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July 7th...there are still very good numbers of Rainbow milling about..many have spawned completing a wonderful season for so many trout and fly fishers..we have seen many more Cutthroat Trout this year..a good sign

July 3rd..This wa a wonderful Trout season on the Elk...however all good things must come to an end...ia bit later in the summer try fishing for Cutties feasting on the Rainbow fry..

June 15...there are still a few silver fish about and a few Cutties in the system..lots of dark fish spawning so please stay off the redds but enjoy this exceptional place

May 23rd...yes the fishing is excellent on the Elk River...water is quite normal and the fish are very willing partcipants...a greta place to practice your Nymphing techniques...and for the purist Dry Fly Action is paramount

May the rumour mill widens  some know the Rainbow Trout of the Islands Elk river are is true we are seeing more fish daily..and as last year there are some very nice fish being landed by those using Bead Head Muddlers,Double Bead Stone Flies,Tungsten beaded Nymphs and of course Dry Fly especially after safe and have a ton of fun

April 27th...we have heard of a few Cutties being landed..these fish are very skinny ...the Rainbow Trout will begin entering the river in fair numbers in a week or so...have fun out there and no retention

July 20th..there ar estill some nice Rainbow in the system with Cutthroat Trout hot on their tail..
cutties fishing will get much better as fall arrives

July 8th..Rainbow Trout fishing is all but ove..we will be seeing many more Cutthroat Trout enter from the lake to feed on fry..a good time with so very little retention but a good time in the environment

June 22nd and we are still seeing a few Silver Rainbow coming has been a very good season and will likely continue well into early July
May 16th...
a quick trip to check out the water heights and numbers of fish entering the system was very successful...althogh what we found was more than usual numbers of early dark fish  but also much larger fish than typical..Water is a bit high ranging near Number 5/...we like better near 4.6...however,,,we did land good numbers of fish and had to revert to larger Muddler Minnows with slow sinking Poly Leaders...a bit of afternoon dry fly action showed it's face

May 8th...Yes the season is here..although there are only a few fish in the system after the cutties exited the river with recent high waters..water levels are slowly falling so be ready...check out the Beulah or Vision nymph rods

2017...a good year ahead
July 20..Trout fishing is still good  although now we are seeing less Rainbow and more Cutthroat Trout out of the lake chasing thte fry

June 30th...we are seeing many torut returning to the lake and some cutties coming in..and surprisingly a few silver trout still coming in

June 5th..lots of nice fish throughout the entire river..this is a good year..again hte best fly for me has been the Blue Bead head Rubber leg stonefly

May24th..water is a bit higher  making crossing difficult..lots of fish holding throught the river in slower water...

May 17th..many more fish about with the better weather..check out these nymphs and fish

There are good numbers of Rainbow already into the system..come by for you Elk River special Muddlers,Blue beaded Nymphs and MORE. We have a strong array of the worlds best and better nymph rods on hand such as the Vision Mag 11' Nymph rods and the exciting Beulah Platinum 10' Czech nymph rods
this fish below was landed on May10th using one of our special Elk River Bead Head Muddlers

May 1st..did fish the river..water is better and only One fish they will begin their migration now

April fish to be had with high and cold water...expect to see fish incoming by Mid May  and extend well into late June

Awwwhhheee...2016 is here and what a year we are seeing
September 7th..excellent opportunities for Cutthroat Trout..dry flies are working very well

August 15th..time to get your favorite Cutthroat Trout gear out and flies...some big fish holding in the deeper slots..

June 28th...we are still seeing fresh fish and a few Cutties chasing some early fry

May 21st..plenty of great trout action so far...many bright fish about and of course many coloured breeders as well... Dry fly heaven for the Trout fly fisher

Awwwweee...2015 is here
September 15th..good water conditions and lots of feed will bring in and keep in the big Lake Cutties,have a blast

...June 27th
Elk River Rainbow fishing is over,,,these fish did their thing and are back in the lake...many fry have come out get ready for the Cutties if we get any water

June 7th...water levels are still very good   some rain s needed to bring in more fish but those in the system and doing their best to get ready to spawn..try the faster runs  where you don't see fish but the are therre..size 10 elk hair caddis and Humpy in a Brown wing is working good

May 28th...
Fishing has been very good on the Elk this year and we will continue to see bright fish enter until the middle of June with the fly fishing continuing well into July..of course the longer these fish are in the River the darker they will become sporting their spawning colours and habits...dry fly has been working vey well ,my best fly has up to now been a red Humpy ,followed by the very reliable and good floating Elk Hair Caddis in a size 10, and then a Stimulator.Make sure to cast upstream ensuring a drag free drift 

May 14th..
Yes the Elk River is fishing well..most fish are  currently in the lower river but that will change very quickly..Water is low and very clear..also the river has changed a lot with log jambs being cleared away mostly..but lots of Gravel build up ...

April 17th
Although it is too early to really fish this wonderful small trout river it is always worth the effort...we will be seeing lots of Rainbow Trout begin their annual pilgrimage likely by Mid May..with wter levels looking somewhat normal we will have exceptional fly fishing opportunities. Remember,small muddler minnows,small stoneflies,egg patterns,leeches and of course the almighty Tom Thumb

September 22nd..big Lake incoming cuttie time..these beauts feed on outgoing fry

July 1st...there are mostly coloured fish by this time of year but certainly worth the effort using small rods and flies..however,watch for some big Cutties waiting for the Fry to develope and become dinner..many forget about this...

June 22nd...There are still plenty of Trout to tease your favorite dry or Nymph pattern...water is fine,lots of Dark Trout as typical yet there are still good numbers of bright Rainbow coming in...

