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We are still practicing Covid Protocols..
Masks are optional
And do not enter if sick!!!

With Spring here and so many fry heading to the ocean 
time to be ready for great trout fishing

For us Winter Steelhead fly fishes using out Kick Boats open up many more
options and access...our new boats have arrived..don't miss out
Free shipping until February 28th or free electric air pump


Really Nice Grey Blue Tube Intruder with quinea accent

Nice Winter Rainbow..on Vision's 11' #3  Nymphmaniac rod and reel

Our Saturday Morning tying sessions are beginning
Start November 13..9:30 til 11:30,and continue until 
March must register for each class
See details under: Fly Tying

Fly Tying Season is here in full swing...drop by to see
the latest in materials for your patterns...
and you can now purchase from our online store at
see our new packages of Artic Fox, Silver Fox,
Long Hair Goat,Temple Hund, Polar Bear,
Chinese White Raccoon 
Also an incredible display of Feathers including
Rhea, Amherst, Silver Pheasant,Tragopan Pheasant,
Monal, Golden Pheasant, Turkey
Adding to the list is a wide array of Heron colours,
Schlappen,Turkey Flats, Select Marabou, 
Peacock and more


Tying flies is a wonderful passion

Fly Tying Season is here in force..drop by to see the latest in natural hairs and
Feathers..there is also a good stock of Stonfo and Cottrelli T-Rex vices

A good selection of Coho Clouser Minnows  below,tied with Long Hair Chinese Goat

This Chinook caught 24/08/21 using a Vision XO Spey and XO Reel

A few Long Hair Coho and Pink Patterns below..Chinese Long Hair Goat


It is big fish time chasing Chinook in deeper water with Bucktails
Drop by to see our major selection of awesome materials

Some very well tied flies using Gulff UV Resins, available and in stock.
be ready for the upcoming Trout and Pink Salmon seas

And for those serious fly fishers wanting  something special..Speyco Trout reels

Beautiful Big Q Rainbow..on a Vision Nymphmaniac fly rod

Q 19" Cuttie on a 10'#3 Vision Nymphmaniac fly rod

Vision's New Full Cage #3/5 Fly Reel available 

Lovely Nine Foot Nile Creek Kick Boat on the go

Beautiful Brown Trout on a Vision XO Switch

Beautiful April Brown in Alberta using a Beulah 8'8" #4 Platinum Single hander

The new range of Vision's Switch rods are here...the Hero and the XO Graphene

The waiting is almost over...Euro Nymphing is right around the corner for the 
many Enthusiasts and we are stocked with all the goods and flies



Here is Emy's Pink Spey fly,,excellent colours and tie

Our New Kickboats are in stock,,7.8.or 9 footers available,above boat is the 7'er

we now have a good stock of Amherst Feathers again

8" Nile Creek Kick Boats msrp $1250  Motor Mount and Anchor roller included..
Grey,Green or Blue models available


Tying time!!!!

Our local Beach Season is almost over...there are a few fish about..just ask!!

Changing Flies is one of the keys to success when chasing Coho

Vision's Predator drag power of 15.2 KG !!!

Eve Estuary Coho..September 12..big fish this year so far

Amazing rod/reel set-up..Vision Merisuola Predator rod and Reel outfit

Nice Coho on a Merisuola reel and Beulah Switch..below

Bionic Mike with nice Coho..note bear tracks soon on his ass

The Chinook are here..>Emy with beautiful Campbell River Chinook 160820

This Chinook was caught  August 15,2020 on Campbell River


Pink Salmon on the small Purple Hackled Handlebar

An Angel of a fish on the Angel Smuggler

Preparing for the amazing beach season ahead of us is rewarding .. Cutthroat

A beautiful Evening near Nile Creek
And of course a beautiful Sea Run Cutthroat Trout..below

Our local Rivers are showing why nymphing is so rewarding

Alberta West Slope on Jeb's Beulah 10'#4 Platinum

Tough Sea Stripped Bass on the Opal Surf Rods..outstanding rods

Below a super clean Summer  Steelhead using the amazing Beulah 5/6 Surf Rod

And yes we are approaching our Summer Steelhead Season until July 15th

Elk River Trout on the Snowbee Prestige 11' Nymph Rod

Elk River fishing is being enjoyed by many
fly fishing only/no floats/lead on line..embrace

Vision's Nymphmaniac  11' #3 at work..opps

A cool Damsel using Gulff Nymph Brown Resin..ELK??

Lake fishing is really good at the moment..don't miss out
Isolate on the lake ..have fun and be safe
Call about our amazing Lake fishing combos

A beautiful Steelhead below..Early April with Sea Lice


It is the time to fish the tropics

The amazing Merisuola Reel in Mexico..outstanding

December Little Q Rainbow Trout..on a Nymph

Wrapped Rhea Tube Intruder..very nice!!

