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Our 10th Anniversary for SPECIALS


It's Happening now !Our 10th Anniversary Sale
20% off ..Beulah,Snowbee, Mystic,Vision,Stonfo,3-Tand
The fish below were landed using a Beulah Onyx Spey

Beautiful Sea Run Cuttie 17/10/17

Emy with Steelhead 17/02/17..all Visioned up

There is Fly tying on Saturday Mornings..see fly tying

A beautiful February Day chasing Steelhead

9' Model..all inclusive retails for $1,299 ,Camo add $150

MSRP- 8' Model $1,175, 9' Model $1,325,Camo Add $150


This Sexy Tube fly below catches fish



Join us for Saturday Morning fly Tying from 9:30 til Noon..see tying for details
resuming in January 2017



The Steelhead below landed 101016 on a Stinger of course..awesome battle


you can use these...ACCESS....... 8' Nile Creek Kick Boat..

A chunky Sea run Cutthroat



 What magic..K Rowland reel on a Beulah Oynx  14' rod

The K. Rowland Reel...Hand Made Classic reel with DRAG


Pure Magic..Beulah Oynx Spey Rods

New Snowbee Geo Nano Switch and Spey rods...none better!! not only grain weight recommendations but Hook Keepers
" The finest outfit I have seen to date!"

above you see  the Geo 11'6" #8 Switch rod($900) utilizing the new Snowbee Geo S810 SaltWater reel($600)