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October 28th...fair water levels have proven to help the Trout fishing...Coho are in good numbers...Egg Patterns will be the deal in November throughout the system...some area are closed..know the late November we will be seeing a few early Steelhead...

March 13th,,,the Cowie is producing some very noce trout and Steelhead,,,water levels have come down and water clarity is better after the crazy high water event during this winter...lots of bank errosion and clay coloured water


July3rd..Water is very low and warm..try not to fish ..will close in Mid July because of warm and low water until September

June 15th...excellent dry fly activity with some impressive Browns being landed...water is warming up ,,,one month before closure until September

May 23rd...water is getting low ..but the fishing is still very good..low light conditions is producing some nice Brown Trout...loving his Vision Tool Small Spey is time to really take a moment and visit this awesome rout system...many fish being landed throughout the entire system...the top end is producing huge hatches of Insects and you know what that means..>Dry Fly Time and tungsten beaded Nymphs for the sub surface fly flsher

March 20th..
The Winter season on the Cowichan for Steelhead is all but over...therre are many recovering Steelhead positioning in the softer water waiting for enough strength and water to return to the ocean..lots of trout behind any spawning fish ...

May 5th...Water is a bit high witj snow melt..trout fishing is ok...a but high for really good dry fly work and nymphing

Feb 1st...water is very high...
Feb8th..water is getting much better with some fish being landed in the upper reaches..Steelhead numbers are down so far but that may be due to limited access to such high water...we expect the balance of Feb and March to provide good conditions and nice fish..some big Browns are about

Sept 28th
Dreadful water conditions this summer is troublesome to the fish...we suggest to not fish this river until we see water in the system
July 20th.,,Water is low now but the trout fishing is good
JUne 7th..
Cowichan river is fishing very good...lots of big browns and rainbows about...big streamers are producing well later in teh day

May 17th...wate ris still high but not enough to stop the serious fly fishers..some very impressive Browns being caught

April 28th
Cowichan River is a consistently good trout river especially in the fly fishing only area, water is a bit high and cold bit fishing is turning on

June 28th..This River is in serious trouble from water levels  and land owners...closes July 1st
May 24th,,,
Low water is producing some big browns and bows...dry fly action has been good late int eh day..large rubber leg stoneflies are hot

March 3rd
Lots of High Water this year and some big fish,the upper rive ris producing someexcellent Browntrout and of you can get to the Steelhead hang on

November 4th..Coho are in small numbers but some have reached the upper river above the trestle...yes Chinook are also present in fair numbers and of course there are many trout gorging on eggs..hint egg patterns

October 8th..lots of Trout in the upper fly fish only areas...some big chinook about with few chum or coho to regulations closely
Some big Brown Trout being caught

July 4th..river closed no fishing

June 7th..
Low water will likely close off this river before fall..but hit the pools with Large Minnow patterns and hang on..the browns are a waiting

May 28th..
Water is getting on the low side...excellent dry fly action throughout the system...for the Nymph flsher Stone flies and Prince Nymphs are always a good bet,good sizes are from 10 thru the faster water don't be shy to put on a Bead Head Rolled Muddler in Blue

April 2015...water levels are excellent for Trout fishers...for those of us using Nymphing techniques we are having excellent success picking up many good size trout..and the browns seem to be of very good size this year so far
October 15th...finally enough water to have lots of big fish come in....for we trout fishers this is very good news...once the big fish enter the upper stretches we see many trout drop out of the Lake

September 26th...lots of small Chinook about..water has come up a bit and is certainly cooler that last week...lets hope for more rain and more fish..Trout fishing is about to get very good..

September 21st..welcome cooler temperatures just might save our ass this year..forecast rains ahead will certainly drive in the Chinook that are waiting in good numbers in the bay to come in..

September 1st...2014
Very dangerous water temperatures and levels  are modifying the issue of fishability and should we be doing so. We are seeing many dead trout in the smaller pools..since we are now in September ,typical big fish entering the system..we need rain,lots of it

July 1st...
Water is low..some nice trout about...try around the Trestle and for reulation changes

April 7th..
THIS YEAR WE SAW SOME VERY NICE FISH BEING HOOKED BUT THE CONSISTENCY WASN'T THERE..NUMBERS WERE OR ARE LOW. Not helping things was the inconsistent water levels and the numbers of fishers present at any given time.Last year we saw good numbers of fish enter this great river in April ,water is perfect so  do your best to get out and find these silver fish..leave the spawners alone

August 15th 2013..Water is very low but trout fishing is good...large dries ar ethe better choice for the hefty Browns ...and nymphs are ideal for the rainbows..Salmon are slowly making their way into the system

May 19th..2013...Water levels are quite low these days..we haven't had greta snow melt. Dry fly action is on as is the Nymph fishing techniques...there are still some recovering Steelhead about so if you hook into them please do play them aggressively and release unharmed and quickly. Try Sculpin patterns late in teh day for Browns stalking the deeper pools

March 1st..
This season is seeing many more fly fishers on the Cowichan,the numbers of fish is good compared to several years ago...Some big Browns and Cutties have been hooked and nicely released recently..although some of the fish are betting coloured we are still seeing bright fish makling their way into the system..this time of year we will go to slightly smaller flies and presentations will be more pleasant

we are seeing a few Steelhead being landed in the Bible Camp area of the River..trout fishng is very good in the fly fishing only sections with egg patterns and nymphs.If the River is as good as last year for Steelhead we are going to enjoy the winter even that much more. Current water ;levels and conditions are excellent

Nov 12th...
Water is certainly not scarse as we speak...many Chum and Coho have made their presence know to the fisher these past few weeks...have fun and respect all species

October 24th..Cowichan River is open again..recent rains have provided the much needed running water...Chum and Coho are coming in in good numbers

October 10th..River is closed to Salmon fishing...water is dangerously low and warm...

May 21st..
What a season for the Cowichan...Steelhead were in good numbers and many satisfied fly fishers realized their dreams..Trout fishing is now on the go ,especially on the upper river so be safe and get those fry patterns and Caddis flies out. Water has been a bit high but will soon lower to excellent levels

April 8th..
Still some nice Steelhead all about..water conditions are exellent..your best bets are above Stoltz although there are some nice fish about the Bible Camp.. and below..

MArch 25th..What a year for the Steelhead fly fishers on the Cowie..some nice fish have been lande aand lately the upper reaches have been producing well,,fr the Torut fisher I would suggest large Minnow Patterns to tirigger strong responses..Trout are holding in the pools deep..hang on

Dec.10th..Water levels are coming down,Water clarity is almost excellent for fly fishers ,good to go...lots of Salmon still in the lower river ,know the regs

August 25th..
Lots of good trout fishing in the upper reaches...a few Salmon making their way into the lower for river closures and special regs

April 2011
Surprisingly the 2010 run of winter Steelhead has exceeded expectations...and this is a good thing. Trout fishing has been and still is good. Steelhead are now spwaning so leave them to be,smaller flies behind the active fish will produce some very nice Trout. Steelehad don't like to be bothered when spawning and will strike out aggressively at any intruding fish.