Val with a nice Cuban Bonefish from several years ago
But it is that time of year


Late October Chum on the fly

Coho on the Gurgler,nothing more exciting off the beach

Note the Chartreuse Epoxy Minnow...a store favorite

A little breath of Fresh Air from those Big Chinook 

Lisa does it again..right a Beulah

Vision XO Spey at work on the Campbell ..September 1st

Below Vessa with Nice CNMA Chinook Sept 6th/2019

Kellen with Nice Chinook landed using the Vision Glass Spey

Surface action for Pinks with Gurglers

Friday August 16,Pink Salmon on a Purple Pink Fuzzy

Campbell River Estuary Pink Salmon on a super fast stripped Pink Epoxy Minnow

Morning at Nile Estuary..August 12

Evening at Nile Creek Estuary

 Nice CR Pink on Blue Handlebar..Pink Salmon are at Nile Creek  Aug 2nd

NOTE: South Island River Closures in effect..July 15 thru September 1st..see regs
Campbell,Quinsam,Puntledge,Big Qualicum ..are open

A nice Cutthroat Trout  using a Vision Sisu rod and XO Reel..July 14th

Nile Sea Run using a White Gurgler..July 12/evening

Note all the Sea a typical situation

Fathers are just that!!

Emy's showing his passion and skills..lovely Lady Amherst

Kellen sporting a smile and Vision Gear..of course using his Beulah Opal

A Big Arctic Grayling ..fished with the Vision Nymphmaniac 10'#4

A nice Nile Creek Beach Sea Run Cutthroat Trout  on  a gurgler

A nice local Sea Run Cutthroat Trout 

Elk River Trout Action is on...check out these new Snowbee G xs Graphene fly rods in stock

Vision Nymphmaniac 10'#3  Fly Rod and Nymph Reel with Beautiful Cowichan River Rainbow on a dry


It is Trout Season and yes Trout eat other trout and Salmon Fry

This is a very nice Minnow Pattern

A nice Speckled  Scud using Gulff Resins

For you Chironie tiers don't miss out on the amazing Gulff Resins and the potential creativity


Below you see the new Vision Merisuoa and XO Fully Caged reels with 15.2 KG Drag strengths

Not only is it Steelhead Season but Fly Tying Season .
Don't forget...Saturday Morning Fly Tying at the Store!

A nice Black Bunny Leech using Gulff Resin on belly

Ya gotta check out the New Gulff Resins..amazing stuff!!! as seen below

A nice small Lady Caroline from Session One

..stay tuned!!

Above the Atlantic Blue Moon Intruder Tube Fly..using SD Blue Dyed Peacock

Tube Fly Called Autumn Glory using Orange Dyed Peacock as Intruder Hackle with Jungle Cock Eyes

Beautiful Tube Fly below using Violet Dyed White Peacock,,a very fishy fly

Above Val with a December Cuban  Bonefish
Beautiful Winter Steelhead on the Vision XO Spey ..December 2018

Emy's Spey Fly

 Nice Pro Tube Fly below  with usuing really cool in-house dyed must have colours

The New Vision Sisu 6pc. Switch #7..available 2019

A beautiful September Nile Creek Estuary Coho using a Beulah Opal

Amazing Steelhead...Vision Tool at WORKand LOHI reel

Vision Pro Staffer Emy  showing how to hold display an late August 2018 Chinook on the fly


Lovely Rainbow using a Beulah Platinum Czech Nymph Rod

See Fishing reports saltwater

Campbell river Pink with Purple Handle Bar using Vision Tool small Spey #5

Nice July  Dry Fly Summer Run Steelhead on Custom tied Gurgler using the Vision Tool small Spey

Beutiful Summer Steelhead from June 2018

Nice Searun Cutthroat Trout for Nile estuary

Sea Run Cutthroat Fishing has been excellent off the beache


Above the Elk River Valley  on Vancouver Island and a Trout Speyco Reel

below Elk River Trout on the fly

Saturday Morning  Fly Casting workshops start April 14th thru the Summer

Elk River Trout/Strathcona Park  May 16th on a Bead Head Muddler Minnow

Sea Run Cutthroat off the beach is on...try dry fly and poppers..of course Bead Head Muddler below

OPPS...!! did we forget the bass?

below you see several very nice fish from the Taylor River...2nd week of May 2018

Vision's New Gulff UV Resin is amazing stuff..available in many colours ..see store  Below you see Emy's Green Dragon with the Insect Green Gulff UV Resin

Trout Season is here..Yeah..come by to see special set-ups

Speyco Trout Reels

Vision Solina Combo Outfit Below with Taylor River Trout

Sea Run Cutthroat Trout off the beach

Beautiful Sea Run trout in Freshwater chasing Fry

Dressed up Pink CK using a Vision Tool #5

Below a nice Nitinat Trout using a Vision Tool small Spey

Trout Fishing is very good at the moment..Emy and a Nice Rainbow

Nice Local Sea Run Cuttie using a Vision #6 Onki  

Smallmouth Bass using the Vision ONKI

Beautiful Trout on a Beautiful Beulah Custom built rod

Elk River Trout with Beulah Platinum Czeck Nymph Rod

Custom Bass Poppers tied at NCFS

Elk River Vancouver Island

A beautiful Day  Steelhead fishing




STEELHEADERS!!!!! you can use these...ACCESS....... 8' Nile Creek Kick Boat..

 What magic..K Rowland reel on a Beulah Oynx  14' rod

The K. Rowland Reel...Hand Made Classic reel with DRAG


Pure Magic..Beulah Oynx Spey Rods

Snowbee Geo 11'6" #8 Switch rod utilizing the new Snowbee Geo S810 SaltWater reel