

November...still fish about..try larger flies

October 24th..many fish about...find the small streams and see the fish..

October 10th 2012...Lots of fish about..Off Denman Island,Spindrift,Point Holmes,Royston ,Little River and north...

October 2nd..Lots of nice Coho jumping about the Spindrift area near the mouth of the Puntleded river..I have always had good luck here with Shrimp Patterns and Chartreuse Coho Buggers..Mickey Finns also do quite well...and if you dig hard enough you might find something out about a small fliy/polar bear  called a Rainbow..7 colours of hair