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2018 edition will be held from August 10th thru Sunday the 12th

For 2018 will once again pursue to meld with all fly fishers in effort and come up with many special fly fishing experiences for everyone. During the week-end of  Friday August 10th thru Sunday the 12th we will be part of the 6th Annual All girls week-end where we will once again be part of something special...
Same rules as previous years, with a bit  more zest and participants.

We will have a bit more colour(color for you yanks) in mind and certainly great  fishing off the local beaches and on the Eve Estuary..

Although a few people not in the photo we had a good group outing

Please confirm attendance and let us know of any special needs...
You must let us know ahead of time about any special needs,we can loan waders.rods etc but only if we know ahead of time...there is a 20% discount available to all persons attending this event..this includes ,waders,boots,rods ,reels,lines,wading staffs and all items needed .

Free to the Ladies...!! but  not to the men in your life!
Here is the format that we try to follow..Safety and FUN first...!

1/ ..On the Friday morning beginnig at 10am/till about 12 we will hold a special "improve your fly casting potential" clinic for all ladies free of charge..with all gear provided if necessary...this will be on Grass  and on the water at the beach.

2/..After lunch we will venture back to the beach where we will see if we can tempt some hearty responses from Pink Salmon on the fly,really preparing us for the next days activities...ending near 5pm

3/..early rise  for a trip to the Eve River Estuary about 2 1/2 hours north of us..this place is exceptional;;;; a MUST  do for we Islanders. We will leave at til 2pm and return to the shop by 5pm...
Val on the Eve on July 26../2015  after hurting her knee

Below you see VAl at the Nile Beach with Nice Pink Salmon on

4/..Sunday we will meet at Nile Creek Fly Shop at 6am;fish til 9:30 or so..go for breakfast...;..have a happy hug and send off and go home to look at all the great pictures and copy phone numbers down to keep for new found friends and fly fishing cohorts 
And some Lucky Lady will win an amazing fly reel ,the Northern Lite,made in Canada


Last year ,during the week-end of August 23 ,24 and 25- 2013, we presented to all the women flyfishers a very special time at Nile Creek Fly Shop. During the all day Friday we held 2 free casting clinics,one from 9:30 am til about 11:30 this was a mixed clinic but only the men had to  pay and then again in the afternoon from 1:30 to about 3:30  for an all womens casting clinic and workshop on the beach near the shop.
Also during the day there were special deals on purchases and orders taken for those much needed well fitting waders and gear. All women attending received a free Cap and T' Shirt, and a special 30% off discount all products.

In total we had 8 women and 2 husbands = 10 fly fishers

On Saturday we hosted a special trip to the Eve River estuary where we see  some of the wonder of Vancouver Island and likely catch some great BC  Pink and Coho Salmon
. We left the shop about 6am, traveling north to our destination. We stopped in Campbell River at Tim Hortons for a "P" break and some breaky (take-out) and continued on.   The Tides were very favorable for us ...And the bonus is we might also see some Orcas off the Eve Shelf. Make sure to bring a lunch,water and wading  staff, Some might want to walk along the beach area. Some of us will leave by 1pm with an experience like no other ,fish in the cooler and new friends.

On Sunday we will be fishing the Nile Creek Beach area from 6am  until 10 and then heading for the local restaurant for breakfast followed by a brief stop at the store. In the afternoon for those wanting to participate we will enjoy a much need rest and lunch with the local Mid Island Castaways fly fishing club during their annual Summer BBQ and gathering. An opportunity to gather,learn and play.
Their BBQ is being held in PArksville near the San Periel beach area...Contact the club for details or call teh store..we will have  info on hand..please do let us know if you are attending..have to ensure enough food on hand.