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                                              "All roads Lead To Water"

All instock  8' Nile Creek Kickboats on sale at $200 off retail

Don't forget..fly Tying on Saturday Mornings..9:30 til 11:30..see fly tying

Nice Feb 7th,Island Steelhead on a Blue and Shrimp Pink leech stinger on a Beulah Onyx

Nice Intruder with Custom  Speyco fly reel

Awesome Little Qualicum Cuttie and Lohi Reel

Beautiful Summer steelhead below landed October 23rd using a Beulah Onyx Spey


This Rare Vancouver Island Dolly Varden Char landed also on October 23rd       

Speyco Reels are here again..give One a spin..Hand built in the USA

Nice October Brookie on Snag Lake using an Orange Coho Bugger


Little Q Coho  Snowbee switch and NC Reel  October 02,2017

3-Tand reel,Mystic Spey and super nice Jack Chinook Salmon,September 2017

Simply beautiful..amazing trout time

COHO BUGGERS ,,yes it is that time of year

This fish landed August 30 using a MacKenzie DTX 12' Spey rod

Beach Season is here..All Beach casting Combos are 20%off ,Beulah,Mystic,Vision

Sea Run Cutthroat Trout are the beauties of the sea

Dressed up Pink CK using a Vision Tool #5

Emy's Foam iculator

Summer Steelhead on the dry..Vision Cult small SPey

Below a nice Nitinat Trout using a Vision Tool small Spey

Trout Fishing is very good at the moment..Emy and a Nice Rainbow

Nice Local Sea Run Cuttie using a Vision #6 Onki  

Smallmouth Bass using the Vision ONKI

Beautiful Trout on a Beautiful Beulah Custom built rod

Elk River Trout with Beulah Platinum Czeck Nymph Rod

Custom Bass Poppers tied at NCFS

Elk River Vancouver Island

Fishing off Nile Creek Beach ..May 6th/2017

Above using the Snowbee Geo 10' #6 ..amazing rod

A beautiful Day  Steelhead fishing

Below ..REAL Silk   $6.00/Roll

This Sexy Tube fly below catches fish






STEELHEADERS!!!!! you can use these...ACCESS....... 8' Nile Creek Kick Boat..

A chunky Sea run Cutthroat


 What magic..K Rowland reel on a Beulah Oynx  14' rod

The K. Rowland Reel...Hand Made Classic reel with DRAG


Pure Magic..Beulah Oynx Spey Rods

Snowbee Geo 11'6" #8 Switch rod utilizing the new Snowbee Geo S810 SaltWater reel