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The Fall season was very good in the Englishman...lots of Coho and Chum...although numbers of Chum are down from typical...water levels are good since the October Rains..release all Trout

Fall of 2019 has not been good for this system...chum numbers are dreadful and Coho numbers were down..fair numbers of Chinook is a bright spot..Trout fishing is fair
October 10th..we are seeing many more fish coming in ,Coho and Chum
October 4th...water is ok and the fish are here..lots of Coho in the system

September 16th..
water levels are finally rising and letting the big fish up into the system...

July 3rd...Water is very low and warm..will close in Mid July 

April 27th..recently we have seen some nice Cutties being landed in the lower river with so many fry about...some recovering Steelhead are in the mix so please do be careful with these fish should you get into one

June15th..low waters and few fish...lets hope for rains before the closure on July 15th

March 30th
It seems that the low water conditions have prevailed over hte winter ..not a lot of  Steelhead seen and caught..earlier in February we saw some nice chrome Steelhead making their way with the fry coming out we will see more fish

Some nice trout about..the river is open to the falls..catch and release only..dry fly and wet flies such as Stone and bead Head Muddlers are working..some ver impresive Cutties have been spotted in all sections of the river

May 5th...water is nice ...few trout about and lots of fry

Feb 1st
As local streams are in flood or very high there are Steelhead in the system...hard to get to with such a short length of river to access..more toward the middle of February we will see some fish holding in the lower stretches with lower water levels

July 1st..
Some very nice Cutties being hooked in the upper river..still on Bead HEad Muddlers and Stoneflies

June on the englishman has been difficult with the fairly high water levels..lower conditions now appearing are showing more slots and riffles available and the results ae more beautiful Trout

April 28th
This pas twinter has been a good season for Steelhead..high and cold wate is meaning good survival and easy access to the upper reaches to getting by the poachers is another story but if the ministry gets their shot together we will see the upper river open to fly fishing only and have eyes on the river to prevent some of the greasy poaching..trout fishing has been poor but expect this to change once we see warming trends..good size minnow patterns

October 4th..water are still desperately low but fish are finding a way to come in and stay in pockets of deeper water..Coho are in the lower sections below the Orange Bridge

June 28th...closes on july 1st

May 24th..Low water is keeping the Big \Cutties from sticking around...wait for some immenent rains

March 3rd
With all the high waters from this winter it has been difficut to find prime trout water conditions,there are some Steelhead being hooked in the lower system and a few trout. Now that we are seeing a few fry coming out the trout fishing will get better..match the hatch..Fry Patterns


October 20th..LOts of Coho about and CHum..lower rover os showing lots of Chum..and Coho holding below the bridge

October 10th..lots of fish coming in with the higher water...Chum and Coho bouncing about

September 15th...Lots of Pinks in the system and a good number of Chinook..water is still low but cool enough to keep fish fish only for now

July 4th...
Closed to fishing ..drought conditions
June 18th..
Very low and dangerously low kind to the fish..keep an eye on regulations

May 28th,,
Water is very low and careful with these fish...because the river is fairly wide and shallow the water temperatures will rise to dangerous levels..key in on any incoming stream location for wiling fish..the rive rwill open to fishing in a few days..June 1st

May 15th...
Although water lavels are low ther are some good hatches happening..and still fry coming out...entire river opens on June 1st..lets hope for some rains...small black leeches are working well..add a bit of flash

.April 17th...
water levels are excellent with some very nice trout fishing being had by those willing to put the time in..the best areas have been around the Top Bridge area and the lower Corner  t the Orange Bridge,,,and yes Brown Minnow Patterns
2015 above

October 31st..water is coming down nicely...lots of Chum in the bottom areas and coho moving throughout the system..don't forget we have a Spey Casting workshop on the Englishman this coming Sunday

October 22nd..River is Blown Out at the minute..lots of Chum and Coho coming in...wait a few days

October15th..recent rains have given the fish good reason to enter the rives for their final voyage...Coho and Chum are coming in with every tide...don't forget the regs and release all Trout

October 8th..OH! The Coho are a comin...low water that might change after the week-end rains..have fun and follow the rules 

October 2nd...we still need water but the Coho don't seem to care all that much...they are pushing the chinook and pinks up river

September 26th,
Man we could use some many Pinks  with Chinook mixed in...also some great trout fishing in any faster water these days////look for riffles and tie on some egg patetrns in BC Orange or Shell Pink...

September 20th...Tons of Pinks about..a strong run in this system this year..amongst these crazy fish are some very large Chinook....remember there is no retention of Salmon yet in the Englishman...and please be careful with the Cutties you might hook along the way

September 1st...Lots of Pinks have come i n with a few biug Cutties hanging about for the eggs..remember there is no retention in this system for Trout  and Salmon...and yes it is int eh reg bood. Much water is needed to ekeep the incoming Salmon alive for their spawning time

No Water

July 1st...
Water is low and warm..find the pools and you will find the fish..some nice Cutthroat Trout about..Pinks will arrive in about a month followed  by a few Chinook and then Coho

April 2014...
Water is pefect and there are fish about...warming conditions have provided fry with good levels  with excellent water temperatures to escape to the sea..hopefully we might get to intercept and release these.