May25th..With my Wife Val in a Kick boat...lots of fish water is perfect and fish are fly of the trip was a #6 bead head muddler followed by a small brown dry Fly ,Rubber leg Stoneflies were also excellent choices.

May 16th 2014,
It is that time again..what many of us have been waiting for..there are fair numbers if fish in the system,water is good
and fish are bright...get your small Trout fly rods and reel out and working..Small rubber leg Stone Flies,Bead head Muddlers,Small Dry Flies and even Egg Patterns will do the deal..small Leech patterns are also a good bet

April 2014...we are still several months away from our annual outings to this great little River system that surprises many and is kept secret by many. Normally we begin seeing good numbes of Rainbow entering the lower river by the 3rd week in MAy all the way through early July...the brighter fish early on will stay in the faster waters and will feed better on minnow patterns and large rubber legged Stone Flies...and of course egg patterns and leech patterns

June 28th..The River is still fishing very well and surprisingly the fish are still bright..more than I have seen in 10 is this time of year when you might hook into a big Cuttie cruising for easy pickins! Fishing should continue to be good all the way thru to about the 3rd week of July

May 28th/2013..yes the fish are in ..
There are lots of bright Rainbow within the system ...enjoy..these great fishing opportunities will present themselves until about Mid July...small beaded Nymphs,Bead  head Muddler minnows,Egg patterns,Small Dry flies with a dark brown hackle and of course large San Juan worms

Although it is still early for our annual run of Rainbow Trout there ois no better way to spend an Anniversary than on the water with your wife...water is a slight bit high  with very few fish to be had but it was delightful just being in this remote is only a matter of days or short weeks before we get into our Trout haydays.Here is a picture of the River in all it's glory today

This years(2012) Rainbow Trout run on the Elk River is already shaping up to be magnificant...the fish are slightly larger and agressive...since the river has changed again because of all the high water in December washing downed logs into a few log jambs and significantly altering the typical small gravel deposits where these great fish will gather to eventually Spawn. I happened upon on of these yesterday and found several hundred silver Trout willing to snap up any dry fly naturally drifting by..although the best colours were the natural brown and tan some of the other runs beadhead Stoneflies and Bead Head Muddler Minnows were the ticket to success...although Dry Fly is certainly a positive producer of interest and results..try a Stimulator with Orange or Yellow Butt,the brown hackles seem to work magic on these fish.

November is Cuttie time..lots of big Cutties are in the system,find the small creek mouths and you will find the big Cutties

June 23rd/2012...Water is still a bit high,however,there are lots of willing rainbows about to temp you fly...little dry fly action yet..small bead headed nymph,small leeches and egg patterns are good bets..

May 21st..2012...Yes the Rainbow Trout have begun their annual ascent upon the spawning beds in this great little Stream..waters this year are not as high as last , so prepare your small rods and dry flies...with the bit of rain we are expecting this week the fishing by ealry next week should be prime...but don't miss the week-end

Auguts 25th..2011
There are  Cutthroat Trout awaiting the arrival of the millions of Rainbow fry trying to get to the lake...Minnow Patterns similar to the ones we use in the Salt Water tied with Brown Polar Bear hair

This years Rainbow Run is basically over..and it was a good year but better for the fish...water remained high,but if you found the fish you could get tehm with small weighted year use some egg patterns also
June 2nd..
Water is still a bit high but there are good numbers of fish in the system and many of these are still very silver...look for Pea Gravel and slow back waters...

May19th...About to turn on...check back in a few days to see what we have caught on this coming week-end, we havae received a good selection of special flies just for this fishery,drop by to pick-up your seection

April 16th..2011
With only a few weeks before we see some great Trout Action it might be a good time to get that new Small Trout Rod set-up. Drop by the Store to see the Special deals we have put together...One you must look at is the 7'6" Vison Fibre glas Cult rod 5/6 matched with the Vision CDC Trout reel... get ready

March 22,2011
we are about 8 weeks away from  our precious Elk River Small Trout ,so,for 2011 we are going to have some exceptional Small Trout Fly fishing combos available to everyone in all price categories...From the entry level Snowbee Classic 6'-2/3 weight complete with a Nile Creek machined fly reel and floating line...($220) to the Mid Range Snowbee Diamond 8'#4 complete with the Nile Creek or Vision Koma machined reel and line($350) all the way to the Beulah Platinum  8'#3 plus Vision CDC machined fly reel and line ($600) and then of course there is the real Special Trout Set-up for the addicted trout fisher of a Mystic 8'3" #3  complete with matching Willow Trout reel and line ($850) for details

Well all the fuss in the Spring was actually about this time of year...the Fry are leaving the Gravel bars and entering the Lake..thus large Cutthroat Trout are laying in wait..get out your minnow patterns and lets get going

August 7th...
A few Trout are still in the system,although it is  not really targeted,but look for those big resident Cutties from the lake wrecking havoc when the Fry do come out..later in September and fall

July 16th..
not surprisingly there are still some fairly bright Rainbows moving about the lower River in attempts to spawn...this fishery will soon be over but remember that the Cutties out of the lake will enter soon in persuit of small fingerlings for dinner

July 6th...
Recent hot weather has caused some snow melt resulting in a higher water level.There are still very good numbers of Rainbow Trout  all throughout the system...Love those Small Beaded Stoneflies!

May 30th
...Water has come up from recent rains about a foot making fishing a lot more technical...but what I have seen will make Trout Fishers very willing to put in the time...some of the fish are larger this year and Dry Fly Action will be outstanding very soon,likely after this weeks rains  and the Full Moon is well past..