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...........Switching ON!  makes sense


I remember when we introduced these rods into Canada.."GIMMICK" and "IN BETWEEN rods" is what we heard most often from onlookers who had not yet dared to pick One up...only to hear "WOW ! ".
The evolution of Switch Rods has been nothing short of remarkable...finally the larger comapanies realize the need to not only build a longer rod with a small butt section but more specifically design a "Switch Rod"!. And yes Nile Creek Fly Shop has been on the leading edge since Day ONE!
Here you see my Custom 7/8 Beulah Salt Water ready Switch with a nice Summer Run Steelhead  posing for a picture...the River was High  so I used a 410 Tonic head and 5'  Super fast Sinking Vision PolyLeader...12 lb. Snowbee Flourocarbon tippet and Stinger fly..note the Blue accessories...

Beulahs Platinum 4pc. Switch Rods range from a wonderful #5 weight to their powerful #8 weight  are simply revolutionizing fly fishing here in North America!
Much has changed since Beulah introduced the  "PLATINUM"  switch rods from the fiesty TROUTER 10' #5 ,10'6" #6,10'8" #7,and the marvelous 11'#8.

Try One may not want to put it down and if you do you will always remember the feel!..quaranteed !

In the early days we had issues finding the correct Grain weights for matching fly lines to performance...however,the need to get it correct out weighed Beulah with much help and advice came up with the Original Elixir Line followed by the all New Compact TONIC Short Head Switch and Spey line. In 2011 Beulah has simplified the grain windows to allow for the many Switch rods that have suddenly appeared. So,to assist all the new casters the new Elixir and Tonic lines/heads  are in 25 grain increments to help in fishing situations. Starting at 250 grains all the way to 600. 


These USA MADE Switch Rods are as close to perfect as you can get without going all the way to Nano technologies..remarkable in hand and tough as needed.. From the ground breaking 11'3" #3  thru the 11'3" #8..proud to own!

                        Snowbee Switch Rods..
The Prestige Switch Rod for the Elite Dry Fly Fisher
The Diamond 2 Tough Fast action Switch rod 

Snowbee UK has in 2011 entered the Elite Switch Rod market with their Prestige offering of 4 ,10'8"rods, from a #5 thru #8...these 4pc. Burgandy blanks that are beautifully detailed using high quality components ,excellent Cork grade and lovely Reel Seats.A small fly fishers delight!


This picture outlines the need for versatility and function on Island Streams and Rivers..this is where the fish LIVE!

The new Snowbee  Prestige Switch Rods are in a league of their own...Medium Fast actions with ellequent finishes ,what is so special about these rods is not only the feel but the performance.Tip savy rods that deliver extremely tight loops with ease and accuracy.