November 7th...2013..water came up a bit  and will likely come up even more after the projected rians of the week-end..however,fishing has been very good fro those plying their attentions to the lower River ..and some very nice trout fishing..remember release all wild trout and Steelhead..

October 7th 2013...
Water levels are exellent ,this year we had a very strong run of Pink Salmon and it looks like we will be seeeing many Coho and Chum...all open areas of the river are holding fish..respect the regulations and watch for poachers

July 1st..Water levelds are excellent and with that comes many fine Cutties  from the ocean...Dry flies and Muddler Minnows are good bets as well as the typical polar bear minnow patterns like the Pearl Mickey, or the B & B

June 1st..Water levels are excellent
we are seeing many fry still about ,some big cutties are int eh system and a few rainbow...dry fly is working well as are  small leeches and Minnow Patterns

..The river level low again...there are very strong numbers of Fry exiting the system which usually translats into good Cuttie fishing..Basically use Minnow patterns with a brown wing  or will produce..flies like the bead Head Muddler in the natural colour is a good bet

MArch 3rd..waters are receeding nicely,reports of a few Steelhead being hooked into near Top Bridge and lower...Still few Cutties in the system,pr at least thte open section..

January 2,2013..Water levels are excellent..ttry arounf Top Bridge  for some nice trout fishing...the lower river can also be  ablast if you find the fish..try the log jamb near the estuary

November 12..don't be surprised to land some very bright Coho..there are many coming in ...the Chum are a bit beat up but that is a good thing..nutrients for all the species relying on this

October 23rd..Many fish now coming in...we are seeing many Coho again this year a pattern is forming about  returns..Chum Salmon are very willing biters..use Black leech patterns in small to medium sizes

October 10th 2012...water levels are dangerously low,many fish are in the system but are in danger of over stressing if we don't get rain soon..forecasts are saying rain in good amounts in a couple of days  so be ready for the river to fill up with many fish

June 23rd.../2012...Water levels are excellent, many Sea Run Cutties are spread throughout the system waiting for fry making their way to the estuary..estuary fishing is also good...try a nice Pearl mickey pattern in a size 8...water colour help disguise this as food..

May 22nd...
As confusing as this system can be there are times that prove us all wrong..the estuary fishing has been very good,and now we are seeing many more cutties in the lower areas...with the water levels receeding get out ther and have a's a nice trout on a Pink Leech pattern

August 27th,2012...Lots of Pinks have moved into the river ,especially the lower sections..water levels are very low..there might be a frew Chinook mixed in at this time of retention and single barbless bait ban..there will be some fine Cutthroat torut fishing once the water rises a bit

March 26th..
Water levels are a bit low and temps are also cold as are allt eh River on this side of the Island...there are a few nice cutties in the lower River but as expected the upper closed areas are holding many fish. Steelhead are available especially if we can get a bit of light warm rain..this will trigger a spawn and recovery time..during these times the fish need to feed..and of course the Cutties are laying in wait for the hatching fry

Feb 5th..
There is a good bet that you will hook into a big cuttie in teh Englishman these days..reports are flying that fishing has been good with the odd Steelhead being bothered....River is closed above Top Bridge/Allsbrook Road

December 28th..
Fishing on teh River has slowed down but fear not...there are some nice Trout about and always possible to intercept a nice Winter Steelhead in the bottom reaches. The River is closed from Top Ridge up...but that still leaves plenty of great water to work to forget,these fish like Minnow Patterns

With the recent rains we are seeing some Chum and Coho making their way into the system...make sure you get your chance to hook into some of these Coho...last year this system received in excess of 10,000 Coho,There should be some good trout action now that the Pinks have begun their spawning activity..small Orange and dark Pink Single Egg Patterns

August 25th ...
Lots of small trout  above top bridge mixed in with small schools of Pink Salmon...soon we will be seeing a few Chinook and many more Pinks

May 19th...
Lots of fry now coming out,Cutties are still making their way down river so we should see a very extended season this year,watch for any high water dangers
April 16th 2011
ALthough water temperatures are still cool there are nice Cutties about.  Fry are coming out in better numbers these past few days,try the lower reaches below the old highway bridge

March 30th...2011
Water levels are excellent ,and there are some nice Trout about with a few Steelhead holding while the water provides safety only from Top Bridge down.


East Coast Vancouver Island Steelhead 2011

March 20, 2011...
Rivers are now down to very fishable conditions and yes, there are some very nice Trout about...if you can intercept a Winter or Spring Steelhead you might never be the same...rare and beautiful is said that the Englishman Steelhead are a breed apart!

Feb.20th 2011...
Water is in excellent condition...some very large Trout about especially near top Bridge, the River is closed to fishing above this zone. Steelhead are present but mostly in the upper reaches,if you wan to intercept a fish moving up river your best chances are during the next few weeks especially once we get a bit of rain and the temperature increases to the 8-10 degree(C) range...March can be good.

December 12th...2010
Waters are high at the moment,but don't let that stop you...some very nice Cutthroat Trout are is closed above Top Ridge...try some small Pink Leech patterns at this time of year as well as the typical Minnow patterns..

October 24th..
Fishing for the past week has been excellent for Coho and Chum retention but a lot of great pictures and rushes from these great sport fish...below the Bridge in Town has been hot for Coho