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This is a new segment of our Web Site but I feel we overlook it's importance ...we will be posting updates from all around the Island for those fishing deep water ..
September 6th....Coho off Flora and chinook off the river mouths

July 2015...lots of Chinook and Pink Salmon off the beaches  from Campbell River.around Sooke,Renfrew,Fingers, and in the strait...

June 2014...
The season off the east side of Vancouver Island has proven to be a stellar ...lots of Juvinile Coho mingled in with many good size Chinook Salmon either making their way up and into the Fraser System or those feeding and beefing up for their journey up local rivers in early August through September...the west side of the Island wa s  bit slow to go but is now on fire...Sockeye are entering the Somass/Stamp River system through the Alberni Canal where they are being intercepted by both the sports boats and of course the Native and commercial interests. Chinook and Coho runs are expected to be large for this system...

May 10th...2013
There have been really good numbers of Blue Backs off Denman and Hornby islands for the past month,we ar ealso seeing good size chinook being landed off Flora and off Qualicum Beachs White Door area at about 180'. We are expecting to see strong numbers of Chinook and Coho later in the Summer  with Pink Salmon fishing to be very fisher friendly again this year. For those fishing deep lines expect to find Pink Salmon  as early as Mid June holding about a mile off the shore line in the Bowser and Deep Bay areas.

July 8th...2012
There has been a few Pinks caught off Flora Island ; Chinook Fishing has slowed a bit also off Flora...French Creek and Five Fingers off Nanaimo have seen some big fish landed...Tofino,Bamfield and south are just now seeing a few Coho making their way down along the west coast of the Island, Coho are already on the inside of Nootka Island...
Some Pinks have also been landed off the waterfront in Victoria
Fishing has slowed a bit off Campbell River,expected this time of year...look for the full Moon  to see some differeing fish movements
Killer Whales have been moving all along the East side of the Island from Cape Mudge to Nanaimo...2 pods arrived off Telegraph Cove today and that will typically signal the arrival of large shools of Pink Salmon

 Feeders are still producing some great fishing all about the Qualicum Beach/French Creek and Kitty Coleman areas off Comox, these fish are still very deep in teh 190 foot range. This is typical of this area..we should soon see better numbers off Flora  and Hornby Islands, many of these fish are called "Columbians" but are infact Fraser River Fish.

April 16th..2011
There has been good action off the White Door(qualicum Beach) for Feeders Chinook up to 20 lbs,a few reports of larger fish have surfaced. Feeders are in good numbers from Cape Mudge all the way south to Nanaimo.. The Sayward area has also shown some good fish being caught by those hearty and willing flishers...winds have been tough so far in 2011

August 20th..2010
The Coho are now in better numbers around Nootka as are the Chinook...many fish about

Fishing of the Qualicum Rivers is very hot at the Moment as is Cape Mudge and other areas around Campbell River...Browns Bay is producing many Sockeye and a few Coho...

August 10th..
The Coho have moved into the Nootka Sound area finally...reports on numbers have yet to come in but get those fly rods ready just in case the weather breaks and fish are showing..I love a 4" Green and White Polar Bear Minnow for these waters cast into the schools of feeding fish or even the Black Bass

The Alberni Inlet is also getting a few fish and these numbers will increase as the Sockeye complete their migration

The Tofino areas Coho Fishery is slow to get going...not surprising since teh entire West Side of teh Island seems to be late this year...Lots of Chinook though and if you are daring get out to the Banks for some deep water Chinook on the Fly..stop by our shop for some great Buck Tail type flies for this

Mootcha Bay is currently  showing many SPrings bouncing around...get your Kayak or small float boat out for some fun