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                   "ALL ROADS LEAD TO WATER"

Spey workshop and casting clinic///October 29th...Englishman River..see clinics

What a great picture of a Son ..a world of keeping..many congrats

you may need these....... 8' Nile Creek Kick Boat..$1,099.00CDN

Bright Chum Salmon on a Beulah Oynx Spey..October's TIME

Sarita Coho on a Blue- Red bodied Rolled Muddler excluively from NCFS

Most Advanced single hand rod built..Vision XO with Conuma Chinook

Sockeye on the Fly..landed June 19th..Vision Cult 12'6" #6 Spey rod,Beulah Elixir line

Summer Steelhead on the Fly with the Beulah Spey Rods

Be Ready..this fish  below landed June 13th on  a Snowbee Geo Switch and Reel

Steelhead landed June 10th/2016

The Trout Fishing is ok on local Rivers..but we need water..Little Q

Above you see the Nile Creek Cassett reel,Snowbee Diamond 2 10' #3 fly rod 

Ask about our World Class Fly Rods and Reels available as combos  a 20% savings

A chunky Sea run Cutthroat

                               "ALL ROADS LEAD TO WATER" 

Below you see our beautufully machined Full Cage Cassett 2 sizes only,3/5 and 5/7.. 3 cartridges 
Blue,Green, Black and Coffee available

Below a Black Nile creek reel with Mystic rod

 What magic..K Rowland reel on a Beulah Oynx  14' rod

The K. Rowland Reel...Hand Made Classic reel with DRAG

The New Vision XLB Fully Sealed reels..totally cool


Pure Magic..Beulah Oynx Spey Rods

New Snowbee Geo Nano Switch and Spey rods...none better!! not only grain weight recommendations but Hook Keepers
" The finest outfit I have seen to date!"

above you see  the Geo 11'6" #8 Switch rod($900) utilizing the new Snowbee Geo S810 SaltWater reel($600)